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Visualization in the Subconscious

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  • Visualization in the Subconscious

    say you get into a meditative state (in theta or whatever), whether or not using audio downloads/beats to help you,

    would visualizations and new beliefs put into your subconscious effectively work on you?

    how long would it take to get results, no matter what is it (core beliefs, behavior, body etc?

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    This definitely depends. some things can happen instantaneously and others are extremely slow.

    It probably varies based on what exactly you are trying to do and the effectiveness of your methods.

    You have to remember that some things you might be trying to affect or change may be reliant on other things that have to happen first, a chain of events. Sometimes for this chain of events to align to achieve your desired result, a great deal of time is required.

    You can also, very easily become disgruntled during this time period and unknowingly or unwittingly reverse the course of action that you initially set into motion with negative beliefs like doubt it will happen. This could result in you unwinding the creation that you have carefully wound.