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Interesting Post Regarding QXCI/SCIO

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  • Interesting Post Regarding QXCI/SCIO

    A very real danger exists for the future of QXCI/SCIO Therapists/practitioners because untrained people are buying QXCI/SCIO machines, believing that they do not need any academic knowledge of pathology or remedies because the QXCI/SCIO machine is capable of infallible information. [which it is not] Unlike the Allopathic/orthodox medical profession, any lay person has access to the QXCI/SCIO machines. Short seminars by the brokers are regulary attended by these lay people who then have ready access to such machines. This situation reflects adversely on well-trained therapists and practitioners who, due to their knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology and methods of treatment, have a reference point for any illness and remedy selection made by an instrument. In this setting, dangers from the subjective factor are minimised and an approach such as the QXCI/SCIO becomes a valuable addition to the other skills of the therapist/practitioner.

    Dr Renier du Toit

    The above post was found at the Yahoo Group: qxci-english : qxci-english


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    Follow up

    There is quite an interesting thread going on in the QXCI Yahoo group.

    This device is no small leap in alternative health.

    I personally have been using one for close to 4 years and have seen thousands of amazing results.

    Below is a post that caught my eye!

    No matter how much training and coaching that is given, there will
    always be those irresponsible few who will not put the information
    into practice---in any profession. Those people get overly excited
    about the power of the tool they've been given and want to go into
    the world and "treat" and "cure" everyone. The power is too
    seductive and they don't seem to be able to stick to the simple idea
    of "stress reduction". Quantum has made it quite clear that unless
    you are a licensed medical professional you cannot say anything other
    than "stress reduction" (and I have not had the formal training, only
    the printed info that came with the package). I've found no fault in
    their intention.

    Thank goodness Quantum sells to anyone and everyone!!! I bought the
    device simply for my own health, and it has saved my life. What
    criteria must I have fallen under if Quantum was picking and choosing
    based upon some set of rules as to who could and could not purchase
    the device? Must I be a licensed medical professional? Here in
    California biofeedback is deregulated. As far as I know, there are
    no rules unless you personally want to protect yourself from
    liability. It is your own responsibility.

    Now that I have had the SCIO for a few months and am making a
    recovery from a long list of problems, Lupus being among them, I know
    that I will continue on with all of the training and on to an N.D.
    and masters program. I thank God everyday that this wonderful device
    came into my life. (My family also had great success with it when we
    all came down with a stomach virus.) I would never want to keep this
    device from helping every single person it could possibly reach.

    The best you can do is to keep at the coaching. When you hear
    someone using the words "treat" and "cure" and hear that they are
    giving out reports, give them an earful----perhaps gently, perhaps
    not. Help them to know that they are putting themselves in great
    jeopardy liability-wise. Make the consequences of their actions
    personal for them. I don't think anyone wants to be sued or have
    jail time because they have been impersonating an M.D.

    Thanks for listening to one very grateful person's two cents )

    DeAnn Upton

    P.S. Does anyone else have personal success stories, or is most
    everyone here a practitioner???? I have a lot, but am shy about

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      I went to the Bruce Lipton/Rupert Sheldrake seminar in Seattle.
      It was really great, but the reason I am writing to you is that there were some of these SCIO machines being demonstrated in the lobby(It was a brand called XEVO but I thnk they told me is was the same thing). These are Biofeedback devices right?

      I had a half an hour session and was intrigued. I am going in for a full 1.5 hour session this week. Can you tell me where you bought yours and how much I would expect to pay? Do you know which is the superior product?

      I purposely did not tell the demonstator anything about my health and was blown away by the things that came up about my physical and emotional health.


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        similar machines & PATHS technology secret

        Hi Maggie,

        After the QXCI, there were many companies copying the technology. At first none of them came close and now with more understanding of the methods, some in my opinion are as good and some may even be better. Some people find all of them difficult to believe since it receives and transmits information from and to the matrix.

        PATHS uses the presentations and in addition to that, there is hardware that pumps the instructions directly into the matrix (collective). Basically into the aether and each person's subconscious mind can also receive these instructions from the collective in addition to the theater presentation.

        The difference between the PATHS hardware booster that transmits info into the collective and the qxci and other technologies is that these other technologies are using simply frequencies that correspond to everything and PATHS hardware booster is NOT based on frequencies and that is why it is even more powerful and effective than anything else available anywhere.

        Instead of frequencies, it is based on another principle that has never been discovered by anyone else. So when people wonder why PATHS is so strong, this is why
        Aaron Murakami

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          Plus those SCIO machines cost thousands and thousands of $s.

          I'll take PATHS over SCIO

          Keep your mind on the aether


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            The XEVO is just the name of a company that is marketing the SCIO device.

            I did quite a bit of research on which distributor to buy from, at the time, several years ago, I bought from Quantum Alliance.

            Since that time they have provided me with excellent support, I have been nothing but happy with both the SCIO and the support I have received from them.

            Yes, they are biofeedback devices. I did the same as you, testing them before purchasing, then after I got it I was fully prepared to take advantage of the 30 day money back guarantee.

            However, just like you experienced, I was (and am still) constantly amazed at how accurate it can read a person and help them.

            If you would like to talk in depth about them, feel free to PM me.

            P.S. How was the Lipton/Sheldrake conference?

            P.P.S. The SCIO was $18,000 new. Now I think they are $18,500. The distributors are not allowed to discount, however, they can give freebies when you buy the machine. Quantum Alliance gave me several thousand dollars worth of freebies.

            The QXCI (which is a step down from the SCIO is around $14,000. Also, you can pick up a SCIO or QXCI used, although I do not know if that would be a good idea.
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              Scio /xevo

              I am in no way ready to give up PATHS. I think this machine complements PATHS.

              Thanks for the info. I am going to go in for a few more sessions so that I can more fully understand this amazing machine. My take on this machine is that it pulls up health issues and deals with them, but that the emotional issues are what need to be dealt with to be fully healthy. The machine identified an issue I have with courage - now seems obvious to me... (I guess that is where Paths comes in...)

              I am planning on buying one in the near future. I have always been intensely interested in natural health and helping people, so I feel this is way for me to do so.

              The Bruce Lipton/Rupert Sheldrake seminar was really cool. They had never been together in a forum and were pretty good together. It was kind of a bare bones lecture on the history of our current scientific views, how they relate to health care, and the incredible power of the mind in healing. (lots on the placebo effect)

              Of course, he discussed the issue of the subconscious and the necessity of clearing out all the negative input we receive from birth to age 6. (They discussed NLP, but didn't necessarily push any particular program, although they did have the SCIO(xevo) machines in the lobby)

              Thanks all for your info.

              Cheers, Maggie


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                Hi guys,
                I LOVE my SCIO, and it was worth every penny.
                It blows my mind all the time.
                What amazes me is how I can work with clients at a distance---and get great results. Also how it works on physical, mental, emotional, etheric bodies, etc.
                LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!

                I use other modalities too. Reiki, PATHS, EFT and now CEM. They all compliment each other.

                It didn't matter if I thought I couldn't afford the SCIO at the time; I put it on credit. Then, through the amazing power of Creation and Synchronicity I had it paid off within three months. I simply allowed and accepted it to be paid off.

                As you can tell, I highly recommend it. You must be willing to take the time to be educated on it; that is a must. It can be as simple or complex as you want it to be, but you must go to the classes. Dr. Drouin has a nice setup at IQUIM on the net with online classes for those who cannot travel to the free ones.

                Love and Light
                Love and Blessings,

                Dr. DeAnn Upton, A.M.P.
                My PATHS Affiliate Website


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                  Thanks for your input. I agree that the training is important
                  I have had two sessions with two different people.
                  Their approaches were entirely different. One guy had a lot of training in the psychology field, so approached that aspect and pretty much stayed away from the nutrition advise (but still let the machine do the work), and the other person had more to say about the nutritional aspects. I am not sure which was better.

                  THis is fascinating. I am planning on another session in two weeks. And have actually talked my husband into a session, and he is not really into this stuff.
                  I have been studying nutrition for almost 30 years and think that would help me, but would take every bit of training and more. And of course, never give advice that I didn't understand. I think it is a terrific tool, and maybe a segue into PATHS, because I am beginning to truly believe that health is a matter of emotions and Paths seems to be a good answer for emotional health.

                  Cheers, Maggie


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                    i have read some of the things about PATHS, including this forums threads on it, but it still baffles me a bit. what exactly is it?

                    and here is something that is of concern to me. all of these machines, SCIO, Rife, etc. are all wonderful, but they are wonderful bandaides. sure, i believe that they do everything that they are reported to do... i have no doubts. BUT, they do not remedy the origins of the problem.

                    and what are the origins of the problem in 100% of all cases? the bodies immune system is not fully equipped to fight ALL infection, dis-ease, bugs, molds, toxins etc. that none of us can avoid.

                    if SCIO, Rife or PATHS successfully cures an ailment, this is an awesome blessing... but what prevents a reoccurance? constant use of the machines? what if you are in a place where this is not an option, like Africa?

                    what if i told you, that after these machines/PATHS cures your problem, that there is a way to ensure they NEVER become problems again? there is a way to fully equip your bodies immune system, and to flush out most of the causes to these problems?


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                      Hi Adam Ant,

                      Are you a fan of the music?

                      What questions do you have regarding Paths? Have you looked at the sales page at the various modules that are available? Try PATHS | Energize Your Mind ~ Transform Your Life and see if that answers your questions.

                      I believe that disease is an effect of not only our internal physical workings, but also of our mental, psychological, emotional and spiritual bodies if they are not in-sync and working at optimum capacity. They all interact and work together, but of course, the ways in which we manifest good or bad "effects" appear predominantly in our physical body and our emotional body.

                      What processes are you familiar with to make us better and assist us in enlightenment and consciousness?


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                        Hi Jamie,
                        um, not exactly. i really like the name though as it has many different types of meaning to it.

                        my question about PATHS is about the method of delivery to the brain. im not asking specific proprietary info, but is it subliminal messaging, or color, light, or sound, pictures, symbology, swirls, blips or???

                        the reason i ask is because i saw it mentioned that PATHS goes beyond frequencies. this is an impossibility because EVERYTHING is a frequency. (or combination thereof)

                        hmmm, enlightenment... ill refer to things physical for now, as my post was in regards to physical illnesses and dis-ease.

                        i dont want to step on any toes here, as i am new to this forums. my only physical suggestions are to fully equip the body to deal with recovery/rebuild after PATHS, or Rife, or SCIO do their jobs.

                        unaltered, unbleached, unprocessed, natural solar evaporated sea salt

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                          Hmmm. I don't know very much about the RDT technology and how it relates or if it does relate to frequencies. I do know that it is a universal language that was discovered that can communicate and send instructions directly to the sub-conscious. It is some sort of algorithm, I believe. The instructions are communicated via the theatre presentation - both through the audio and the visual. Beyond that, I know there is also computer wizardry at work... lol... involving things like REGs and all sorts of stuff. Does that help answer your question?

                          that's funny that you mention sea salt. I actually went and bought light grey sea salt crystals a couple of months ago and have been using it in lieu of ordinary salt. It's yummy!


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                            thank you, your reply did help me to understand a bit more.

                            as far as i know, there are only three companies in the world that make natural, unaltered solar evaporated sea salt.
                            Celtic sea salt, Himalayan Sea Salt, and De Souza. (some say Real Sea Salt also, but i dont believe it)
                            Himalayan and Celtic have some discrepancies that make them not exactly ideal. they are 100% better than table salt, but they are shore derived salts which tend to pick up excess pollution, silicates(must filter it a little), and also clay (red or grey) from the drying platforms.
                            DeSouza is pulled more than 50 miles away from shore, at a depth of 200 feet, and thus is the perfect salt.
                            natural sea salt contains 1535 possible physical binaries that your body can use. try matching that to centrum or flinstone vitamins!!

                            more on this later.



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                              I just started to use natural sea salt myself. Being a gourmet cook and former personal chef, my salt of choice was previously the coarse-grained kosher.

                              However, about a year or so ago, I noticed that many chefs were using grey salt - a natural sea salt. I found it at Trader Joes and now use it routinely. A little goes a long way

                              I did not realize it was so good for me - a nice plus
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