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  • Biokinesis - Mind/Body Alter

    i was in the same discussion on another forum during summer. they discussed about manipulating your body (DNA) with new subconscious beliefs. the typical method is a "psi'needle' visualisation, but that seems risky in a sense.

    one of the members of the forum mentioned that he was able to lighten his skin tone & eyes etc, but he used a more "conscious" approach, by believing those 'changes' in his body were real right now, along with visualizing meditations. it took him "many days".

    i myself could not have enough strength to consciously alone do what he did, since its also a slower process.

    are there FREE methods out there, that can perform biokinesis in an easier & FAST/instant way, subconciously, & without the strain? preferably auditory aids (since im bad at self-relaxation)?

    my goal is to accomplish most of my "ailments" in about 3 weeks

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    Hi, this is a free method.
    I believe anyone can do this:
    Aaron Murakami

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