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Why Something May Work for Some People and Not for Others...

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  • Why Something May Work for Some People and Not for Others...

    We (or most of us anyway) enter this conscious experience blind. With no manual. And with no intructions of how to listen to our inner guidance - in fact, no instructions to tell us this even exists. We come into this experience in a state of being a "clean slate", and we become "The blind led by the blind" as our parents and carers, and the rest of the world, in their own unknowing state, instruct us and program us, and guide us, subject to their own limitations, programming and misconceptions.

    We have chosen to fully emerse ourselves in the experience by forgetting who we really are, and how things really work. Like someone going on a camping trip, who wants to FULLY experience the Authentic "roughing it" way of being. And so, not only does he leave all modern conveniences behind, but he takes a medication which temporarily erases his memory of who he really is, where he really comes from, and that modern conveniences even exist.

    So, on arrival at the camping location, he fully believes that that way of life is all there is. And so he struggles to find food, and he struggles to make a fire from scratch.... and so on. And because he's forgotten who he is and even that he chose to have this experience in this way, he may naturally wish there was an easier way to light a fire - perhaps something even as far-fetched as striking a small stick on the side of a box just once and have fire instantly. As absured and impossible as that may seem, something inside him longs for it. And he has no idea that it's because in his "normal" state, he has access to matches. Due to his emersing himself completely into the camping experience, he doesn't realise that this is why he has this longing for instant fire-making.

    Now, some beings may have planted clues for themselves, clues that lead to the discovery that if they look inside their napsack, they find they'd placed a box of matches there "just in case"... others may have decided that this time round, they want to have the full Authentic experience, and they may, therefore, have not placed matches in their bag - or clues for that matter. And each experience is completely Unique. No two experiences are the same. Which means that what works and makes sense for one individual may well not do the same for another.

    One person's intentions on the camping trip may be to sleep under the stars without a tent, and to fish for food, and to rub two sticks together to create fire. Another's may be to make a tent from branches and whatever else they can find, hunt AND fish for food, and rub sticks together to make a fire. Another's intentions for this camping trip may be to follow the clues he's planted before taking the medication which erases his memory... to follow those clues, which will lead him to look inside his backpack, where he will find a box of matches, then to a particular clearing where he'll find a tent, then back to his backpack where he'll find canned food, then, when he realises he needs a can opener, he goes back to his backpack, where he finds another pocket containing a can opener.

    And then, add to this, the fact that none of these campers remembers anything from before the camping trip, and has no idea that there is anything else (well, some of them have heard rumours about civilization, but the rumours are all conflicting, and there's no real proof it exists, and so it's a case of belief or no belief and they won't really find out the truth until the medication wears off and it's time to go home), and so each of the campers is trying to give advice to the others.... and as you can see from the outside, considering the different intentions, for one to say to the others: "Why are you chasing rabits and fish, all you have to do is look in your packback - that's where the food lies. Everything you need is in your backpack!" .... is not going to be accurate for the others mentioned above. They didn't plant clues, and they didn't put canned food in their backpack - they are experiencing the camping trip on a different level. For them, if they are able to follow what feels good in the moment, they will be led on a trail to find the fish and the tools they need.

    We all appear to be on the same camping trip, but our intentions are as individual as our physical selves are.

    The best thing we can do to help ourselves, and those around us, is to share our own experiences purely so that others can find out if that feeeels right for them. There is no "right" or "wrong" for all, there is only what feels right for the individual in the moment... and that (as we are not taught in this consciousness since part of the game seems to be figuring it out for ourselves ), what feels good in the moment, is our guidance system to Whatever our intentions are - whether it is inner peace and harmony, or collecting gold coins... and every other possible scenario.

    Love and Light and Magic xxx
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