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The LOA Treasure Hunt Trail... to what you want :)

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  • The LOA Treasure Hunt Trail... to what you want :)

    Here's what I've found...

    Simply following what feeeels good in the moment is like following a treasure hunt trail to what you want.

    Following what feeels good in the moment is the shortest route, of least resistance, to what you want - even if it seems completely unrelated!!

    Here's an example scenario: (this is similar to the example in Aaron's Synchronicity Diagram)

    Peter has a blue Ford Escourt he wants to sell.
    Sally wants a car, and she'd prefer a Ford Escourt because she learned to drive in one. Since it's second-hand, she doesn't mind what colour, but ideally, she'd like blue, if it's the right price.

    Peter puts ads in the newspaper, and he puts a sign on the car, but no luck selling it yet. Then, he has a desire to go bowling one night. He just feels it would be fun to do. On his way to the bowling alley, he feels hungry, and fancies a chocolate bar. So he stops off at the little shop on the way.

    Meanwhile, Sally's friend has called her to go and see a movie. Sally's not sure she should go as she's pouring through the newspapers, looking for a car. She needs to get one really soon, and she's getting desperate. She's tempted to stay in and continue looking through the papers and online... but she knows it would feel sooo good to go to a movie with her friend... so eventually she "gives in" and accepts. Her friend picks her up, and they drive to the cinema. On the way, her friend realises she needs to urgently post a letter, and has no stamps. So she stops off to buy stamps in the little shop on the way.....

    Sally's friend asks if she'd like to go in with her, or wait in the car. Sally doesn't feel like getting out - she feels comfortable and cosy in the car, so she choses to wait there.

    While she's sitting waiting for her friend, Peter pulls up next to her, to get his chocolate bar... and she notices the sign in the window of his car - it's for sale, it's a Ford Escourt, it's blue... and the price is perfect. Sally gets out of her friend's car, speaks to Peter, they switch numbers and call it a coincidence.

    THAT is how I believe the LOA works. Follow the breadcrumb trail of what feeeeels good in the moment, no matter how unrelated it may seem, to what you want.

    Love and Light and Magic xxx
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    Thank you!

    for posting this!!! Love the way you explained this, crystal clear!!
    With Infinite Love and Gratitude,