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The Rollercoaster Ride Called LOA

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  • The Rollercoaster Ride Called LOA

    Some interesting and synchronistic events have been occurring for me over the last month (even more than ususal). These events have reinforced some lessons that are critical to manifesting and truly living a life of positive attraction.

    Who knows when it really all started, events and happenings ebb and flow and shape our lives in ways we are not always conscious of. However, at the beginning of October 2008, I was working a vendor booth at the Tucson Oktoberfest selling my mother-in-law's handmade ceramics.

    The food there was limited as I don't eat beef or pork, so I was stuck with either pretzels or turkey legs. After several pretzels during the day, the decision was easy for dinner. I brought it back to the booth to share with Jeanie, but she was done after only a few bites. So I thought it best to take the messy meal away from the booth. I ventured around the back side of our booth and over to one of the extreme corners of the baseball field we were on.

    As I was munching away, I glanced over to my right and saw a small older lady standing next to me. She was taking a breather from her booth which was just a few yards behind her. We started talking and it turns out she is a psychic, astrologer, numerologist - in addition to being a gemologist and jewelry maker (amongst many other things). Her name is CeCe (not the CeCee who posts on EF). We started talking about synchronicity and LOA and the wonders (known and unknown) of the Universe. Then we got on the subject of crystal skulls. She not only owns her own, but is friends with Bill Holmann who is the current caretaker of the famous Mitchell-Hedges skull.

    Over the course of a few emails during the following weeks, we made a date for her to come to our house so we could visit and meet her crystal skull, which is named BOB. BOB stands for 'Brings Out the Best' and he helps people manifest, or helps people realize that which is within them to enable them to manifest, what positive things they need or desire in their lives.

    Everything was going great, and then I had an event, caused by another individual, that negatively impacted several areas of my life. Needless to say I was pretty pissed off at that individual (ok, my ex wife, 'nough said about that...).

    I was quite upset and couldn't get it out of my head, so I contacted Grace and was told to allow and feel more love, send love (even to my ex) and let the negative feelings go.

    Then CeCe came over and after everyone else left, my wife, I, and CeCe talked about my recent happenings and her message was to do what I had to do to protect myself and to not allow the neagtivie actions of others to affect me and to let go and let BOB and the Universe take care of the rest. (BOB also handles a lot of karma issues as well...).

    Then my mom, out of the blue, tells me she revisted the Release Method because of some issues she was dealing with and told me to try it out so I could release the negative emotions.

    (Seeing a pattern yet?)

    So I tried to let it go. But I gotta tell 'ya - it ain't always easy - or it least it wasn't.

    This past Saturday, we were at a one day show back in Tucson. There were only 12 vendors lined up in front of the Historic Train Depot. A very nice place to hang out, but there were practically no people shopping. There were a few people here and there, but otherwise it was just us vendors.

    We were down one end near the train museum and next to us, on the very end, was a young woman selling her homemade salsa (really good salsa, mind you).

    We got to talking about health, nutrition, relationships, Chris Angel, Jesus, energy, energy work, PATHS, EF, and LOA. Turns out she was just finishing reading the book, The Secret. Also turns out, that while her boyfriend is a great guy (we met him at the end of the day), she really couldn't talk to him about all this wonderful stuff (he just isn't ready to talk about it), and her family just isn't open to any of it.

    So Jeanie and I told her all about, well everything! Poor woman must've been overwhelmed, but she was eager to listen and learn.

    At one point, just after lunch time, we were talking about positive feelings, how we can all create, setting intentions and letting go. (There it is again...)

    The three of us were having a great time - except for not making many sales. She had sold one jar of salsa first thing and we had made two really small sales.

    So, in the middle of having a great time and feeling good, I explained to her about making intentions. As an example, I intended that she would make a sale (and we as well). And then we continued talking and making the most of the day.

    About 40 minutes later a woman walked up and began eyeing some of our ceramics. I was still blabbing away with Nadine, the salsa lady, so Jeanie took care of the woman visitor.

    Turns out she was from New Orleans and was suppossed to leave last night via train, but was delayed because of an accident on the highway in Casa Grande (which is where we live, some fifty miles north of Tucson...) which caused her to miss her train. She was interested in our ceramic angels, so we started talking about angels and she was so nice. And although she had very specific beliefs, we were all able to agree on the existence of angels, karma (or what you put our to the universe you get back - or LOA) - and that no matter what terminology we each used, it was all just 'labels' for the same things anyway.

    She bought two sets of angels and a Madonna figurine from us and a jar of salsa from Nadine. We had two more sales that afternoon. Everyone else averaged 0-2 sales all day.

    The point of this story - yes, there is indeed a message here - is that I made the intention while in a place of joy and happiness and let it go while I continued on being happy - and PRESTO! Almost instant manifestation!

    It was an incredible feeling being able to talk to Nadine; allowing her to talk to live people about the things she was just learning and getting excited about; to demonstrate intentions, LOA, and manifestion practically on the spot - and to let go and forget about what was bothering me. I chose to not allow the negative actions of another (even though directed at me) to affect my positive reality.

    We can all do this - it is within all of us!
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    Blessings on the journey, Glenn
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    Power in positive thinking!

    There is power in positive thinking and prayer...

    No doubt
    "But ye shall receive power..."
    Acts 1:8


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      First of all I want to tell you that I totally understand the whole ex situation! I also want to tell you that once you forgive them completely... You can totally start to write their scripts! It is soooo awesome! They will only deal with you on your terms and that is that! Forgiveness and gratitude are so totally powerful!

      I tell you it is funny, if you would have told me last year that I could totally forgive my ex for the things he had done to me before I left and then during the divorce... I would have told you you were crazy! Gratitude is the secret to that too! YEP you heard me right! GRATITUDE! OMG! It is soooo funny cause a year and a half ago I so wanted to move to California, and still do, but he stopped me at the last minute holding my kids over my head and his control of me too. So now it is about a year and a half later, and I still want to move, but I am leaving my move up to the Universe and have set the intention and released as you said...

      Now, my ex has a girlfriend in Calif. and wants sooooo badly to move there, but I have the kids and he only gets limited visitation with them. Everytime I talk to him he wants to know when I am going to be ready to move. Finally today I told him I would be ready when I was ready and that was the end of the story! Then I told him that I thought it would be a good idea if he move first anyways, because last time I had the truck almost loaded up and he pulled the rug out from under me... Since you won't agree to sign papers when I have mentioned it giving me permission to move on my terms... Then you should just move ahead of me on faith that I will follow. The funny thing was, that I was not mad at him or anything... it all just came out very matter of fact!

      He got really nervous and stuff, and told me you do realize I turned in my resignation to the city! Obviously I am serious this time! I simply stated that I knew he was talking about it, but I don't actually have proof of the fact that it had happened, therefore I could not make any decisions based on that. When we hung up... Suddenly I realized... The Universe has completely stripped my ex of his power over me! Now he is begging me to comply with his life, instead of me begging him for my life!

      Kind of left me speechless! First of all my ex was the one person who knew how to push my buttons, and I had no inclination to get upset with him or anything... I was just this is how it is! Second, that conversation in the past would have turned into a fight with him twisting everything around and making me out to be the crazy person... crying and screaming and out of control...

      Hmmmm... You see I could be crying the blues because my financial manifestation did not come at just the right moment, but I continued to be grateful for everything I have, and the Universe gave me something even more precious... My control, and my life back!

      When your ex does stuff that pushes your button, I want you to say "Can it get any better than this?" This will put you into a space of gratitude, and then the Universe will make it even better!!!! I have found that to be a most powerful question... There are a bunch more on Moria's thread about 7 questions. That one is changing my life in many big ways. Then I would also reccomend the books on Living on Love that Blake reccomended to us... They are powerful! (If you have not already discovered them). I find it easier to fill my ex's house with love rather than him... Don't know why!

      Blessings Sallyjane


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        Thanks Sally Jane,

        Yes, based on the advice of Grace, and several others as mentioned, I have been practising sending gratitude and love and letting go. I'm not upset anymore - like you said - I feel kind of matter of fact about it. I have to do what I need to do to secure myself and that's it. When she lied to Child Services and told them I never paid any child support - I found out when I got a bill for $41. 500 ($17,500 of which is interest and it is still accruing until I can get the check copies from the bank) I was pissed off. Now, I know it will taken care of and she will never be able to bother me again (my son turns 18 in FEB of next year).

        Now I feel like I did when I found out about my tumor - it's there, it needs to be dealt with and I'll get over it and move on. And I did - even when others around me were nervous that there was a possibility that I could die - that thought hardly ever entered my mind, and if it did it didn't have any real meaning for me - no resonance at all.

        BTW - I was very tempted to use you as an example of how people can turn their lives around (when answering a post in the CEM thread). You have dome extraordinary and wonderful things and have literally become a new person from when you first came to EF. I am so happy for you - you are indeed inspirational. Thanks for eveything you do here on EF and elsewhere!

        Also, we just moved from southern CA - way expensive, lots of pollution, very fast paced, very crowded - come check out Arizona where the air is clean (albeit a bit dusty from the desert) and the weather is even better and the gas prices are down to $1.95-$2.10 a gallon!

        Either way - good luck with your move!

        Blessings on the journey, Glenn
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