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    I was saddened to learn of Harold S Schroeppel's passing.

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    Harold S. Schroeppel

    Harold Schroeppel, 89, entered into rest October 1, 2008, in Tallahassee. Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m. EDT Tuesday, at Culley's MeadowWood Funeral Home Riggins Road Chapel, with burial at Culley's MeadowWood Memorial Park.

    The family will receive friends Tuesday at the funeral home from 1 p.m. until the service. Memorial contributions may be made to the Father Flanagan Boys Home.

    Harold moved to Tallahassee seventeen years ago, from Chicago, where he had been a longtime resident. He was an analytical chemist, and a member of the American Chemical Society, and honored by them for his 60 years of service.

    Harold founded the Institute for Advanced Perception in Oak Park, Illinois. He trained teacher who later became officers for the Illinois Society for Psychic Research. Harold was an ordained minister in the Non-denominational Church, and served at St. Mary's Oneness Temple International in Chicago.

    His original works were published in the Aberee magazine. As a public speaker, he was known for his ability to deliver lectures on nearly sixty topics at the drop of a hat. Author Rod Steiger recognized Harold's work as the basis for one of his novels. Harold helped thousands of people internationally through his teaching with the Institute for Advanced Perception.

    Harold is survived by his wife, Patricia Muth, of Tallahassee; and his four children, Richard Schroeppel (Hilarie Orman), of Woodland Hills, Utah, their daughter Mercury Schroeppel and Richard's son, Richard Threadgill; Renata Schroeppel (Mike McCurry, Colman, S.D.), and their daughter, Samantha; Cyprienne Schroeppel, of Redmond, Washington, and her sons, Peregrine and Haeley Rene Schroeppel, of St. Charles, Illinois; and other loving relatives, Lynn and Garth Williams, of Dayton, Ohio, and their sons, Bret (Christina), Graham and Nik; David and Rami Muth, of Benicia, California, and their daughters, Lisa and Rachel.

    Published in the Tallahassee Democrat on 10/5/2008
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    Where can I find these lessons in advanced perception?

    All the links on the internet are a dead end....


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      Originally posted by alisima View Post
      Where can I find these lessons in advanced perception?

      All the links on the internet are a dead end....
      Yeah, I'm interested, too. I started to go searching, but then ran into the link and remembered looking for this information a year or so ago with no success.
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        Lessons in Advanced Perception

        Hi Alisima and IMBill,

        That mom page was an affiliate of ours when Peter and I released
        Lessons in Advanced Perception in one single compilation for the
        first time ever.

        Basically all the dead links you see are links from all of our affiliates.

        We are unable to offer it anymore and unfortunately, we are not
        able to discuss anything about it.

        I'd recommend reading this if you're interested in
        Schroeppel's work: Power of the Mind

        I discuss some of the background on one of
        Schroeppel's fundamental exercises in A Course in Mind
        Power. Schroeppel never talked about where it
        came from.

        Anyone that gets A Course in Mind Power will be eligible to
        get my advanced course and I include something that
        has never been released before.

        They are personal notes from William S. Burroughs on one of the
        Harold S. Schroeppel's methods and I have permission from his
        estate to share them. Nobody in the mind power world knew
        anything about them and definitely not any of Schroeppel's followers.

        As a matter of fact, I think some would fight tooth and nail to
        deny the implications of what I'm going to show but I think that
        anyone that knows anything about the energetics of the mind and
        body will agree with me.

        Lessons in Advanced Perception is an incredibly amazing mind
        development course, however, the WSB notes that have never
        been released before shows something that everyone would
        want to know, in my opinion.

        Anyway, there may be a time that we can re-release Lessons
        in Advanced Perception and if so, we'll post the release in this

        In the meantime, I'm focusing on A Course in Mind Power and on
        this particular page, I include a small blurb about the Lessons at
        the top of the info page: Lessons in Advanced Perception
        Aaron Murakami

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          Lessons in Advanced Perception - it's back!

          We have some exciting news - after 3 long years, we are once again offering


          You heard that right! 3 years ago, we were the first to offer a collection of
          Harold S. Schroeppel's writings and offered it for only about 2 months.

          Right now, not only can you get this AMAZING and RARE collection of
          writings, you can get it at half the cost that we originally offered it for.

          You can read all the details here - LESSONS IN ADVANCED PERCEPTION

          If you are interested in becoming an affiliate for this rare package, there is a link
          at the very bottom of that page that will take you to the details.

          A & P Electronic Media
          Aaron Murakami

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