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Relaxation Unlocks Psi Abilities

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  • Relaxation Unlocks Psi Abilities

    Relaxation Unlocks Psi Abilities
    When Tension Disappears, The Mind Stills

    Many people are familiar with the concept of Visual Motor
    Rehearsal[1]. That means that simply by thinking of doing a particular exercise, there is electrical activity measurable in the muscles - without any physical movement! The mind doesn't know the difference between doing it physically or mentally.

    The reverse is also true. By manipulating the muscles the mind is influenced; relax the muscles and the mind relaxes.

    Throughout life, all of our experiences, or more accurately our perception of our experiences, programs our autopilot. Our reasoning mind. Each thought, emotion,
    or perception has a corresponding physiological response that is registered in electrical activity in our muscles to varying degrees depending on intensity, frequency, duration and other factors.

    This is also true at the cellular, molecular, atomic and subatomic levels as well, but for simplicity and practicality, the focus will remain on the muscles.

    If we have experiences that are perceived to be stressful, our muscles will exhibit various tensions. Whether or not we are intentionally willing these
    actions or not, the body senses these efforts regardless of if they are intentional and consciously derived or totally unconscious from our autopilot mind.

    These tensions, for almost everyone, become a chronic state of being, which usually last a lifetime. These tensions in the muscles, no matter how subtle, have equivalent intentions associated with them. These intentions have corresponding thoughts.

    For us to be able to become aware of raw data from the collective in a very natural way, we must first be able to get these pre-programmed intentions and unconscious thoughts out of the way because at the subtle level,
    they are interfering with the information that we are picking up on and are therefore acting as noise interference. It requires applying skills that are an
    art and science in their own right in order to separate information from our own mentally creative chatter from data from the matrix, which is the collective unconscious.

    One such skill is Technical Remote Viewing (TRV)[2].

    To be able to develop the ability to naturally get this noise out of the way without using scientifically developed protocols such as TRV, we must first release these physical tensions that are preserving the interfering thought forms in our mind.

    Relaxation, and more specifically, muscular relaxation is one of the most elementary keys to releasing this internal chatter. One thing to be aware of is this chatter need not be verbal at all because our past reactions and other intentions conscious or not also make up the "chatter." Breathing exercises[3] are a very suitable complement as well.

    There is an interesting paper called Psi-Favorable Conditions[4] by the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology[5]. It is a lengthy paper that is a highly recommended read and here is a very small fair-use snippet from the Muscular Relaxation section:

    "Relatively early investigations revealed that relaxation seemed to be a reliable characteristic of the percipient in a majority of cases of spontaneous psi (Stevenson, 1970). Reference to the importance of relaxation can be found in the writings of and about nearly all gifted sensitives or psychics (persons who can demonstrate psi repeated and with great accuracy)."

    In this day and age, many people have taken credit for "developing" or "discovering" many of these concepts of linking the thoughts to muscular activity without physical movement, but there is one person in particular that I wish to credit for being the actual pioneer to not only develop very sophisticated yet simple relaxation exercises but for actually being the first person to measure electrical activity in the muscles simply by thinking of moving the muscles and that is none other than Edmund Jacobson, MD, PhD. These measurements were made with a Bell Labs developed device that detected microvolt activity through electrodes attached to the body.

    Dr. Jacobson's landmark relaxation method is known as Progressive Relaxation[6]. He wrote a book of the same name in 1938, which was geared towards medical professionals, which included methods, theory and other research material. It was the culmination of his research until that time.

    However, four years earlier in 1934, Dr. Jacobson wrote You Must Relax[7], which was geared towards the layperson to teach them the basic exercises as well as walking the reader through many of the concepts that he discovered in relation to muscular relaxation.

    The exercises are a method of targeting specific muscles, tightening them into tension, holding and then releasing. When released, they are relaxed more than they were before tensing them. The idea is to focus on particular muscles for a certain amount of days, and then move on until eventually, anyone practicing them can easily go through the entire sequence.

    To learn the Progressive Relaxation exercises, you can visit the following website for a very simple tutorial that I would highly recommend anyone practice ven if there is no desire to develop psi abilities.

    Please take heed of that website owner's suggestion that these should be done without an audio walk through because it defeats the purpose of allowing a stillness of mind. However, there are some audio coaching soundtracks that could be used in order to learn the method but I would suggest that after learning the method to immediately drop the narration thereafter and do them on your own. Also, make sure it is okay with your medical doctor to do these muscle-tensing exercises.

    In the 1950's, a profound forward-thinking individual by the name of Harold S. Schroeppel wrote a paper called The How of Telepathy, which laid out a vision of the evolution of human potential and it also alluded to specific exercises.

    By the 1960's, Schroeppel had founded the Institute for Advanced Perception. Based on a case study of thousands of people experimenting with different methods to stimulate enhanced perception, Schroeppel was able to compile and lay out a very specific compilation of lessons that if practiced in the intended order, produced results.

    The very first of over sixteen lessons was called Effort, which was the powerful application of tensing and relaxation exercises as the first exercise to start clearing out muscle tensions and reactions in order to allow a person to start perceiving things in and around him or herself more clearly. This appears to be the very first mind power course that actually made full use of Edmund Jacobson's relaxation methods in order to develop and enhance psi abilities.

    The lessons that Schroeppel had taught for these purposes were called Lessons in Advanced Perception[8]. For the first time in history, a compilation of Harold Schroeppel's writings is now available to the public in a single digital download. Please see this website to learn how to get your own copy: Lessons in Advanced Perception

    Aaron Murakami
    Co-Founder, Energetic Science Ministries

    [1] visual motor rehearsal - Google Search
    [5] The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology: Academics
    [6] Edmund Jacobson
    [7] You Must Relax
    [8] Lessons in Advanced Perception
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    Aaron Murakami

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    I realize you posted this a long time ago. Is it still possible to get this course? The link (8) is now long dead. There was also a guy teaching a psychic course based on this information.

    Thanks for your help.



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      Lessons in Advanced Perception

      Hi Roselyn,

      Thanks for asking. I responded to this same question today
      on this thread.
      Aaron Murakami

      Books & Videos
      RPX & MWO