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  • the Impossible?

    this may be a little confusing and "strange":

    although i know that you can get a name change legally, going through the process of changing all documents etc;

    im wondering:

    is there some kind of mind power/meditation process/hypnosis or ANYTHING energy-related that might be able to "change the past" where a different name could be chosen for you (of your choice)? hence then everyone you know would recognize you with a different name as if it was ALWAYS your name?

    to make this clearer:

    a) you practice whatever energy session of the above or whatever, asking a High Power to have the name of your choice

    b) afterwards everyone you know will know you by your new name, as if it always was your name ("changing your past" when your parents named you). your documents/records will display your new desired name

    i know it sounds pretty useless, but im curious if anything like that would be possible, substituting the legal stuff done at age 16 to 18+?

    & if it IS, is the actual (physical) changing of documents of your name possible from that, or would that just have to be 'manually corrected'?

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    First I'll say that I don't think anything is impossible. I think to say things are impossible you must work from a very limited mind that believes everything we witness and experience is completely understood by us, which it cannot be.

    However, to the best of my understanding we move through life sequentially, one step at a time, leaving marks everywhere we go and having our life threads become the foundation of our very space in time itself, which other threads branch from.

    I would imagine removing or changing solidly placed threads of this reality would be similar to pulling several cards out of the middle of an elaborate card house. You might not wipe out the entire structure, but surely many parts of it would be forever altered or even destroyed.

    I would imagine that this complex reality we live in would have some fairly strong safeguards against things like that being done. Not saying impossible, but maybe very very difficult and maybe not available at this juncture in our time and reality.

    In other words it would be much much more feasible to change these documents physically..