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Abraham on the Economic Crisis

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  • Abraham on the Economic Crisis

    A new video of Abraham addressing the current economic crisis has been posted on their website. It was recorded at their workshop this past weekend.
    Abraham on The World Financial Crisis: Law of Attraction
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    Hi April!

    Thank you for posting the link. I tend to resonate with Abraham-Hicks and this time was no exception.

    I have actually been keenly aware lately that MANY people that I have spoken with in the last couple of weeks have told me that "this is a scary time" and that they are "afraid about what will happen" and of course many, many negative comments about the candidates.

    I felt very strongly and also spoke verbally to the people that expressed themselves in this way that it is more important right now to focus on what is positive and good (because there is still good in the world!) and keep those things in focus and to truly intend good things for the future, rather than worrying and being afraid. I can't tell you how many times I acutually said "Don't be afriad, try your best to be positive and 'see' what you want the future to be."

    Seeing Abraham-Hicks speaking and advising in the same way was very encouring!

    I guess I should have added that people need to also 'feel' good about themselves and their future - that is the KEY!

    Thank you again!
    In gratitude and love, Jeanie
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      Abraham Hicks Videos

      Hi April,

      Thanks for posting the link.

      I have a Squidoo Lens showing most of Abraham Hicks' Videos at Law of Attraction Videos

      The 68 Second Videos are especially good for anyone wanting a tool for visualization.



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        Very Cool

        Excellent thanks for sharing!
        "But ye shall receive power..."
        Acts 1:8