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Self Esteem, Respect and The Dog Whisperer

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  • Self Esteem, Respect and The Dog Whisperer

    Hi there

    Many people feel they can only gain respect by intimidation (others by manipulation) because they don't realise there is any other way. Like everything else, it's based in Self Esteem.

    People who use intimidation or manipulation to get respect, loyalty or obedience have a basic subconscious belief that they don't deserve or are not entitled to respect, loyalty or obedience automatically. Therefore, they assume there's no way the other person is simply going to give it to them - so they have to find a way to take it!

    I don't know if you've ever seen "The Dog Whisperer"? There is a lot that we can learn and apply to our Human relationships from Cesar Mallan, as well as applying it to dog-human relationships.

    The most Valuable lesson from Cesar, which applies to human relationships as well as dogs, is the energy of "Calm-Assertive".

    Anyone who is wanting to gain respect - and this is especially important of course for parents, teachers, bosses - anyone who's job depends on retaining respect and authority - needs to learn to adopt this "Calm-Assertive" energy.

    A Calm-Assertive energy compels people to VOLUNTARILY GIVE respect and loyalty, whereas bullying, demanding, intimidating and threatening tries to TAKE respect and loyalty. And of course, what they get instead of Respect and Loyalty is Fear and Resentment.

    It's like going into a bank and holding up the cashier to take out your own money! lol If you fill in the withdrawal slip, and ask for your money, the cashier will happily hand it over. But a person who doesn't know that, and believes that they're not entitled to their money, may well believe that since they're not good enough, there's no way anyone will just give it to them if they ask ... they may well believe the only way to get it is to force the cashier to hand it over!

    Calm-Assertive. It's really worth watching Cesar Mallan, and applying his energy to all human relationships

    Love and Light and Magic xxx
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    Relaxed Intensity


    That is a powerful concept!

    Something similar I learned quite a while back was called: Relaxed Intensity. On the outside, the person is very calm and relaxed but there is a very intense passion driving the person. It was a trait of the most effective leaders.
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      The Dog Whisperer
      I don't watch TV but that show is worth the watch.

      The show is such a great study of linguistic behavior.

      Communication with the dogs is far less about words, far more about postures, tonal frequencies, brain states. They instinctully respond to this genetic hierarchy of observational qualities.

      Humans on the other hand are convinced that all forms of life are just like them... waiting on every commercial word. And believing that meaning is universal constant.


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        Yes Illusions, great points.

        I have watched Cesar for some time and you are absolutely right about how effective his Calm-Assertive approach is.

        His confidence and will that the dog is without a doubt going to do what he asks, seems to always work, even on the more troublesome animals. What's funny is how many people he encounters where the dogs are actually running the house with their own brands of assertiveness.

        What I find most impressive about Cesar is he truly understands how perceptive dogs are and shows people how easily these dogs pick up on their owners mind states, energies and feelings. It seems that the people who fully incorporate what he says into their routines are successful in having better behaved dogs.

        This leads to another interesting point. There are many people walking around these days that would say that perception, external energies emanating from people and the like are not even plausible. It is possible, that if they got to know their pets a little better, they might just change their minds.


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          Funny part is

          Funny part is that Ceasar Milan actually trains people not dogs! The dogs already know the information and are just waiting for their people partners to get on board and take control of the situation in a right manner. The dogs are naturally high vibration, and it is scientific that they will add years to our lives by just co-habitating with us, and just stroking a dog will lower your stress level and calm your life down. So Ceasar actually is giving each human he works with a healing energy lesson!

          Blessings Sallyjane