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    Heres a series of books recommended to me by a "energy worker"...Ive read the first two, they are free on one of his sites as a text...and "Money is Love" is free as well, also on MP3.

    The message is simple...Love is so much more than a feeling. Its a force and a power with its own conciousness and we have hardly understood and rarely mastered all its possible uses....What he was taught (By an "angel") was really simple..... how to connect, grow and send love... accessed from your HighestSelf "GodSelf".

    The stories not too long ( he is not a writer so bare with some of his writting and storytelling (if you start) his book(s) youll see what a brave stretch writting is for him. He never learned to write as a kid). I found them really easy to read, hes good at creating intrigue and i learned many more things I didnt know I didnt know! : )

    It dovetails much and well I think with M.E. ~ and other methods I am sure...its so simple!... For me it feels like I have finally found the launching off point to move into M.E. or whatever I wish to do.

    Give the first book a read and see if it resonates ...(you could use it to send love to the "Galactic Federation" if you wanted ) Sooooo many possible uses.

    The second book tells how to use power spots or energy vortexes to multiply your love. (even if not at one...if you have a favorite just concentrate and intend yourself there.) He believes they are all connected across the planet and if you intend so your love can go in one site and pop out all of them all over Mamma Earth...Something about that really rings true to me. Is that an open system? (I just got Quantum key the other day...havent got to reading it yet.)

    Heres the link Books on Love by Klaus Joehle. Free download

    Peace Love Om, Blake

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    Very interesting!

    Thanks, Blake. I'm in the middle of reading his first book and it's quite entertaining! I'm looking forward to reading the rest of it, and the ones that follow. I saw on his website that the author lives right by me too, along with where I used to live as well. Such a small, fascinating world.

    Thanks for the link!



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      Thank you Blake! I spent a good part of a lazy rainy Sunday reading the first book. Even though he is not the best writer, it sure had me wondering what would happen next, and caring. I'll probably start the second one some time this week.


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        drunken leprichans???

        This guy has interesting adventure companions. Your welcome Kim and Coz Sally! I just cracked open the one on finding your joy...3rd or 4th book?

        The second book gives a much broader backstory to the first and he talks alot about his childhood which is really unique as well. IT dose get many times more wierd....The shameful thing is pretty simple...him remembering some not so good past lives...that dosent really give anythiing away.

        I started "working" on the love thing the first few days with much ferver...he is right to take it slow...major emotional detox. When I cleared some and stabled out...Ive been much more slow and staggered in the use...I imagine I'll pick up and do it more consistenly...but a shift has happened-yet again and i feel ive entered a new relationship with myself . I believe my heart is opening like I haven't let it before. The intending a connection with my higher self and loving from there seems really to be a key part for me.

        In M.E. Richard says to go into that heart space and I could figure out how. just thinking or feeling or intending and two pointing it didnt get me there....too much protection and fear?? These books may be really basic for most energy workers and people adept at using love in their work, but I guess I need something this simple to begin with...

        I agree his story and how he told it really drew me in... "where is he going with this?" ... its awesome and amazing people actually have these kinds of magical experiences! Hope my life has its share soon. His starting point of frustration and depression and nothing working no matter how hard he tried, made it easy to identify right off for me. Reassuring to hear again you can get "there" from "here".

        Peace and Love
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          I started reading last night, got up to chapter 5. So far it's interesting, especially with the comments you've made. I'm looking forward to the rest

          Thanks for sharing it

          Keep your mind on the aether


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            Thank You

            Just popped in to thank you for sharing this book, it seems to be a very informative book, we must learn love and excitement from children, and it makes a good point, I plan to read it to learn more about love.

            BTW, your post has been a great synchronicity to me.
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            Humility, an important property for a COP>1 system.


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              All we need is more love.

              Thanks for the link

              Love is the answer!

              "But ye shall receive power..."
              Acts 1:8


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                Thank You!


                I just finished the first one and I LOVE the message and instructions on sending Love to not only people, but EVERYTHING! I practice daily meditation and you can be sure that this technique is now going to be a BIG part of it!

                Now I will start on the second book!!!

                Blake..You are such an Angel to have posted this link!!! Thank You!

                With Much Love and Gratitude,


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                  Little Practice


                  Just wanted to say, I practiced it only a little, and everyone suddenly became more kind, and allowing. Very interesting. Love is a real magnetic force field, which does everything in the universe. We must only learn to feel it being confident that it will do for us only good.

                  Humility, an important property for a COP>1 system.


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                    Loving your everything.....!

                    Hey Elisa, Jessica, WPage, Pamela!!!!

                    I'm jazzed you all liked it! I was hoping itd resonate with some here. I thought it funny and great, the putting all your bills into a stack and sending love to them...made me think of Busting Loose a bit. Just like the other stuff in Energetic forum...its uses are limitless!

                    I had that experience too Elias of everyone just beeing soooooo nice and 4 people that particular(amped up 2nd) day came up to me and were rubbing my back or putting their hand on my shoulder as they talked to me....That was wierd!!!! I usually have this unconcious "my space" shield goin on and to have 4 people in one day...uninstigated by me, to do that, is quite odd.

                    I also just felt this completeness. Like this is it...I dont "need" anything from the outside- even the affection that was coming my way...Ive heard of people talking about becoming your own love generator in so many ways...well turning it on maybe cuz we always have that love source inside...but i never experienced it like I did using this. I think you could use the binural beats if one had challenges going into the meditative (desolving body state) before connecting with your higher self. I use a similar CD somtimes when I do it. The BB links in the library doo the same thing to me...I'm also guessing the M.E. stuff I learned came into play on opening the love valve and visualizing the keeps hapening in different ways and makes me think of fallowing the arctype pictues that come in, that Richard Bartlet describes...Staying focusd/connected with higher self is the new part for me...thouuh I have been reminded about it a bajillion times from a wazillion sources through out time I am sure. (Thanks Grace! ) so I dont know how "new" that is.

                    Events seem to have shifted too...opening up more to life and drawing more sincronicities and likeminded folk to me. The Ringing Cedar books are a big part of it too I favorite topic lately and has started many a good conversation...Anastasia talks about us all having our own "ray" and using it for all sorts of things...including sending love... and describes how she connects to the Source Ray by lying on the Earth with her arms outstreached and a ray connects her (or our) heart to the cosmos...She gets her answers from the Source of creation that way whenever she needs more info or gets stumped...which dosent sound often.... anyway if you liked Living on love I'm figurin youd love Anastasia.....just a plug

                    Thank You all for the Thank Yous !!!



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                      the strangest thing happened when going to sleep

                      Thank you for posting the link.

                      Taking me a while to read through it. I read part of it when you posted it, and left it, but yesterday i continued to read it from the beginning. This time i used a Firefox browser add on that allowed me to save, and highlight key words, so as to go over it again another time. In case anyone is interested, the Add on is called Scrapbook. It is embedded into the Firefox browser, and one can view the saved items. Saving is done by simply highlighting the desired section of the page and dragging into the scrapbook tab.

                      Just before i went to bed, i managed to read till the end of chapter 19. Which is nearly half way down the browser page. It is the first Ebook about Love.
                      My bed is butted up against a shelf/ cupboard/ cabinet, and i went to sleep with my back to it. Within a short time after closing my eyes, I was at a point between awake and dream, (or possibly just entering dream?) when i sensed a communication occurring in that state/ space, or whatever to call it. Then i felt fingers tapping on the side of my neck that was exposed or facing the ceiling. It was as if the fingers came from behind me, but that is physically impossible considering how close my back was to the cupboard/ shelf. I was a reluctant to continue attuning to whatever that was, and just focused on going to sleep.
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                        sleep paralysis?


                        Sounds like a sleep paralysis episode almost. I've had countless episodes of this with fingers and hands touching me in the twilight state between sleep and awake.

                        Were there any difficulties breathing or any sensation that you were being held down?
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                          Aaron, thank you for asking. I did not experience breathing difficulties, nor any sense of being held down. It was definitely not sleep paralysis. In the long process of attempting to draft a reply post, i was covering a lot of ground with experiences in my life that seemed to be connected to my response in the experience. That process led to understanding, and seems to be part of the unfolding. In terms of explaining what is unfolding is hard for me to define at this time. Except it is good.
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                            Hi Blake!

                            Thank you so much Blake for posting this!! I'm almost done with book one and while reading I had a thought. Someone should make a movie about this book! Wouldn't that be fun to watch?!
                            With Infinite Love and Gratitude,


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                              "Nothing you can say that cant be sung"(movie-ized!)

                              Christine...Would love to see what they'd do with it !!! Ive been wondering lately when the "movies" might start catching up to the conciousness shift happening... I think were ripe for some new archtypes!!! There is the "spiritual cinima" thing ( i saw posted here I dad did it for a while...good stuff!)

                              Alsy...Trippy on the finger tapping and voices....maybe your guides or higher self was doing a bedtime EFT session on you !

                              Last night I was trying to find a story I remembered from a CD set (biology of empowerment) ...the Guy in it told of a study about cholesterol i think on rabbits...they gave them a high high cholesterol diet with a control group naturally. The funny thing was that all the well fed rabbits in the study responded as expected...gaining boo quoo weight...except a small little bunch of them...who hardly gained a thing or no weight increase at all!!!!! they tried to peice apart the study and figure out why/how these rabbits were different?
                              What they discovered was that it came down to the reasearch assistants who fed the rabbits (the exact same food/portions). Apparently one of the assistants liked to hold and pet (love?) each of her rabbits before she fed them... That was the only difference they could find...the only rabbits that didnt gain weight were the batch she was assigned to care for....Hmmmmmm!

                              Anyway was thinking and trying the sending love to my food...but just thought, too love myself as see if it negates or trancends the caloric conciousness of our wonderful beliefs about food/calories/cholesterol!!! I remember Sallyjane i think was matrixing hers with good results! will let you know...I seem to have a hard time concentrating an that lately as ive been soo hungy when I finally get my food....maybe I should hire a massuse or find a good "petter" to pet me before i eat !

                              So I occasionally try talking to some of the kitchen workers here at the hospital about this conciousness/feeling thing transferring to the food (mostly as a joke but planting seeds.) anyway I told them about this studdy and the woman didnt quite get my point...she said "so you think the cook and us servers should come out and hug and pet you before you eat??? " I laughed at the thought knowing one of our cooks...but since then Ive thought if a resteraunt employed this practice ...I bet theyd be a pretty popular dining destination !!!

                              Just sayin...