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  • HELP about theta healing!

    so im 16, and ive done lots of reading about Theta healing, & im intereested in it, especially since there are inifinite obstacles in my life right now (inlcluding the pain of mercury poisoning since forever---the effects gave me somewhat autistic behaviour [& still some] & later on caused me too much shyness, low confidence etc...i swear i was NOT BORN this way, as things/relationships as a young kid used to be a lot better)!....but there are still other troublesome things too, like immune stuff & skin problems, bad sight etc..

    i know, every site keeps saying that i either have to buy Vianna's book, take a course, or go see a practitioner. first of all, i cannot shop online (past problems), i cant pay for a practitioner (not enough money, let alone im in crappy Windsor & this dispute would never work with the family), and, a course for me is pretty impossible (& way too expensive).

    im wondering, why would spiritually have to be bought? isnt it my birthright to heal myself & create a better life (ive already had too many nervous breakdowns & suicidal incidences that made me miss school twicebeing "hostaged")?

    i read, the few basic steps on how to go into theta (the energy in the heart thing & calling Creator's name) plus what the practitoner does in silence (command a new belief, say thanks, & witness).

    ok so this is most likely not enough info (as the site said).
    -how does this "witnessing" the energy/resistance happen? is it just 'automatic' in a sense, or is it visualizing?
    - saying Creator's name to go to theta, is it said aloud or mentally?
    - how you go out of theta at the end?
    - would a theta healing session (installing new beliefs about yourslef) be the equivalent of the elaborate thing called DNA Activation (after all, beliefs still affect DNA right?)

    but what im most uncertain of is what EXACTLY is being done during the silence. i want to do this for myself (i dont need to be 'certified' by doing it on others).

    i know, sounds unfair that i may be seeking 'freebies' but i really feel the need to do this new healing method the right way (i tried before but i knew i was doing it wrong). i hate how things are for me now & i want them to stop before more worse things may happen (thanks to mood swings & loneliness). i have dreams & desires but they cant be acheived by themselves through boring 'slow' progressive work (i.e counceling [which did NOT work for me b/c im DEPRESSED and mentally ill]). after all, my BELIEFs ABOUT MYSELF have to change, & no one can change them for me--i have to do it for myself.

    so, what are those 'secret details' that no other practitioner i emailed seems to ever want to share with me?

    please & thanks to all
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    A quick response

    Hi bmlyeryk,

    I think you sent me a separate email through my website yesterday which I haven't had time to respond to yet. Sorry, but I am rather busy at the moment so it is taking me a while to get through everything.

    I just wanted to let you know that I received it & have seen your query here & I will try & reply back to you in more detail to your individual questions as soon as I can.

    "so, what are those 'secret details' that no other practitioner i emailed seems to ever want to share with me?"

    I don't think it is that people are unwilling to share "secret details" , rather it is just that what you are asking cannot be simply put into a few quick sentences to explain it to you. So it is more a question of where does one begin?

    It is great to see that you are interested in healing yourself & are so aware that you have beliefs that you want to change
    for yourself.

    I'm sorry, but I have to run now, I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

    Love, Light & Blessings
    Theta Healing
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      Hi bmlyeryk,

      I don't think you understand the magnitude of your request. To expect Sharyn, or any other certified Theta Practitioner, to easily zip off a few paragraphs in response to your questions is highly unrealistic. It seems that you are under the asumption that there are a few little "secret details" that are being kept from you and if a Theta Practioner could just simply jump in here and "share" them with you, than you would be able to do this for yourself...This assumption is not only naive, but is also somewhat demeaning to this intrinsically significant and valuable healing modality.

      In essence, you are asking for Sharyn, or any other certified Theta Practitioner, to transcribe to you here on this forum, the multitude of information from their textbooks as well as personal notes taken from their many hours spent in, as well as out of the classroom, learning and experiencing first-hand what you refer to as "secret details". Keep in mind also that all certified Theta Practitioners spent a great deal of money to follow this calling in order to assist others in their spiritual growth and to provide beneficial physical and emotional healing. It is akin to someone asking me to please share with them my lifetime of coursework, experience and practice so that they may very quickly paint the same kind of paintings that I spend hours to create.

      You wonder in your post, "Why would spirituality have to be bought?" and my answer to you is that it cannot be bought. The spiritual path is not a commodity, but a precious process which is undertaken by any human being who wishes to EMBRACE it as such and not deem it something that is "boring, slow, progressive work". It is a journey of the soul and you are correct when you say it is your "birthright" to heal yourself and create a better life, but this requires patience and inner work. Healing modalities such as Theta Healing are not "spirituality in a bottle", yet they are able to greatly assist and expedite the individual in the spiritual process in many ways and it is important to remember that practitioners, teachers, authors, coaches etc. have worked very hard to become experts in their fields in order to be of help to others. As such, like anyone else on the planet who wishes to survive and take care of their own basic needs, they should be rewarded for their dedication to their callings.

      This is a wonderful forum fuilled with intelligent, loving souls who are consistantly sharing their own spiritual and personal development experiences and, in doing so, we are freely assisting each other with great joy. I welcome you to it! And...I suggest you spend some time here pouring over the threads and learning more, so that you can also be assisted by the love that is shared here. There is much to learn and much to embrace Dear bmlyeryk... For now, I suggest that you simply take a nice loving breath and begin to remember that you ARE a Powerful and Infinite Being of Light and Love. It gets a little easier and easier as the process unfolds...

      May You Be Blessed... In All Ways

      With Much Love and Gratitude,


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        My heart goes out to you. I hate to sound like an old fogey, but I was sixteen not too long ago, and I know how much it hurts to deal with everything that goes with it. I'm sensing that you really need some reassurance that things are going to be OK. I'm hoping my note will help. And of course, if things are really, really not OK, please tell a trusted adult--in person. Sometimes our best "parents" are not really our parents, and that is perfectly OK.

        Remember that you are loved. Even if you cannot feel it or see it, or wrap your mind around that, you are loved, and that is truth.

        I don't know much about Theta healing. What I do know and believe is that there are many different methods to reach the same place (a state of feeling finally OK, whole, joyful, and at peace). Theta healing is one of those ways.

        Please relax about having to know the particular details of one method vs another method, and please be patient. I know it can be difficult when you want your life to change NOW, like yesterday!

        While you wait for the right time for your questions to be answered about theta healing, there are a few books you might want to read that should be available online for free, or at the public library. Off the top of my head, I would recommend Power vs. Force by David Hawkins (search the forum and you will find a link to where you can read that for free online). I would also recommend Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting by Lynn Grabhorn, and Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain. Actually, Shakti Gawain's personal story might resonate with you very deeply. Here is an excerpt Excerpts from Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain. I worked with this book when I was about 19 or 20 years old and LOVED it. The visualizations may be somewhat similar to Theta Healing.

        There are some great visualization techniques described in the list of articles here. I hope you find something in this that helps you Articles

        Any exercise, visualization, or method you do--even if you are making it up as you go along--combined with your intention is going to have some positive effect.

        Feel free to PM me if you want any other ideas, and I will see if I can recommend or locate any other free sources.

        I urge you to TRUST YOURSELF and just set your intention that you will have the happy, healthy life you absolutely deserve, and keep reading and learning as much as you can. I began my journey around the same age and I can tell you that it will get better. Hang in there and let us know how you are doing.


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          I can see that you are having a hard time, and my heart goes out to you because I know that it can seem so difficult to climb out of a lower vibration when you're in it. However, you could very easily walk into your local bookstore and ask them to order a copy of the book for you. Why do you have to buy the book to learn it? Because it is somebody else's life's work you are asking for, and it is worth every penny a thousand times over. Not to mention that it is a lot of information that cannot be summed up in one quick answer.

          Spirituality is within you and cannot be given to you, taken from you, or bought or sold. YOU have to be willing to help yourself, with patience and effort on your part, and understand that it is a process. Nobody can, or will, do it all for you. I became a certified Theta Healer simply because I wanted to be able to apply this in my own life, just as you would like to do now- so I understand that strong desire to connect and "get it".

          There are so many people on this forum who give so much of themselves, as Pamela said, you can learn a tremendous amount from them by reading the existing threads.

          There are other free techniques out there that you can use to shift your beliefs. Try EFT at EFT Emotional Freedom Technique , Zpoint at ZPoint for Personal Peace (both zpoint and eft have tutorials that teach you how to do it for free). Also, you can listen to live streaming radio shows of many incredible teachers for free at Hay House Radio | Radio For The Soul | Listen Live to Hay House Authors . I personally have used all of these with great success and changed my life in many positive ways.

          According to Abraham, the most simple thing you can start with is to stop beating the drum of all that is not going well in your life, and start telling a different story - tell it how you want it to be as if it already were. Let go of blame, and understand that you, and you alone, have full responsibility for the situations you have created in your life. Look for things to appreciate and be happy about. Start with "Wouldn't it be nice if......." and fill in the blank.
          I hope you find something useful here and I wish you great happiness!
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            Theta Information

            Hi Bmlyeryk,
            So great to see someone so young seeking information and exploring 'Who You Really Are".
            I had similar questions when I was wanting to learn about Thetahealing and I have created a lens with a lot of information.
            Hope you find some answers. ThetaHealing
            Keep on seeking, asking and listening to your own inner being
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            Love, Light, Gratitude & Joy

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              CeCee - what a wonderful page! Thank you for posting that, it's a great resource.

              Also, I wanted to post this email I got today from Zpoint. This would be a great opportunity to learn, ask questions, and experience what it's all about - and it's FREE!

              Dear April,

              Just want to let you know that I'll be facilitating a FREE teleclass at 10am EDT this coming Sunday October 5th. I'll be introducing ZPoint and spending time leading participants through special ZPoint exercise designed to release deeply held stress and upset. You will feel wonderful afterward.

              EVENT: ZPoint Daily Practice - Free Introduction
              DATE & TIME: Sunday, October 5th at 10:00am Eastern
              FORMAT: Simulcast! (Attend via Phone or Webcast -- it's your choice)
              ZPoint Daily Practice - Free Introduction October 5 at 10 AM Eastern

              This class will demonstrate the enormous benefits of the 21 Days of ZPoint Class beginning on Monday October 6th at 10am EDT and running EVERY day for 21 Days.

              For more information on the 21 Days, go to ZPoint for Personal Peace

              ZPoint NRG
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                Actually no one here told you to go back to counseling... There are many wonderful healing modalities that different people use, and we share energy and healing. The CEM thread under Health, fitness, nuturition Chinese Energetic Medicine by Grace - Page 63... Here we all work together towards healing and encouraging and lifting each other up. Grace is a Chinese Energetic Medicine practitioner and she does corrections on all who come and ask for help.

                Nobody is telling you that Theta healing is not for you, just because you can not afford to buy the books... What they are saying is that till you can afford to purchase the books there are other healing modalities that you can use that have no cost... All you have to do is download the zpoint and the EFT books, as they are totally free.

                Personally when I came here I was homeless living in a shelter with my two kids... I did not have money either. I just came and drank from the information on this forum. I read as much as I could. I also know if you have a book store where you are that sells books on spirituality... Then take yourself down find books you want to learn from sit you bum down on the floor and start reading! My X husband will go and read several books at a time that way and then put the book back up on the shelf. Of course you have to be very careful with the books and not damage them.

                I can tell you if you really want to transform your life, then all you have to do is come here and read, and learn, and asorb as much of the energy as you can. I would start at the begining of the CEM thread above that I posted above. There you will read not only my begining story, and then continue reading all the way to the end and you will read of an awesome transformation.

                As you read through the whole thread the healing energy that is washed all over the words in that thread will start your healing. You can also request corrections for yourself.

                One more point... I very much wanted to learn a healing modality, and could not afford to go to seminars or even buy the books. I ended up playing around with a pendelum and creating my own way of clearing issues from my life (Actually my pendelum was my keys on a string, because I could not afford a pendelum either)... Trust me I had some serious issues... I was in the middle of a bitter divorce, I was homeless living in a shelter with two kids, and I had no job and was struggling to even get one. Kid trust me, I was down and out, but I still was able to rewrite my own script and that of the people around me including my X husband who use to be abusive, and now I am able to totally get along with and even helps me out financially when I need it above and beyond the child support he legally has to give me.

                That is what is soooo cool is that you have the option to rewrite the scripts of your family and yourself. For starters... and this will be hard, but you need to start talking about yourself as if you did not have any of the mental or emotional challenges you describe above. It is okay to ask for help with them, but then you have to start to describe yourself the way you want to be and not the way you don't want to be. Remember where your thoughts and emotions are strongest is what you will manifest! It is not a question of whether you will manifest, but what you will manifest! We are all manifesting something be it what we prefer or what we would prefer not to have.

                Blessings Sallyjane


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                  Hi Bmlyeryk

                  First of all, Welcome! And Well Done You, for finding this forum and for reaching out for help!

                  I'm not a Theta healer, but I believe that I can contribute to your healing while you're waiting for Sharyn to answer your questions.

                  The first thing I want to confirm is that None of what you've been through so far is your fault! At only 16 years old, you're reaching out for help and trying to heal yourself, and that is impressive and brave.

                  There's a weird theme going on for me at the moment (the issues I'm drawn to help with always seem to go in themes) - yours is the third of this type of parenting issue I've come across in the last two days.

                  I say parenting because, although you're 16 and therefore a teenager rather than a child, you are suffering from the effects of whatever was programmed into you from childhood. One of the people I recently helped is in her 40s and was still suffering from misguided parenting - most of us do.

                  This theme I've noticed is a tendancy for people to hold the child (by child I mean the person who has parents, regardless of how old they are) responsible for issues, when they CLEARLY have been programmed by whoever raised them.

                  A child is born with a blank slate, and the adults who raise her write on that slate - of WHO she is. They do that by way of the way they speak to, and treat the child. Everything a parent says and does, writes on the slate of WHO that child IS!

                  And regardless of whether the parents mean well or not, if damage is done, damage is done. But it is NEVER the child's fault.

                  A large part of the world seems to have the whole thing backwards - there's an attitude that children OWE their parents, that they owe their parents respect and love and gratitude. But the only other person you owe, apart from yourself, is your own child.

                  Children are born with a Natural Instinct to love, respect and be loyal to their parents. If a child does not show these qualities, then there is something wrong with what the Parents are doing - no matter what they intend.

                  If a child is raised with Love, Respect, Compassion, Understanding, and if the parent sets the example by modelling the behaviour and attitude they want their child to show, the child will WANT to show Love, Respect and Loyalty to the parent - it will come Automatically because it is Instinct. Children learn Primarily by Automatically copying the adults in their lives - in ALL aspects, including the way they deal with emotional issues, conflict and communication.

                  A parent's job is to protect, nurture, guide their child and support their growth into a Healthy, Confident, Well-ballanced and Happy adult. And the BIGGEST component of this is to support and encourage the child's Self Esteem and Self Worth.

                  So, considering the issues you have so far, at only 16 years old, I'm guessing that somewhere along the line you have been damaged by whoever has raised you so far. It may be unintentional, and it's probably misguided, but the damage has happened.

                  EVERY symptom you mention - from the emotional and physical issues, to the mental issues and the autistic mannerisms are symptoms of childhood damage! They are NOT to do with you, they are to do with how you were/are treated - whether it was deliberate or unintentional is irrellevant - that is the cause, not yourself!!

                  You are right that you can't just "Feel good about yourself" or simply choose to change the negative beliefs, and it'll just happen - Because those beliefs have been Programmed into you. They are running on automatic.

                  Now, consciously choosing to change them, as you have, is definitely a start. And it does make a difference, but of course, if a person tries to write over carvings in stone it wouldn't be legible. They'd have to file down the original carvings first - they'd have to undo some of the original programming first, before the new beliefs can really take hold.

                  Here's what I suggest you start with, while you're waiting for the Theta Healing and whatever other modalities you're going to look at:

                  First you need Acknowledgement. You need Acknowledgement that you have been wronged! So, choose a time and place when you won't be disturbed, and write a letter to each of the adults who raised you (and anyone else you feel may have contributed - but start with the adults who raised you).

                  You're not going to give the letter to them, so make sure you say EVERYTHING that comes to you. Insult them, swear, let it ALL out onto that page. Don't worry about being fair or reasonable - you can be fair and reasonable and forgiving later. First you need to express the rage and frustration.

                  Although you're not going to give the letter to them, pretend you are. Knowing that you're not going to give it to them will enable you to let rip and get Everything out and to Fully Acknowledge the damage that was done. But pretending that you ARE going to give it to them will help the emotions be fully focused.

                  Do a separate letter for each person, or write to a couple of people together - whatever you feel like. Once you feel you've said everything that's in you, read it back. If you feel you might want to read it again later, keep it in a safe place for a while. Once you feel you've finished with it and are ready to let it go, destroy it.

                  This is a very Powerful exercise, and I know it's not Theta Healing, but it REALLY does a lot towards healing the damage that has been done.

                  I hope this support helps, and that you are able to do this exercise. Let me know how it goes, and if I can help further in any way.

                  Lots of Love and Light and Magic xxx
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                    Hi bmlyeryk,

                    I will try & answer a few of your questions as best I can to try & give you a better understanding of what Theta healing is about. There is no quick "list" of steps that teaches you how to do it. That is one of the first misconceptions that you appear to have.

                    If it was that simple there would be no need for any of us to go to seminars in the first place. Even people who just want to do it to work on them selves are still advised to go & experience at least the first seminar to do Levels 1&2 & learn how to do it. There is much more to theta healing than just trying to change a belief.

                    Part of the experience of the seminars is to be with qualified people who can ensure that you are entering the Theta state correctly. This takes practise to entrain your brain & many people do not access this state correctly. In fact, although you can bring about healing from a basic theta state that is not where Theta healing is working from. It works on a higher level by energetically connecting to Source, Creator, the field, whatever term you want to call it, & in doing so you ensure that you receive the highest perspective & understanding possible & allow the greatest changes to come into play that are also possible.

                    I know that you have said that you can't attend a seminar or buy a book so I do think you may find it difficult to achieve all by yourself. Also, whilst the book is very good I think the majority of people still need to attend a seminar to be able to do theta healing.

                    I have no idea what your capabilities are though or how far along your spiritual path you are, so don't let my comments stop you from trying. I am just trying to give you a bit of an overview of the whole process.

                    I'll try & answer a few of your questions:


                    i read, the few basic steps on how to go into theta (the energy in the heart thing & calling Creator's name) plus what the practitoner does in silence (command a new belief, say thanks, & witness).

                    ok so this is most likely not enough info (as the site said).

                    - would a theta healing session (installing new beliefs about yourslef) be the equivalent of the elaborate thing called DNA Activation (after all, beliefs still affect DNA right?)

                    These are completely different things, bmlyeryk. A DNA activation is one thing that can be done during a Theta healing session, a lot of people are having their DNA activated naturally due to the incoming frequencies to Earth over the past several years so it is not always necessary to have it done. You do need to be intuitive however to work with Theta healing, for both yourself, as well as for other people, otherwise you will not be able to access the information you need to find out the areas you need to change, as most of the time you are plumbing the depths of the subconscious.

                    Yes, you do carry beliefs in the DNA, but you also have many beliefs on the soul level, what is termed the history level, as well as those that you are consciously aware of & you need to be able to determine which beliefs are held where & how you go about changing them. This is impossible to explain in a few sentences or give simple instructions for, as depending where the beliefs are there are different processes to change them. Whilst it helps to remove any conscious beliefs eg 'I am shy" that in itself does not suddenly turn you into someone who is feeling confident, there are always many underlying subconscious beliefs & feelings hidden on these other levels that I mentioned that you need to find & change as well.

                    - saying Creator's name to go to theta, is it said aloud or mentally?
                    You should say it & everything else mentally, as for most people, particularly in the early stages when ever you verbally speak it takes you out of the theta state. However just saying Creator's name does not take you to the Theta state unless you have entrained your brain after a fair degree of practise for it to work that way.

                    - how you go out of theta at the end?
                    You need to do an energy break. There are a few ways - You could try imagining & visualising that you are rinsing off under a shower of water or standing underneath a waterfall for a short time, then you need to physically make a break with your hands by waving them across the front of your body & up over your head. Difficult to explain without pictures.

                    -how does this "witnessing" the energy/resistance happen? is it just 'automatic' in a sense, or is it visualizing? It is a bit of both, but you have to do more than visualise & change can only occur if you are in the correct theta state.

                    but what im most uncertain of is what EXACTLY is being done during the silence. i want to do this for myself (i dont need to be 'certified' by doing it on others).

                    This is very difficult to explain. It is different for every person, there are no rules or steps for this, so there is no "exactly". It just IS. It is whatever way it works for you as it is a very personal interaction with you & the Creator energy. What works for one person does not work for another. It depends to some extent on how you receive your information, some people "see" something occurring because they may be more clairvoyant, some people tend to "feel" something because they are more clairsentient etc.

                    When you are in this "space" it is not "you" that is doing the changes, you need to get out of the way of trying to control the process or changes & let whatever needs to be done to be done in the best way. At the same time you do need however to be the observer or witness of whatever changes are taking place to enable them to happen.

                    I'm sorry but I can't be more specific than that as it varies for everyone. This is probably why you haven't received any answers before because it is not something that you can wrap up in a neat little package.

                    Love, Light & Blessings

                    Theta Healing
                    Paths 2 Potential

                    "We are the one's we've been waiting for"


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                      so where are you located at? I have some Hemi-sync CD's I could send you. The knowledge you seek is not something you can learn overnight. I'm sure others have already told you this, but I would like to help you on your way.


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                        Hang in there!

                        Try to stay positive and persevere. You will overcome your issues with time and a good attitude.

                        Many of the greatest people have overcome problems like yours to move on to the pinnacles of life.

                        "When you are weak you are strong" Christ
                        "But ye shall receive power..."
                        Acts 1:8


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                          where is evryone

                          anyway is calling on Creator the only way to get into Theta fast? are there other fast methods (not extensive meditation)?
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                            Originally posted by bmlyeryk

                            im still interested in theta healing but i dont want to wait until i move out (being an adult). is there such thing as an online seminar/course or something related to that? if not what can i possibly do? im more interested in faster healing rather than slow effort. (i dont know if there are such things as these seminars in canada)

                            No there are no online courses for this type of modality.

                            At Vianna's site you will find a list of practitioners & Instructors world wide.
                            I suggest you check out the list of instructor's for North America - see who has a website that you can look at & see if they are running any free information sessions for Theta healing anywhere near your area.
                            My instructor offered free information nights several times a year to encourage people to understand more about it & see if they wanted to learn how to do it for themselves.

                            Here is the link to the Instructors in Canada certified to take Basic DNA 1 & 2 courses-http://

                            You can also look for instructors in Canada in the other levels of courses on Vianna's site.

                            From the questions that you are asking I don't think that you really understand Theta healing or the complexity of it, which is understandable as it is not something that can be "explained" easily. "Calling on Creator" doesn't get you into Theta & even being in a theta brain wave pattern does not mean that you will create changes.

                            You can change beliefs for yourself without theta healing, you are in control of your biology. Everything is not locked into your DNA. The next best thing would be to look at the Zpoint & EFT Sites that were mentioned in the earlier posts to you ,which have free demonstrations to show you how to get started. Both of these techniques, whilst slower are effective in changing beliefs & emotions.

                            I know you want something that is instant but I can't think of anything else to suggest for you. Whilst you are researching a bit more about theta healing why don't you consider trying out z point you might be surpised at the changes that you can make.

                            I am sorry that I can't be of more help.

                            Love, Light & Blessings

                            Theta Healing
                            Paths 2 Potential

                            "We are the one's we've been waiting for"


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                              Do you have a high speed internet connection? The CD's I have from Hemi-sync are about a type of theta meditation. If you have a high speed internet connection and a file sharing thing like limewire or bit-torrent and you know what to look for, you can get a lot of stuff for free. Just get lime wire and type in searches for different self-help courses or go to and type in hemi-sync and see what you come up with and like I said I could send you some information if you wish. Hope this helps.