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"EFT" and other energetic resources Ive found helpful

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  • "EFT" and other energetic resources Ive found helpful

    I just wanted to pass along info on some "energetic supplements" Ive started to add to paths that I am noticing as helpful...!I'm also very happy and greatful for the binural beats!
    These are all free or have free resources to learn from:

    1) EFT-emotional freedom technique...Kind of an emotional acupucture/pressure to clear emotional "baggage", negative feelings or resistance to inner change. Also to "reprogram" beliefs ect. Simple! Just tap in sequence 8 acupunture points on your head and chest with your finger. Theres a new mini intro video at their site made by the Secret director. For me, when I do it, it clears my mind and emotions when I feel I'm getting "clogged" with old energetic muck. It actually feels a bit like rebooting my mind...and heart. Or what I assume that would feel like.

    2) Wealth Beyond Reason- Bob Doyles work (one of the Secret movie people). There are 9 free sample chapters on his Law of Attraction material but the gem is how generous he is with all the new info he finds and sends to even the free subscribers... He should definately find out about PATHS! I bet he'd be a great supporter!

    3) another learned from BOB's site. The Sedona Method. A simple technique for awareness and clearing. 3 short questions to ask yourself to focus your attention and raise your awareness etc. I haven't implemented this one yet personally-check out their website though. Seems, wise, useful and simple. Thats a key for me (simple) if i'm gonna actually do something now a days.

    4) And for those of a more woo woo spiritual/metaphysical bent - which I'm doubting is too much of a stretch for anyone here - theres a healer/lightworker in New Zeland, Judy Satori. "Satori Empowerment" is her web site. It has free downloads, or activations she calls them, that she was taught, to help us through the ascention cycle the Earth (and We) are in. They're a bit like a meditation-effortless with her speaking in "light language"... which you just have to hear! all are14-30 minutes. There was for me difinately an obvious, strong yet gentle energetic exchange in listening/watching the Activations That I FELT. And I'm not all that intune yet. Something happened. I felt happy free-er and I dont know, just different in a really good way. One of its purposes is to clear old karmic patterns and debts. Also to help us to connect with/develop our individual unique gifts and talents (expecially the healers, teachers and communicators) and to help us to live out our true purpose in this world at this time.
    Read what she has to say and feel out where she's coming from and if it resonates try it out. I started with the 12;12 activation-its audio and visual, or it was. The others are just audio. Then I did them all in sequence to their dates as recomended.

    Im sure thats enough for now.I love the Idea of this energetic "Potlatch"! The sharing of ideas, support and wisdom is wonderful. Thanks to all who are running and supporting ESM and PATHS! I'd love to hear others experiences with these if you have had or will now OR other stuff you have found that works for you!Such an amazing time were in. !

    Peace, Love, Om Blake

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    Hi Blake,

    I didn't know one of them so thanks very much for that

    Best regards
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      EFT Meridian Balancing

      Hi Blake,
      I, too, am using EFT during my theatre since I find it very helpful in balancing my energy and facilitating the integration of new concepts. For those who may not be familiar, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is an emotional version of acupuncture except needles aren't necessary. Instead, you stimulate well established energy meridian points on your body by tapping on them with your fingertips. EFT is based on the premise that the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system. Tapping on various points on the body alleviates this disruption. I use it almost daily, especially in stressful situations. You can read more and even download a free manual at:
      EFT - Health and Emotional Freedom
      The 7 minute video may be viewed at EFT - VideoEFT - Video
      Happy tapping!
      ZPoint Practitioner


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        I would recommend Sedona method when having negative toughts + Successful Living 1. You will have great results.
        Work and live in Slovenia - the country that hasnīt been touched by economic crisis. 10 000+ employees needed


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          Hi Blake and nlivened,

          I am familiar with EFT, I even did a 1 day workshop on it a few months back.......however I never, ever thought to do the tapping whilst watching my theatre presentation..........until you guys gave me this great idea

          Thanks sooo much

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            Originally posted by nlivened View Post
            I, too, am using EFT during my theatre since I find it very helpful in balancing my energy and facilitating the integration of new concepts.
            Hi there! I am well familiar with the concept and practice of EFT. It never occurred to me to use it during my theater though. Would you please go into detail about how you tap whilst watching? For example, do you use any particular phrases? Or do you just tap all the points without saying anything?


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              Judy Satori

              Hi Blake

              I have done a bit of searching around the Judy Satori site and as you say she is a little .........errrr.........out there..........

              I can't find where you found the free stuff, do you have to sign up first to be a recipient of her newsletters??

              p.s. Who is Judy Humphreys is that her name before she became Judy Satori?? Weird - that surname was my married name in a former life............


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                Originally posted by Rin View Post
                Hi there! I am well familiar with the concept and practice of EFT. It never occurred to me to use it during my theater though. Would you please go into detail about how you tap whilst watching? For example, do you use any particular phrases? Or do you just tap all the points without saying anything?
                Rin, I simply tap the EFT points on the body while viewing. However, I did initially use a couple of set up phrases before watching. Something to the effect that even though I didn't know or understand the technology, I chose to accept and integrate the information quickly and easily. I'm using the lean body mass module so my set up was even though I'm not as fit as I want to be, I choose to use this technology to effortlessly attain lean muscles. You can PM me if you want to discuss anything in particular.
                ZPoint Practitioner


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                  Thanks for the added links and diagrams. I'm just a techno babe with this cyber communication. Much too learn. Though I did just find the "insert link" icon.

                  I also started with some affirmation to that sort. Something like I release all resistance to this new tecnology and I accept these messages and changes into my system wholly. I like yours.

                  I'm thinking from the time, so far, in working with PATHS (2 mo) that I'm one of those a "low speed retention?" people. I figure though that if I tell myself that then I certainly will be. Then perhaps if I tell myself differently and add the EFT to those thoughts then... From what little I learned about EFT I thought it could help increase my absorbsion of messagas, speed up the changes, help release my resistances and maybe help smooth out any cognitive dissonance. ??? !!!

                  Ive only been doing it for a couple weeks but it feels clearer and stronger and my body is buzzing and full of energy sometimes if i do the tapping through-out my 4 module session - a new sensation. The modules might be kicking in a bit more now too after 2 mo. so who knows. It feels right for me. Cool to hear from others who have already been doing it. Have you knoticed anything, nlivened ?

                  The points to tap dont really obstruct my visual and I figure I probably couldnt match or improve conciously the PATHS messages by saying something ontop of it while doing it...cept maybe "thank you" or my personal "Mantra" sometimes.

                  The Satori site has a click on the side that says free audio. Theres 4 or 5 different activations to click on in there. If you think what she writes sounds" there" wait till you hear the light language. Stay open minded and let yourself FEEL it. Were all different and relooking at it, it dose seem like a big leap. I guess I'm pretty out there.

                  I am only a beginning user of all this. I have just liked my experiences and results so far playing with them and wanted to share it with ya'll.


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                    Same person.


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                      more on Satori

                      As it happened when I finally committed to doing PATHS after humming and hawwing for 3 months.... a day or two later my dad had just found and told me about Judy. I thought Hmmmmmmm. Another main part to the activations she shares is an increasing of cellular/energetic informational capacity??? I dont know if I said that right. But the way she described it I thought "Oh perfect! This will definately help in absorbing all this new PATHS info!"


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                        Hi Blake and others

                        Just finished my theatre presentation with much tap tap tapping......let's see if this finally kicks in.......

                        Haven't got around to Judy Satori's downloads yet, but it will come.......when I have the time to listen...........



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                          Additional Links Folks!

                          Hi folks!

                          I am new to tapping and haven't practically done it yet. Here are links of EFT:
                 This one is direct download you don't have to sign-up although it's free.
                 - Emotional Freedom Technique

                          Anybody wants to share their experience regarding tapping? I will appreciate it much

                          Thank you,


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                            And Oh...

                            I forgot, those video links are in-your-face tap along videos. Its like watching and simultaneously doing those aerobics TV shows in the morning



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                              ZPoint for Emotional Healing

                              For those people posting on various threads who have commented on their difficulty in dealing with debilitating emotional issues/upheavals, I want to offer the option of Zpoint as a tool to quickly and effectively resolve such feelings.

                              ZPoint is a simple, easy to learn way of becoming your authentic self. It is a process that facilitates emotional healing. There are no complicated instructions. There is no equipment to buy. You can see the simplicity of the process by watching 3-4 videos that are less than ten minutes long. After following the instructions given, you will be able to release stressful, upsetting feelings contributing to less than positive behaviors.

                              Watch ZPoint creator Grant Connolly explain the ZPoint Process.


                              These comments are taken from a testimonial at the website:

                              ZPoint continues to be a daily inspiration in my life. The strongest force in the world is the power of thought-energy focused through intention. ZPoint uses such focused intention to address all manner of problems admirably. I have eliminated fear of public speaking, physical symptoms, haunting memories, childhood traumas, grief and many other negative conditions using ZPoint. I've also seen ZPoint instill confidence, uncover brilliance, boost people out of the dumps and even initiate an instant replay of pleasant physical feelings such as the deep relaxation one feels after a good massage. ZPoint is an energy therapy I enthusiastically enjoy, and will continue to use in my own life.

                              In harmony,
                              ZPoint Practitioner