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rian Vaszily and the #1 Rule Of Marketing

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  • rian Vaszily and the #1 Rule Of Marketing

    The below series of articles is very enlightening. This Brian Vaszily is a former Madison Ave. ad exec and he is sharing their secrets on how we are constantly being manipulated by advertising; to the point of having shorter and more miserable lives because of it. Accorting to Tom, the #1 Rule of marketing is, that we never believe we can be manipulated, but of course we always are anyway

    The One Real Reason You Are Stressed Out, Overweight, Depressed or Angry

    Check Out All the Violence Here! or How I Jolt You into Submission to Get Your Money

    Why We're Living (Far) Shorter Lives Than Ever, and What to Do About It

    If You Do Not Read this Column, Something VERY Bad Will Happen: Unethical Marketing 101

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    Who is manipulating who?

    Not certain who is really the manipulator here. Madison ave or the anti author...

    Madson ave working in a captol econ job is to sell.

    Authors point is...

    The econ is better not to consume in a capitol econ?

    Think we are talking wal mart & hollywood here and not oil.

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      I would say Brian's point is that we should be conscious of what they are trying to do to us: Push us to consume far more than is good for us; while dulling our minds and spirit to conform to their will.

      We must all consume to some point. But to what point? To go $30k into credit card debt getting "toys" and luxury items we feel we MUST have for some...unknown.... reason? Getting $500k mortgages for homes with 4 bathrooms, when a $200k home will suffice very nicely?

      And if we do not consume as we are told, should be feel bad and inferior because of it?

      What is the point of our existence on Earth.. Is it to drive a consumer economy?

      The difference between what the author is saying and trying to do here with the articles, and those who would coerce you is that Brian is showing you the consequences of these actions and suggesting you think for yourself, and his former colleagues, the mass manipulators, definitely DO NOT want you to consider that