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WOW WOW WOW!!!! The Nines!!!!!!

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  • WOW WOW WOW!!!! The Nines!!!!!!

    Have you ever heard of the movie "The Nines"???

    If you haven't, and you have any interest in who we REALLY are, and how the game of life works, the LOA etc. drop EVerything now, and go find it!!

    It was made in 2007, and I can't believe I've never heard of it (or did I only just create it now )
    I came across it by "accident" ( ) yesterday on "Movies on Demand" (for those of you who have Virgin Media Television), so you may also find it on "Pay per View" and I see there are a few copies on Ebay.... I shall definitely be buying one of them!

    Let me know if/once you've seen it - I'd love to hear what you think. I watched it twice in a row.

    Further info to help you find it:
    It stars: Dahlia Salem, David Denman, Elle Fanning, Hope Davis, Melissa McCarthy, Ryan Reynolds
    Written and Directed by: John August

    Short Blurb:
    A troubled actor, a television show runner, and an acclaimed videogame designer find their lives intertwining in mysterious and unsettling ways.

    Trailor: YouTube - THE NINES - Trailer

    My advice:
    Don't read too much about it before you see it.


    Love and Light and The Nines xxx
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    I have seen it also!!! It was soo mysterious and unique...I honestly didnt catch on till the end (I am so sssslllooowww sometimes) and had that rush of happy excitement when it all made sense !!! To see that in "the movies" was awesome....watching the movie came at such a syncronious time for me too (Hmmm...go figure ) I have a feeling this "new" archtype is going to be popping up more and more in our stories, art and media...I hope anyway.

    Did your copy have in the extras a short movie by the same director called "god" (i think) ? I thought that was hilarious!!! a must see in itself.

    Nines rock!!!
    as Pamela might say.


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      Yes It is quite incredible ... and quite rare in the movies ... these are times of awakening I suppose, which would bring enormous changes ... Project Camelot is something definitely worth watching: Project Camelot | Welcome
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        Ryan Reynolds is cool

        RR is a great actor. Should make 9 a interesting flick!

        "But ye shall receive power..."
        Acts 1:8


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          yes! on th RR guy too.

          Another great movie with him in it is "Definately Maybe". The dialog and the "plot" idea was really original I thought...funny too. The little girl who played his daughter...I dont remember her name.... she was excellent. Sharp movie for a love story...amazing for a hollywood flick.... It was kind of like a Cary Grant or Jimmy Stewart ish movie, if then was now....Oh! wait! it is!


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            Thanks for the heads up, will definitely check it out.
            This video will put a smile on your face


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              Movie "The Nines"

              You have peaked my interest. I now feel that I must see this movie. When I do, I shall drop you a line and share my thoughts with you. Thank you.
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