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    I thought I'd share about this beautiful & amazing scent! On my healing courses, Nag Champa incense was burnt lightly at the start. The smell was really gorgeous. It was only recently I thought to ask what incense was used, and I ordered some online very cheaply. When it arrived I burnt some, instead of lighting my candle ready for a client session by phone. To my amazement I was able to meditate before hand briefly intensely and easily. It was quite profound! I didn't feel drugged, or anything like that, rather intense peace and an ease of thought. I decided it must be just the memories of those brilliant energy courses. Out of interest, I did a Nag Champa search online & discovered it does indeed have amazing properties! No wonder it's the most popularly sold incense in the World!

    from Wiki (lol)
    Nag Champa is a fragrance from India. It has a high concentration of sandalwood. Nag Champa belongs to the "Champa" class of Indian incense, originating from the Champa flower. Champa incenses contain a natural ingredient indigenous to India called "halmaddi", which is a semi-liquid resin taken from the Ailanthus Malabarica tree. Bob Dylan burns Nag Champa at his concerts, and as such it is popular among Bob Dylan enthusiasts. Dylan is not the only musician to provide this mind-focusing scent for his audiences. The Grateful Dead and more recently the Black Crowes have been found to burn Nag Champa at performances. Other musicians have cited their understanding of mood and spiritual alteration due to burning this incense that is also burned in Hindu temples called Ashrams.
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    Hi SJ

    Nag Champa is without doubt my absolute Favorite when it comes to incense!

    Luckily I've found someone locally to buy from, and I So Love it!

    Much Love,
    Moria x

    PS: So sorry for not replying to your PM yet... have been SO busy lately, and now having family visiting, even more caught up! Hope you're doing well Sonora
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      nag champa

      SJ, I haven't had any for a while...thanks for the reminder...I love nag champa!
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        On the yoga group I was with before (i would like to come back though) sandalwood's the choice. Sandalwood was the perceived natural smell (of the devotees) of our Guru (and no I don't think he spray a sandalwood cologne).



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            I have been burning Nag Champa for years and LOVE it but never looked up the properties. Thanks SJ!
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              ITA with nag champa and sandalwood.

              I also like myrrh

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                Cheers for Sandalwood!



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                  It gets even better! I just did a google search on the `Champa Flower` as described by wiki as one of the ingredients, and the image results appear to be the Plumeria!! Plumeria's are my favourite flower, ever since I first discovered them on my favourite holiday to the Maldives. The flowers would drop from the trees, & be collected by the staff who floated them in beautiful bowls. They really seemed cherished. The scent is heavenly It is too cold to grow them here, or I would. I even have saved under my favourites "plumeria" on Flickr! LOL. There's some amazing pics

                  On holiday, every day I'd pick a plumeria that had fallen from the ground & put it in my hair so I could smell it whenever I wanted I liked them so much I even had a border done in my bedroom of them on my return! And of course one of my Paths modules has plumeria flowers on it which I was super delighted about!

                  How cool is that?! I don't really recognise the champa smell in the incense as the plumeria, so I must have another sniff now that I know

                  Pic I took of Plumerias at Laguna Beach Resort, the Maldives:


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                    Plumeria trees were all around where I went to school (HI). They are used for leis often.

                    They smell WONDERFUL !!

                    The perfume I like to wear is Pikake which is Hawaiian Jasmin. (That word in Hawaiian also means peacock.)

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                      Yes they do! I burn a little Nag Champa incense every day during healings, and have had so many compliments.

                      The Hawaiian Jasmine sounds lovely.
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                        Plumeria is wonderful!! And so many healing properties! As I am very into the flower essences, just now I was reading up on Red Suva Frangipani (Plumeria rubra) and it's positive qualities include feeling calm and nurtured! Well, no wonder Nag Champa is so good for mediation and bringing a sense of peace!

                        Then I get on the forum and here is this post, love it!

                        I already have a box of handmade Nag Champa coming my way....woo hoo?!

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                          Synchronicity! Has it arrived? I'm so thrilled with mine, I'm on the second box