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  • the Boundless Living Challenge....


    Wanna win prizes for pursuing your dream?

    Just wanted to pass on some info I recently found... from one of "the Secret" teachers. Its that Bob Doyle guy...the skinny one who spoke with a lot of simple clarity, a deep voice and animated facial expressions... yet calm and down to earth -I'm sure that helps..thats like 3/4 of the Secret people probably.

    Anyway as a part of his personal LOA program "Wealth Beyond Reason" hes starting a 45 day challenge for anyone to put it on the line and for real, pursue your dream or passion... or just watch others do it if your not there yet...maybe it'll help inspire?

    Soooo its all *FREE* and from what I gather for 45 days you'll have access to the myriad of LOA resources and coaching he has for his students from his program. All to help you bust through blocks and move you toward your dream.

    Theres a page and forum for everyone participating (over 3,000 so far, from all over the world) The Boundless Living 45-Day Challenge

    Each person blogs for the 45 days- writen/pics/audio/video...what eveer you want or can do... (he has the technology and instructions for us technosloths ...on the site)...just writting is all you need to do, though.

    AAnndd you get to read and support and be supported by all the other people doing the same thing...Its really a lot like whats happening here ( or the "Powerful Intentions" and other forums) - only more focused on one goal and for a "limited" amount of time. Ya'll already have some practice !

    The "contest-y" part is really down played -not the forfront of intention, I dont think. Really its the community aspect and mutual support and the Dream bit. There are A Lot of dream chasers here!!! I think I'm doing it...I've ben feeling I really need some serious focus and accountability and more motivation than I have been giving myself (or been letting anyone give me)...Hmmm. The resources and maybe finding others with similar dreams(?) really appeals to me. If anything it'd be a great place to network with other LOA minded folk...and...oh... say...let more people know about PATHS

    Nothin to loose.
    Theres a few days left before it starts -the 20th of July
    Check it out.

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    that Bob stuff

    oops, I meant for that Bob stuff to be in this thread...Hmmm how to change it?


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      Link to the forum...

      We'll see if this works... heres a link to the site if you didnt want to sighn you can paroose the "joiners".... ...
      Only about 1/4 have a pic or any bio/blog thing goin' on cuz most are waiting till the 20th I guess...

      Were not supposed to blog on our dream or things pertaining yet??? I like just seeing how many people,countries and areas are represented...that's so amazing.... I'm still such a internet greenie.

      We are all one....what a trip...who thought that one up?

      ?... Billions of little minds living out our little life movies with our little egos, interacting (or not) and communicating (or not) with the resst of ourselves with-in (andd hopefully with-out) the "artificial brain" thing called the internet....But we are all really the same ONE... the same Great "I" .... It sooo baffles me. Its miraculous AND its such a head game (no pun intended). clearly coming from one whos little self isnt living in that Big Self state...much...yet.

      So if the link works then have fun meeting more of yourself. Check back after the 20th for the meatier stuff ....