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My New Perspective on Life: Chess, not stress! ;)

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  • My New Perspective on Life: Chess, not stress! ;)

    As I mentioned in my post "Magical Synchronicities", a surprise computer Monopoly game led to a complete perspective change for me!

    For those who don't know, I've had a stubborn unconscious block against money for most of my life. Regardless of how hard I've worked or what I've tried, the most unlikely events happen to delay money owed to me, and to create consistant financial lack in my life....along with this has been a constant feeling of "picking myself up and being knocked down again" constantly trying soooo hard, but being dissapointed.

    About six weeks ago (just after I'd started a new set of Paths modules aimed at getting rid of the money block), a friend of ours sent my son a new computer game, - Monopoly "out of the blue". It was one of those that she happened to get in a promotional newspaper.

    When it arrived, I felt compelled to play it. At first I ignored this - I had so much else to do, but the feeling nagged and nagged, and eventually I gave in. I asked my son, and he said of course. So I sat and played Monopoly on my computer for several hours.

    While I was playing, I became aware of my reaction to the dice rolls and how the game was going. I became aware that I was having a really bad run of "luck". I found myself thinking "I can't believe this!" the computer player was getting such "lucky rolls", and I kept landing on tax, go to jail and the computer's properties!
    Then later, I caught myself feeling sorry for the computer when it landed on "Income Tax"!!!

    I also noticed that when I landed on a property and didn't have enough cash to pay the rent, I would feel loss - I would mortgage my properties with a feeling of "poor" and lack and loss - scraping together barely enough to pay, left with nothing....etc.

    When the computer landed on my property and didn't have enough cash to pay the rent, it would simply automatically and un-emotionally mortgage properties and sell houses. It was pure strategy! Then, when it had enough cash again, it would unmortgage the properties and start building houses again.

    I started to realise that my emotional response was an automatic reaction, and started checking it. I began to take a different perspective - I began to see it as just a game (duh! lol) with no meaning behind the dice rolls - no such thing as luck, and the rolls are impartial. I began to distance myself from it a bit and look at the whole thing more strategically - no emotion. I began to distance my emotions from the game, and whatever the roll was, I treated it as a chess game - strategy not luck.

    Of course, I'm sure you've realised where I'm going with this I was well aware throughout the whole thing that the way I felt about this Monopoly game, is the way I feel about life. And in changing my perspective and attitude about the Monopoly game, I was relating it to life. I made the decision to see life as a game of Strategy, not luck, not emotion, nothing personal. Whatever the roll, I would think strategically what was my best move.

    It's all about getting the results you want, not about whether something's fair or not, or whether it's "lucky" or not etc.

    As I played the Monopoly game in this way, I also noticed I started winning more - not because I was any "luckier" but because I was thinking strategically. So I was seeing opportunities and making strategic decisions that I KNOW I'd never have seen if I'd been feeling emotional!

    I started seeing life like that. I decided that when things appeared to "go wrong" etc. I would stop expecting help from "The Universe"/ "God"/ "My Higher Self" ... or anything else. I wouldn't feel emotional about it (well, of course, it's not possible to feel completely unemotional lol, but I'd be aware of it more), and I'd see it as a chess game - okay, so that's their move, what's my best move now? And if I can't think of a good move, then I'd "skip a turn" to see what the other players would do next, and then move when I think of a good one.

    "Chess, Not Stress" I decided. lol.

    (Okay, I know you can't "skip a turn" in Chess, so maybe it's more like Scrabble, but I couldn't rhyme that! lol )

    Strategy. So that's how my thinking has changed. And Magically, all sorts of things have started to happen. I've noticed now that, apart from a lOt less stress, I'm also seeing solutions and opportunities, and making the most of the synchronicities that come up - that I would never have seen if I hadn't been thinking strategically when things appeared to "go wrong".

    Of course, I do believe that there is more to us than this conscious physical bit, but I had had a tendancy to rely TOO much on the "unseen", and most of my frustration and stress has been due to intense feelings of being "let down" and "deserted" by who/whatever is supposed to be "running this show" lol And now.... in adopting the "strategy" perspective rather than the automated emotional response, I'm now allowing the synchronicities and magic from the Universe/God/My Higher Consciousness etc. Thinking in a Strategic way rather than emotionally is a way of automatically relaxing and allowing.

    Hope this helps others as well.
    Love and Light and Strategy xxx
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    Once again, your post is not only enlightening, but entertaining as well. You have a gift with analogies Odille
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