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    I've been meaning to post about this for a long time now but have been so busy.

    A Fascinating series of Synchronicities have led to the most Wonderful opportunity to make Excellent money, doing something that makes me feel Effervescent!!!

    I'll tell you the end result first, and then list the synchronicities that led up to it, and what I believe attributed to them.

    I'm getting a set together at the moment, to do gigs (singing) in pubs and clubs. It's music I've not done much of before but I absolutely lOve it! Pubs pay a minimum of 150 for a two hour gig, and clubs pay up to 250 for a two hour gig!! I also now have a Fabulous sound system (portable - it's like one of those suitcases on wheels!! But Excellent quality); a "cute-as-a-button-and-almost-as-big" iPod Nano; invaluable and vital advice; Great backing tracks for only 2 each; and ideas and contacts for gigs! All I need to do is finish learning at least 30 songs for a full set of 2 hours before I can start my first gig (the reason I've not been online much - spending most of my spare time learning )

    As some of you may know, money has been my main issue and the variety of circumstances I've manifested to keep myself in financial lack have been pretty impressive

    A few weeks ago, I started a new theatre with modules (Paths Customer Service helped me choose them ) aimed specifically at addressing the money issues. They are: "Trauma Free"; "Self Esteem" (which I'd been on before, but had thought I was finished with! Note to self: if you still have any kind of issues, you still have low self esteem! ); "Mind-set for Money" and "Business Productivity".

    I'm also still on the Synchronicity module, which I think is what boosted the incredible events that led me to where I am now.

    Not long after starting the "Money Theatre", a friend of ours sent a PC game to my son - Monopoly. The day it arrived, my son was busy with other stuff, but I had an Overwhelming urge to play it! I went with the feeling, and played for several hours, which resulted in new insight that I will detail in a separate thread, so as not to make this one too long.

    Now, here are the Wonderful and Magical synchronicities that led to this point....

    * Towards the end of last year, I decided that, even though, as a proffessional actor, I'm not supposed to do work as an extra (background artist), I would rather be on set doing that than not at all. So I joined an agency. I then happened to be booked on a night shoot (as an extra), not long after that.

    On this shoot, the most unlikely circumstances led to my meeting up with somone who is married to someone I hadn't seen for about 15 years - I didn't even know they'd moved to this country! And I'd never met my friend's wife before. It was pure "coincidence" )

    Months later, she has started an agency (and is now my agent), and her husband has given me amazing advice on the pub gigs. He's a brilliant performer, and has been doing the pub gigs for around 4 years. He suggested the sound system he uses (Peavey 2000 Escourt) which costs about 400 in the shops. Hmm... didn't know how I'd be able to get that, but I decided to do the gigs, and the way to do it would come. The cheapest Peavey 2000 Escourt I could find online was 329

    * About a week later, a cheque I was expecting to be late (previously it's been delayed nearly a month) arrived bang on time, and was enough to cover some of the sound system. But I needed an iPod as well - to play the backing tracks on.

    * I checked on ebay. Wow iPods are expensive!!! I'd never had an mp3 player before, so didn't know which one to get etc. The only Peavey 2000 on ebay was much more expensive than 329. So I just kept checking every now and then, I somehow knew it would work out perfectly.

    * The Friday of that week, I found an iPod Nano for 41 including postage (in the shops here that model was 60+); and then...... I found that someone had litterally JUST listed a second hand Peavey 2000 Escourt - "Buy It Now" for 200 (over 100 less than the cheapest I'd found online!). The seller said it had only been used a few times in the last two years, and she described it as her "beloved sound system" - indicating it was well looked after.

    It had to be collected from London (about 2.5/3 hours drive from where I live).

    * The week before, my sister had asked me if I needed to go to London for any reason as she and her partner needed two sofas collected. She said I could use their van, and of course, they'd pay for fuel. I didn't need to go to London, but I said I'd go and collect the furniture for them anyway, as a favour. But then I felt a hesitance. I didn't feel like going. It didn't feel good. So I said I wouldn't go that week, but maybe the following week.

    * The guy they'd bought the furniture from was away the following week, so it had to wait until the next weekend.

    * The seller of the sound system was going away on the Friday, but could have a friend be there for me to fetch the sound system. But the friend was only available on the Sunday morning at 9.30am.

    * The furniture guy could only be there on the Sunday morning at around 10am/ 10.30am.

    * They turned out to be 30 minutes drive away from each other!!!

    * When I mentioned to a friend that I was planning on doing these gigs, she told me that the pub down the road from where she lives has just been bought by a new owner..... who is looking to introduce live music!!
    She also mentioned that a friend of hers works at a pub that has live music, and said she'd give them my card.

    * The timing over these last few weeks when I've needed to learn the songs: my son is, of course, in school during the week. But my partner is usually at home. As it happens, these last few weeks he's had work away from home every day. The neighbours, either side of me have also been out almost every day, so I'm able to rehearse without worrying about disturbing anyone.

    * I've found a website where I can buy tracks which are Brilliant quality, and only cost 2 each to download to my slip of an iPod (it's soooo cute!)

    Oooh, this is veeeery long now - sorry!
    I'd better stop now, and get back to singing, but hope you find these synchronicities as inspiring as I do.

    Love and Light and Fun xxx
    PS: After a lifetime of experiencing the most bizaar and unlikely delays in any money due to me, I seem to now be getting money owed to me bang on time - and sometimes Early!!
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    I always love reading your posts Odille. They are always uplifting, positive and oh so interesting!

    Congrats big time on everythng you are achieving. I may need to change some of my modules around to use some of what you are using
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      for sharing. Your accounting of how "things just line up" is one of my favorite things.

      It constantly amazes me how our subconscious is in connection with the matrix and filters down little hints to our conscious mind of how to make our lives flow better.


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        Thanks Pamela and Kevin It was really good to write it all out because it really makes one focus on just how Brilliantly it all lines up - how perfectly the timing was aligned, and how "unlikely" the events that led to it all. "Chance meetings" and "happened to..."s lol. The full comprehension of all of these can so easily get lost and faded in amongst the rest of everyday life.

        Pamela, I do reccomend that combination of modules - let me know how it goes.

        Love and Light and Amazement xxx
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          Casio organ

          The Casio line of organs features some of the types that play from lists of programed as well as standards for low end pricing. This could enhance your performance experience.
          You could have your son even "get into the act" using one of these
          Mili Vanilli aside its all a facade to entertainment. Who really cares and
          from what we understand Peter Frampton is not available for us now!

          "But ye shall receive power..."
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            Hi W

            Thanks v much for the advice - I'll have a look at them

            Love and Light and Magic xxx
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            Please pop in to my new: Law of Attraction Tools Blog - It would be Wonderful to see you there!
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