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The Power of Positive

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  • The Power of Positive

    Focusing on the positive has made a huge impact on my life. I found a list of "don't wants" the other day that I had written maybe a year or two ago. Every single one of them was no longer a part of my life. Thanks to Paths and my own effort! It made me very excited to begin a new list - I don't have many "don't wants" in my life anymore because of how I choose to perceive my life now but I can sure think of a lot of "oooh! I'd LOVE for this to happen!" So I'm going to compile a new list and watch the magic happen.

    Here's the other really cool part: I now observe how my positivity is impacting the people around me. Life is just getting better and better - for me and for everyone else around me. I am reminded daily that my own consciousness really does transcend just me and also influences many many many people. More people than I am sure I'm aware of. My friends, co-workers, family, even the grocery store clerk or the blockbuster guy. It makes me really excited when I think about all of you here at this forum that are also doing the same thing! We can't even begin to imagine the impact we are having on the world!

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    It's always inspiring to read posts like these

    Thanks for sharing!

    XO Jessica
    Keep your mind on the aether


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      Power of positive thinking

      A wise person once said to a unhappy spouse...

      Instead of thinking of thier faults.

      Focus on all the things from the initial attraction and bonding.

      Those positive factors made all the difference

      Keep smiling
      "But ye shall receive power..."
      Acts 1:8


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        Great post

        it is wonderful how when we are `in alignment` with who we really are - we only attract those parts from others too - no matter who they are or what they're like to others

        Love it


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          I got excited just feeling the excitement coming from your post!!!


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            Dale Carnegie

            A great book was done on the power of the positive thinking years ago by Dale Carnegie. It was a # 1 best seller and many seminars were spawned from it...

            Its principal was the same as this thread.

            There is much to be gained from the + side of life.

            Living the dream of staying on the sunny side is a goal!


            "But ye shall receive power..."
            Acts 1:8