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  • The Healing Codes

    Anyone know about The Healing Codes?
    The info on the slick sites is vague and the cost is way up there, but there are plenty of testimonials.
    I'm not sure how long these have been around.
    I just wondered if any of you had purchased the basic package and wanted to know what you thought about it.
    I saw that there is a $99 special with a 90 day guarantee. You can't beat it really.
    Let us know
    Love and Blessings,

    Dr. DeAnn Upton, A.M.P.
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    A friend of mine (who is also a PATHS Customer and a SCIO Customer) purchased The Healing Codes a couple of years ago. She decided she did not want to keep it, but before sending it back she lent it to me to see if I wanted it.

    Here is what I remember about it-

    It involves repeating affirmations while touching certain parts of your body in a specific protocol.

    The fundamental principle is that if you are in "flight or fight" mode (your sympathetic system is dominant) most of the time, then the parasympathetic half of your autonomic nervous system does not have the time to maintain health (immune system, cellular repair etc.).

    So the key solution they offer is to achieve relaxation (absence of stress) in focused areas. This gives the body the resources to heal itself.

    They have some VERY good sounding affirmations as part of their program, and I do believe the kinesthetic aspect of the program has some merit.

    Also involved in the program is a significant amount of journaling.

    Although I have no doubt that the program is beneficial, I did not choose to keep the program because I felt I received more benefit, with less work on my part, from both PATHS Modules and the SCIO.

    Obviously the above is an incomplete review...just what I am remembering off the top of my head.


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      Hey, thanks Kevin.
      I found lots of affiliates selling the program on the net, but had no real idea what they were selling. There was a slick, recorded tele-seminar on the web that talked about the program without revealing any details. It got you all excited, like so many of them do.

      I'm sure the Healing Codes have their merit. There is something for everyone.
      I had to laugh, because you said my most feared word, 'journal'. I don't write anything!!! I've been told I had to journal for many different types of healing work and have never been able to do it. I keep it all in my head If anyone asks me to journal,'s not going to happen

      I wonder why The Healing Codes has to charge so much money. I noticed that not only is the basic program $800, but there are many additions and a power booster program that run in the hundreds. I can understand how a facilitator might charge that much for in-person seminars where you get personal attention, but for a home-based program it seems a lot steep.

      Probably EFT would work as well since it deals with the nervous system and meridians. And it's a whole heck of a lot cheaper.
      I'll stick with my Qi Gong, EFT, PATHS and Biofeedback for now.

      I appreciate your candid response, Kevin.

      Maybe some others have used the Healing Code and would like to tell us more about it
      Love and Blessings,

      Dr. DeAnn Upton, A.M.P.
      My PATHS Affiliate Website


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        I have never heard of The Healing Codes until your post DeAnn. I went on the website and the product does seem to be immersed in intrigue.

        If Kevin is remembering correctly, it does sound very similar to EFT in several aspects. And you are probably right; since EFT is free to learn and works great, why pay $800 for something that may accomplish the same result?
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          The Healing Codes

          Hello DeAnne
          obviously its been a while since you posted your question on the Healing codes but I will add my reply in any case you are still interested and for general viewing.
          The healing codes is 12 codes, you use your fingertips above a combination of 4 different healing centres in the body for 6-10 minutes twice a day. You can use the provided affirmations or your own, the main thing is to think or feel a positive uplifting feeling while doing them. THis is different to TFT and EFT which advises you think of your problem whilst doing the algorithms.
          The healing codes manual is very comprehensive and has excellent reference index for all number of possible physical and emotional problems people may be up against.
          I have studied a number of energy healing techniques including thought field therapy, reiki, quantum touch and most recently the healing codes. I bought the streamline package at around $399 which continues to serve me very well. It has the basic manual, intro dvd, pocket guide and comes with the one year guarantee and group coaching which I participated in a number of times. I didnt find I needed the coaching, it was very clear how to proceed just from the intro dvd and by reading the manual. But it is interesting to hear the other people on the calls and you get the technique reinforced. I bought it in 2008 and have gained much from it. I don't have severe physical challenges , but can say that I found for emotional issues such as fear, depression, frustration, anger and stress/anxiety it works very very well and very quickly. I prefer it as a modality to any of the others mentioned above for emotional healing. I have also experienced it working for my family for toothache, headache, stomach pain and for myself for managing an ulcer. I noticed you can also get a download version now which is around $199 not sure about the $99 version you mentioned.
          I think to purchase the healing codes has been great value for me as its a lifetime investment for myself healing for those close to me. You also are taught how to do remote healing for people or pets. I have used it for family across the country who suffered from stroke, I feel it was a great support for them as well. The sales pages may be a bit over the top for some people, so if you are interested in up to date testimonials you can go to healing codes product site directly and get up to the moment success stories to consider if this is the right thing for you. Good luck!


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            The Healing Codes

            Anyone know what the four areas of the body are that the Healing Codes focus on?


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              The Healing Code book by Dr Alex Loyd

              Hello -- Just recently heard about The Healing Code by listening to Dr. Alex Loyd give his testimony on an online interview about the healing his wife Tracy received from 12 years of depression. I too have dealt with depression off and on all my life and I have tried many things to overcome... I was very moved in my spirit to check it out... I got on line and found his web-site and looked at serveral other web-sites. There is a lot of info on line... And I made a decision I would purchase the digital package on the Feb 1st 2012 which plan to do today.

              However, I was at our local library for a function with my children and I was reminded in my spirit of the Dr Loyd's book and I found a copy to read. I am VERY IMPRESSED with the outcome I am receiving and I have my three children using it too... I got the book on Jan 21, 2012... I started to put the codes into practice the next day using the prayer in the book. I started on UNFORGIVENESS and I had a GREAT BREAK through in my heart. I am feeling clearer, calmer and at peace.

              I have taken the HEART ISSUE test which can be found on The Healing Code website... it gave me 12 page report of my heart issues and I can say it pegged me 100%.

              Bottom line are you truly ready to get the issues of the heart... in your life and HEAL.

              I had just started to practice EFT 3 weeks prior to learning about THE HEALING CODE... to me The Healing Code is from God an answers to my prayers.

              I am seeing amazing turn arounds in my own life and very fast. I have been praying for a long time for emoitional healing... the other day I woke up with hip joint pain... I followed the code and by the time I got done the pain was gone.

              I am a believer in Jesus Christ and I believe in SUPER NATURAL HEALINGS as well I believe God has created the body to heal it's self.

              I am able to laugh again... and that FEELS GOOD!

              Go to your local library check out the book -- read your own research... and only spend money when you are ready for more....


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                4 areas of healing

                Get the book and on page 221 it gives the prayer and very clear info on the healing areas. Easy to follow...but please read the whole book... so you have a clear understanding of The Healing Codes.

                I did jump right to page 221... the next day... and I was only 1/4 the way through the book... The Codes WORKED for me... but at the end of the book I had a better idea of how to proceed with next and why.


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                  I would start with the : 1 2 3 4 „uni“ code position. And do them for a few days. (Bridge 1, adamsaple 2, jaw 3, side head 4.) two or three times all of them.

                  (Then I would go on with another setting .) The autor A. Loyd gives topics:
                  Unforgiveness (a), bad Action (b), unhealthy beleafs (c).

                  (a) 3 4 1 4 1 4 ; second 4 1 4 1 4 4 2 4
                  (b) 4 2 ; second 2 4 1/2 1
                  (c) 2 3 ; second 3 1/2 2 4

                  Loyd used two codes for each topic. Pause – befor doing another second code. (1/2 stands for: right hand bridge / left hand adamsaple.)