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    Hello all,
    I just got back from Seattle, seeing a Swami from India whos traveling through the US the next few months. Her name is Sri Karunamayi and many revere her as an enlightened devine soul and an incarnation of Saraswatti the Devine Mother and Goddess of music, art and learning/wisdom. You can check her out here and see tour dates... Amma Sri Karunamayi - Divine Mother.
    She is one of a few who do tours around the world regularly. The one most people have heard of is Ammachi or "the Hugging Swami". My understanding is They (We) are all one when We have reached that state.

    I have seen her before and I have to say after a year of doing PATHS my experinces being in her presence were greatly different !... in such a profound and positive way! I dont mean for this to sound like a comercial just that I have always sort of looked at paths as kind of an inner pruification "practice" (probably the easiest one there is!). And a great tool/aid to help with what ever else I/we do for inner growing. For me, I dont think its shown the difference it has made so far, more than durring this weekend. There are other things and people (Grace expecially with CEM) who have helped in makeing shifts, so I know its not all PATHS but I wouldnt have even met/found these other things if it werent for PATHS!! ...and ESM! I am so greatful !

    Anyway that was kind of a side note...I just wanted to post about Sri Karunamayi and put up a link for her tour dates and cities. I am sure there are many other people here who know and can explain better the blessings of being in the presence of such a "person". I will put up Ammachi's link too when I get off work... Shes comes in a month or so? ...I know we are evolving beyond the old forms/practices of spirituality and religion. The mold has been broken so to speak. But still I believe even within the old "pomp and circumstance" people have found and can embody the "TRuTh". I think she is one of them. I am less and less influenced by the "dogma" (also I think with the help of paths) and more by experience and after this weekend I have to say there is something majical about this "Woman". I'll say more about my experiences later... if I can....

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    Hello again...!
    Heres Amma's website...Amma means mother.
    She Also packs a huge energetic punch of devine love. .

    I dont feel I could do my experiences with Sri Karunamayi justice by trying to describe them but I will try.... The main feeling was Total peace and contentment. When I was sitting and closed my eyes at any time it felt like my body desolved and my mind was still...I would occasonally have thoughts but no attachment to I wasnt thinking them...just observing. Ocassionally I felt like I was floating before I lost touch with my body. In the begining when she walked into the room I felt the energy change like a wave of love and softness and when she walked past me it was like I felt my "vertical hold" go out and the picture of me was lost. I had been with her before and not felt most of this (because of my contracted state i think) so I wasnt expecting what happened. I didnt collapse to the floor but thats probably because my brain instinctively reacted- trying too pull all my senses together to keep from tipping over backward. I think it was what the M.E. people are describing about the wave. I had a bit of this experince once before sitting down just typing about Richard Bartlet. Mind you I didnt feel this the previous times being in her presence so I have to attribute the change to what ever I may have cleared by doing paths and stuff this year. I figure for many people here, what I am describing is normal experience of meditation or their own healing work so its not like I feel I have arrived anywhere special...maybe just that I feel maybe I have really begun.

    I soooo recomend seeing these "Beings" if they come close to your town! The talks and personal blessing times are free and homas (fire cerimony) then they in many cities have a little one or two day retreat. Sri Karunamayi third day,a one day meditation retreat was only a hundred and eight dollars! But the first two days are free. The second you have personal one on one time to ask her for any blessing(s) that you wish.

    So having "darshan" (being in the presence of an awakened devine soul) is a many faceted blessing... also which I could hardly explain well or even know probably. The teachings of the teachers Ive been drawn to and most that I am aware of is exactly the stuff I'm reading in this forum... That we are all the Devine Mother/Father. That the ultimate goal is to have that experience and learn to live in that awareness. And someone who has reached that state can share it with others because they are only being a pure reflection to us OF US in our highest state. I had a "Busting Loose" moment there thinking with much grattitude "I created all of this...even I could have this experience!" "She is me, Iam her"

    ....I guess thats the best I can say for now...theres soo much more thats not so physical/mental but dont know how to express.
    Later then, Peace... Blake


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      i just wanted to re-word the first post about when I mentioned "dogma"...I meant that to be the dogma attached to all the religions...I havent experienced any "dogma" from these Swamis...just amazing compasson and humbleness...I havent experience either tooting their own horn bucause -i believe- they have trancended the ego state where that comes from.

      Sri Karunamayi says she has come only as a Mother to care for her babbies...She also has said all of our problems are hers and for her to care for...and also that Devine Mother dosent see the problems or the is all illusion to her... so she can help us to see that for ourselves but until then shell help with whatever illusion were believing. She also says everyone belongs to us and everyone is our responsibility as well...and that we must learn to share our love with all and help all that we can because they all belong to you. She all but said they are all your creation... you have created them all to play in your grand phase one illusion!!! She didnt say that but she did in so many other ways. The Truth comes in so many different ways. She did say the outside world that is illusion is only a reflection of our inner self....

      She was soo talking ESM/ Matrix/ Busting loose/CEM !!! I believe she comes from a place of total knowing when she speaks...A place of and in her own Devinity when she is saying these things..My Devinity. One of the blessings i understand to be in being in the presence of an Awakened Soul....(who are popping up everywhere now im thinking) the chance for Me to see my relflection as embodied Perfection and for That Perfection to see me back. Theres some majic in that for lack of a better word...Some quantum kizmit that can change ones perceptions...of "reality"?

      That I think is the greatest gift we give eachother is to see and know eachothers perfection...and we can only do that by knowing our own.

      Peace, Blake
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