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  • Blue Solar Water

    hi everyone ..

    has anyone ever heard of "Blue Solar Water" ??

    I just learnt about it yesterday when i had an EFT session with an amazing practitioner

    she taught me how to tap, and told me to drink "Blue Solar Water" as a Cleansing Technique .. she told me about how beneficial that water is and how strong its cleansing effect ..

    I am so grateful that i have met her, i had a great time with her in the session and i learnt very important new things ... i am sharing with you what i learnt ..

    lets share all we know about blue solar water here ...

    anyone has any experiences with it ? please share

    Love & Gratitude,

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    What is Blue Solar Water

    Blue Solar Water is Suggested in the best-selling book "Zero Limits" by "Joe Vitale" and "Ihaleakala Hew Len" (Hawaiian Ho'oponopono master).


    "According to Dr. Len:"

    Drinking Blue Solar Water transmutes memories replaying problems in the subconscious mind


    helps the body to "let go & let God".
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      Blue solar water, as I understand it, is one of the cleansing tools recommended by Dr Hew Len of HO'Oponopono (Foundation Of I).

      You can make your own blue solar water by filling a blue glass bottle with tap water & covering with a non metallic cap.

      Leave it out in the sunshine for one hour or under an incandescent lamp for the same period of time.

      Then you can keep it in the refridgerator to drink. You can also use it to shower or bathe with.

      You can find several places selling blue bottles for this purpose on the web.

      I'm sure Keoi will respond to your post when she reads this as I know that she uses blue solar water & knows a friend that has the bottles, so I am sure she can fill you in with more detail.

      Love, Light & Blessings
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        How to "Make" Blue Solar Water

        To Make Blue solar Water:

        1. Get a Blue Glass bottle,

        2. Fill it up with water,

        3. if the bottle has a metal cap, don't use the cap, cork the top of the bottle or wrap with cellophane or a cloth instead.

        4. Place the bottle in the sun or under an incandescent lamp for one hour or more. Be sure the cover is non-metallic (these bottles have non-metallic lids so they’re easy to use). Do not put under a fluorescent lamp.

        5. Enjoy using the water


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          Thank You Sharyn

          I am so happy for this little discovery, I had never heard of it before .. its funny how tiny things can make us happy ..

          The EFT practitioner told me i have to drink only that, .. i got worried at first at the thought of it, i was thinking, how am i gonna just drink 'that' ??!!

          then she laughed and told me that just adding a drop of my solarized water into any water i drink will solarize it ... so, i should add a drop in my drinking water, a drop in my tea or coffee .. even a drop to the washing machine or my showering water ..

          Love & Gratitude,


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            Aloha Lama,
            I have been using Blue Solar water for quite a long time. I add the water to just about everything and give it to my animals as well. I even gave it to my beautiful siberian huskey who had Liver cancer, she lived way beyond what the vet thought she would, and she was in no pain and did not lose weight as expected. We attributed this to the blue solar water she drank. I highly recommend it.

            Above is the link to the Foundation of I, which `Ihaleakala Hew Len Ph.D., is the Chairman Emeritus. You can read more at their site about the blue solar water as they are the original creators of this idea. Also, I do have a friend that has very beautiful engraved blue bottle that he makes with ho oponopono messages on them. If you are interested in them pm and I can give you his contact infor.
            Blessings with Aloha Keoi
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              Other possible source for blue bottles

              I just found a Skyy Vodka Bottle - the large size - and a German wine bottle at the recycling center! They were sitting on a shelf above the glass receptacles. So you might take a look around next time you're at your recycling center if you're having trouble finding blue bottles.

              I've been looking for inexpensive blue bottles for months and was thrilled to find them for free! I think the Universe is giving me a big on the blue solar water.

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                I understand why solar water might be beneficial, but what is the benefit of the blue glass? Just curious.


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                  Hi Coz Sally

                  I just ran across this website explaining the significance of the color blue in the solar water -

                  Why Blue Solar Water

                  I tried to copy and paste but wasn't allowed to.

                  Hope this helps!

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                    Thank you! I did a search as well but did not come up with that very clear explanation. It makes sense!


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                      hello, it is me again.

                      blue is an excellent color for doing this, but please take note that it only covers a part of the spectrum. other colors affect other chakra areas, and problems associated with them. blue seems to be a great pick-me-up and covers many of the most popular problems (stress, sleep, etc). BUT for those of you who are in relatively good health, try using a clear glass instead. this way you maximize the full spectrum of the solar rays.

                      DO NOT USE LEADED CRYSTAL, as this will impart the cymatic (frequency) of lead into your product. that is the reason why the do not recommend flourescent lights for this as well... because there is mercury in the lighting, and this will be translated into your product. a good light to use would be halogen, sodium lamps, LED's, or the new Xenon lights you can get at menards or home depot.

                      what is nice about LED's is that if you dont have a particular glass of the color you need, it doesnt matter because there are LED's in almost every color. if you need red, you use red LED's, or blue, or white, etc. and it will do the same thing as having the colored glass. (white reflects/emmits all colors back, black absorbs all colors)

                      what is even more cool is using a strobe light (Xenon bulb) with a rotating color wheel...

                      now, if this can be done to water, imagine doing a full bathtub soak with this strobe set-up haging over you. (Sea Salt in the bath water) if you are not ready for this, you probably will detox pretty hard.



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                        bryan, thank you for your post!
                        I found it very helpful
                        It's better to wear off by working than to rust by doing nothing.


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                          hello Jetijs, been a few months.

                          i forgot to add to the above that a little De souza or celtic sea salt in the water will increase the effects 1,000%.

                          im going to try and get active here again, the pet store is officially gone now.


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                            Making it too complicated

                            Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len said that God told him to drink blue solar water. I think he would say stop worring about how it works and just drink it!

                            If you can't find blue bottles locally, this is my web site where I sell them: Blue Glass Bottles - which I started after I read Zero Limits and had a hard time finding blue bottles.

                            As far as fluorescent lights - don't put the bottles under fluorescent, this includes the new curled up ones that replace regular light bulbs. Direct Sunlight is best followed by a regular, incandesent bulb. Don't try to over think it, just do it!



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                              is there any science at all to this?