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A little loa, Master Key system inspired idea.

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  • A little loa, Master Key system inspired idea.

    Here's to raising vibrations

    YouTube - Next Time You Say I'm Sorry

    XO Jessica
    Keep your mind on the aether

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    Wow! What a fantastic video! I applaud both your insight and your creativity in sharing this wonderful concept with the world!!!


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      Thanks Kevin !

      Just part of the Universe's plan I guess

      Keep your mind on the aether


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        My 2 cents on the subject

        Hi Jessica, Great video! You are so right about the low vibration of the words I'm sorry. Most of us have been raised to use that phrase.

        I read somewhere that when someone feels hurt or offended, what they usually want is an apology, or some sort of acknowledgment. If you replace "I'm sorry" with "I apologize for what I said/did, I didn't mean to hurt/offend you", you've given them what they want without projecting the low vibration of feeling "sorry" or sad. I find it to be respectful and empowering to both parties. I don't always remember, it's a work in progress.

        As far as saying "I'm sorry" when someone has experienced a loss, I love your suggestion.

        With love and gratitude,



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          I agree!

          I whole heartedly agree! In fact, with our kids we didn't allow the "S" words in the house: shut up, sorry, and stupid. Shut up and stupid because they are harsh and corrosive and sorry for two reasons. One was, it's just too darn easy. "You were supposed to take out the garbage, what happened?" "Oh, sorry!" if that was sufficient in and of itself. No, you still have to take out the garbage.

          The second reason was because we know if someone grows up hearing words like "stupid," "ugly", "bad, " "no-good", etc. they begin to believe them and become them. (gosh, we know so much beyond that now!) By saying "I'm sorry" what are we creating? So we all had to come up with other, more thought-filled, ways of conveying ourselves. It's a bit magical.

          I love the idea of taking the time with the person to redirect or lift the energy. Hope I can remember and have the nerve should the time come!



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            Bobi and Pam,

            I'm glad you liked it

            You guys are making me think about manners.

            Sure it's possible to have manners be too stuffy and refining, but I think the intent of them is to treat others well and create good vibrations

            XO Jessica
            Keep your mind on the aether