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    I watched part of a program yesterday about the body and then lucid dreaming. They showed the Nova Dream mask and how it can help with lucid dreams. I searched the internet and it evidently is no longer made. Does any one know why and if there is something comprable for sale now? I've tried certain brain frequensies that is suppose to help but they have not. I've been interested in out-of-body travel for years and lucid dreaming is suppose to help. Remote viewing is not what I'm looking for. Controlled out-of-body travel is. I have read many books on the subject and know we go out when we sleep. But, I would like to do it deliberatly and remember it.

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    lucid dreaming

    Hi Alvina,

    The Nova Dreamer is from Stephen LaBerge's lucid dreaming organization and they're coming out with a new one:
    The NovaDreamer Lucid Dream Induction Device

    LaBerge's homepage: LUCID DREAMING

    Check this out:
    Tibetan Dream Yoga Experiment
    get the pdf direct:

    First time "lucid" was used:
    Frederik van Eeden

    Anyway, just some resources. I think studying Tibetan Dream Yoga might be helpful to you.

    Years ago I read LaBerge's lucid dreaming book and the only useful thing I took from it was spinning and that is only useful if already in a lucid dream...when feeling like you're slipping out of the dream, jump in the air and spin and it shakes it up keeping you in a dream. It works.

    In Carlos Castaneda's writings of lucid dreaming techniques, I also have focused on my palms and that has helped to keep me in the dream as well.

    The #1 way that I have kept myself in a lucid dream for very extended periods of time was really to use pure will power to keep myself in it with extreme focus.

    To get in to a lucid dream, I have only willed it a couple times. You can look for dream signs... all day long, go around asking yourself if you're dreaming and look around for any "dream signs." Maybe everytime you touch a light switch, look at the time, drink some water, see yourself in a mirror, etc... you ask yourself. Put up sticky notes around on different things as reminders to do the dream sign checks. If you're studied lucid dreaming then you are probably already aware of this stuff.

    There is one herb that is supposed to be about the only herb that helps to induce lucid dreaming and that is Calea Zacatechichi
    I took it without it bulk and made my own capsules. I think you need a concentrated liquid extract like a 10X tincture or something for it to be worth the time. You can click the link above for a google search on it. You can smoke it take it in capsules or a liquid. You can search for "concentrated extract" and you'll find a lot of 10x or 20x references, etc...

    GABA is a supplement...probably one of the best anti-anxiety supplements on the market. Usually comes in 750mg tablets. I tried it to see what it does and I can't take head gets buzzing way to strong but it is calming for most people. One benefit is that GABA GREATLY STIMULATES REM sleep. You could take 1 tablet a half hour before bed to see if it helps to kick in some serious vivid dreams...not particularly lucid dreams..any dreams but the thing is that the more vivid the dreams tend to be...the more likely you are to become lucid. If you try this, just get some small bottle and give it a test. When I had my supplement store, I'd get a lot of free samples of GABA from Source Naturals (the brand I carried for GABA) and you might ask the health food stores in your area if they have free samples of the GABA...a good free test.

    A few times that I have had the deep sleep booster activated on my PATHS package, I have had lucid dreams...I can't use it all the time because I get so deep into sleep that it takes me a while to get out of bed. I definitely can't use the super deep boosters because I'm groggy all day long until late afternoon.

    If you have a Platinum package, you can ask for the lucid dreaming module to be added to your sleep instructions. I did have a couple lucid dreams with it but didn't seem to be consistent enough. I want lucid dreams 7 days a week

    There is one thing that practically guarantees I have a lucid dream...followed by something that is often times kinda scary. Sleep Paralysis. I've had this off/on all my life. Waking up in bed and can't move at all, feeling strapped down and it is a hard to breathe. All I can do is slightly turn my head and even with my eyes open looking around, it looks like my bedroom but different and there are often other things going on.

    Anyway, the point is, conventional thinking says it is our bodies not getting back to normal after is an automatic thing to keep us from sleepwalking. A natural safety precaution...that is fine but that doesn't mean every time it happens this is what it is...there are too many incidents that I won't go into but the sleep paralysis state is very much in the twilight zone for lucid dreaming.

    I found that I can make myself have these episodes if I deprive myself of sleep and stay up for 2-3 days straight. I then get so physically exhausted that when I fall asleep, my body goes into paralysis so quick I'm aware of mind is so wired from staying up that after my body is asleep, my mind goes in and out of lucidity all night long. It can wear you out and isn't for everyone but it is an option that has worked for me.
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      Thank you for all the great information Aaron. If I remember right, on the dream mask site it was in 2005 that they announced there was a new mask on the way. I'll have to check it out again to be sure I was reading the correct information. It would be great to have something like that if it really works.


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        Aaron, what do you think about Salvia divinorum?
        Salvia divinorum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
        and this product containing it?
        Buy Salvia Divinorum
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          Hi Jetijs,

          I know it is a legal hallucinogenic and heard that people who smoke it have had good experiences and also bad experiences. I'm super sensitive so won't be trying it myself. I'm not sure the affects on dreaming. The main comment is that people "lose themself"...totally dissolving the ego, which is desirable and of course can be attained by many methods. If anyone is a "control freak," it is probably not a good idea for them to try.
          Aaron Murakami

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            Thank you
            I apreciate your opinion!
            It's better to wear off by working than to rust by doing nothing.


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              Since this is about the only thread on here mentioning Salvia D. I thought it'd be appropriate to post in here even though it's quite old.

              I haven't tried it yet but I have ordered some 10x extract which should arrive in the coming days. I've read about a lot of experiences of people and rarely do I see people who treat it respectfully. Taking salvia unprepared is like barging in a house uninvited. And I think most bad experiences are due to this.

              I also found no other choice than smoking it with a waterpipe even though I don't smoke anything. I would have liked it to be in some tablet format to suck on or a tea. But for this one time I can let it slide.

              I will let you guys know how it went and what I experienced/saw .


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                I agree with you about the bad experiences. You shouldn't use it just for amusement or substitute for alcohol. In my country there was a scandal a while ago when school students bought this legal drug from ebay and just used that instead of marijuana. This gone so far that government was about to make the Salvia illegal in my country. Anyway, I would like to hear your experience
                It's better to wear off by working than to rust by doing nothing.


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                  Maybe I can help. I have been a lucid dreamer since I was a small child. As a matter of fact I did not know what it was called till I came to this forum and was talking to Stephen. It was just what I did.

                  As a small child, once I went to bed... my families real work began... They always had to sleep with one eye open to make sure I would not get into too much trouble in my sleep. I drove everyone up the walls with my sleep walking and sleep talking. My favorite thing to do was to get up in the middle of the night and turn on all the water faucets in the house! I would go up and down stairs, and on occasion would attempt to leave the house. I was a sound sleeper.

                  I would also have dreams of monsters chasing me! So one night as I was being chased by this particularly scary big monster... I decided that I did not like him and that I needed to get rid of him, so in my dream I pulled down a new blank white canvas in front of all the monsters, and scooted it back until the monsters had to exit the back door of my mind. Then I invited in new more fun friends to play with. To this day I have complete control over my dreams... if I don't like one, I state that I am in control here and I re-draw it or re-cast it with new characters.

                  What I am thinking is that, when I draw or paint or daydream I am always leaving reality and floating to a different realm. Therefore to learn how to control your dreams in your sleep one must first learn to control them in their waking hours. My feeling is first one needs to let go and allow oneself to dream... If you are not in the practice of doing so, then take a pad of paper and start free writing. This is what I often do to start writing poetry or short stories. It can start off with anything... you can start off writing about how you don't know what to write. Eventually allowing yourself to float off into a story or dream state writing as you go. The secret here is letting yourself go and allowing yourself to float out of reality. It may not seem like that big of a deal at first... Maybe you will just be dreaming just right or left of reality, but eventually reality will cease to be as you float out farther and farther. You are going to have to set your creativity free. You can do this with writing or drawing or whatever, but just start by letting it flow.

                  Then once you get down letting it completely float out there... Then say, hmmmm I like this, but I think I would like to share this with a fairy instead or maybe instead of that snake, I would like to see it as a red rose. The thing is you are always in control of your dreams... Once you learn to dream awake and control them, then the natural next step would be to be lucid or conscious during nighttime dream states.

                  I love it, because I can totally use my sleep time to solve questions I have about things, or see whatever I need to see at that time. My dreams are mine, and therefore I have complete control over them. They are not something that just happen to me, but something I do while I sleep. If someone I shows up in one of my dreams and I don't want them there... Then I will show them the door out of my dreams, and they are gone! I never have any dream that I am not lucid in, because I choose it that way, and have since I was a kid.

                  Next time you are meditating, ask some open ended questions like what would it feel like to have a lucid dream? What would it look like to have a lucid dream? What would it look like to remember my dreams? What would it look like to have a door into my dreams and out of my dreams? Just keep asking open ended questions about this topic and then practice floating out of reality into creativity while awake. See how far you can go with that???

                  Blessings and LOVE Sallyjane


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                    Oke as promised here's my experience with salvia 10X extract.

                    First of all let me mention the a scale that describes the levels on the experience.

                    The famous salvia-researcher Daniel Siebert made up a scale for the strength of a salvia experience. His S-A-L-V-I-A trip scale shows 6 trip stages:

                    * S - SUBTLE effects, Relaxation and increased sensual appreciation may be noted. This mild level is useful for meditation and may facilitate sexual pleasure.
                    * A - ALTERED perception, colors and textures are paid attention to. Thinking becomes less logical, and more playful.
                    * L - LIGHT visionary state. Closed eye visuals (clear imagery with eyes closed).
                    * V - VIVID visionary state. Complex three dimensional realistic appearing scenes occur. With eyes closed you experience fantasies. So long as your eyes are closed you may believe they are really occurring.
                    * I - IMMATERIAL existence. Individuality may be lost; one experiences merging with the Divine.
                    * A - AMNESIC effects. Loss of consciousness. The individual may fall, or remain immobile or thrash around. Dangerous!
                    So I made myself a homemade water pipe and used maybe about 0.2g of the salvia 10x extract. I took the hit and waited. I was fully conscious the entire time during the experience. At first I thought nothing was happening until I suddenly noticed I was laughing. This is weird to notice something your body is doing without your will. Then I knew salvia was starting to do its thing.

                    Now My environment remained mostly the same but I didn't care about that. Because I was mainly focused on the pretty pleasant effects on my body. To be exact it felt like I was having a massage. My arms seemed also to do some weird things without my will. But every time I noticed, I laughingly said "Look at how silly I'm behaving" and could stop it.

                    I didn't see or hear anything special. But things where pushing and pulling on me on my body as if something was massaging me. What I did notice was when I talked that my voice sounded broken, while asking my sitter she said it was fine and her also sounded fine. I think I recall a very minor case of hallucination. The floor seemed different. For a really short period the floor seemed to have an interesting look but became normal quickly.

                    Standing on my feet was also hard. But this was surprisingly fun. It seemed like I was still a toddler who was learning to walk for the first time. I saw it as a fun challenge. I managed to stand up and walk and this was really fun! I also went to the window to blow out my hit, and I somewhere knew I wasn't walking right. The sitter told me that I wasn't walking in a straight line while it seemed like it for me .

                    I also have to point out that I haven't took the hit quite efficiently. Since it was my first time using a water pipe I had some clumsy moments. Sometimes I had to cough the hit out the moment I took it. other times I forgot to inhale the second hit which has already built up in the pipe and so on.

                    The only bad thing about the experience was really the smoking part. The smell of ashes is nasty and makes a mess leaving the room smelling bad. I would rather choose vaporization as it's much cleaner and much healthier. Of course oral methods are also an alternative, too bad they don't make salvia candy that you have to keep in your mouth.

                    Finally I would put my experience between S and A. My main experience was mostly the massaging sensation than anything else. I still have some left which I'm planning to use in a week or so. I was wondering whether to put it in a tea bag and leave it in my mouth and see what that gives. Smoking it really gave a bad impression.


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                      Dream solutions

                      I have always been able to dream thru problems and issues.

                      When daytime brain storming has failed.

                      Many solutions have simply come in a dream at nite

                      Too bad the boss never approved power napping
                      "But ye shall receive power..."
                      Acts 1:8