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When dreams come true!

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  • When dreams come true!

    (I have hesitated to post about this experience, because I worry that it sounds either flaky or trivial, but here goes!)

    About ten years ago, my life was utter sh*t. I won't go into detail, but let's just say that I was unhappy every single day, feeling trapped and depressed, and could see no way out of my miserable life.

    One night I had an extraordinary dream. I dreamed that I went to a cottage in a rural area and knocked on the door. My future self answered the door, and invited me in. She was a beautiful, radiantly happy older woman. I'll never forget her face, it simply glowed with happiness and goodwill. Her very presence was extremely comforting.

    Another thing I remember is that she was wearing a turtleneck sweater (in the dream it was winter), and that her hair was pulled back in a ponytail.

    She beckoned me to follow her upstairs, and led me into a small corner room with a sloped ceiling. Through the small window, I could see a lovely view of rolling green hills, and in the distance, the sea. It was a beautiful and very peaceful scene.

    She told me that she had something important to show me, but unfortunately the dream ended there. I never forgot it, though, and often thought about it these past ten years. What could it possibly mean?

    Anyway! Fast forward to this past weekend, when one of my new friends invited me to stay at her holiday house in the countryside. We sat up until late, drinking and chatting and having a wonderful time, and finally I made my way to my assigned room upstairs. It was a cosy corner room with a sloped ceiling and a small window revealing a lovely view of rolling green hills and in the distance, the ocean. As I brushed out my ponytail, pulled off my black turtleneck sweater, and slipped between the sheets, I suddenly thought "Yep! This is it! The future is happening now!" I realised that I was now that future self in my dream. It was a grand feeling. I cannot describe how happy I was at that moment.

    But who was the person in my long-ago dream? Is it possible that my future self really came to offer me comfort in a time of need? Or did I somehow predict the future, and dream about it? I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

    And I am still grinning from ear-to-ear about the whole thing!

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    What a beautiful, spine-tingling story Rin. I did not know that those two adjectives could fit in one sentence, but in this case they do

    I believe it was your future self coming to you when you needed her most. Because we are eternal beings, the larger you stepped in to show you what you were asking for - hope.

    You (and almost all of us here on this forum) have now come too far to go back to that disconnected place. But I will bet that if you ask again, your future self will show you even more of the wonderful things in store for you!

    Thanks so much for sharing such an intimate story
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      Wowza Rin,

      That's awesome!

      I think it was a future you, one that had already been on the synch mod so it could reach you back when. I'm not sure what time span you have requested for that mod, but I believe Aaron said those time frames are guidelines for our s.c. so maybe it figured out how to reach you even 10 years ago.

      XO Jessica
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        Rin-How Wonderful!


        What a truly inspiring account you have shared with us!

        I am so happy with you!

        Since you exist outside of time and space, and that you that is outside of time and space saw that you 10 years ago that was in time and space, it decided to pay you an encouraging visit!


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          Hi Rin,

          That's such a beautiful and inspiring story. I was just in the process of shutting down my PC before bedtime when I read it. It's a wonderful experience that you have shared. I think I will rest peaceful tonight when I think about it.

          and Goodnight



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            For the Fabulous RIN!!

            "She told me that she had something important to show me, but unfortunately the dream ended there. I never forgot it, though, and often thought about it these past ten years. What could it possibly mean?"

            Rin, I also "test" that this was indeed your future self. You have done an extraordinary thing with your life!! You went back to tell yourself this to give you inspiration!! I also test that your future self will be back to finish where she left off. You will know the importance of what your future self wanted to share with you soon!!

            Pay attention to your dreams in the next two months, and please keep us posted on this with this fabulous new thread of yours!!
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