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Mind the Gap Between Science and Religion

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  • Mind the Gap Between Science and Religion

    Mind the Gap Between Science and Religion
    Posted By Sabine Hossenfelder on Sep 16, 2019
    ''Believing in an Omnipotent Programmer is not scienceó
    itís tech-bro monotheism.''
    '' . . .faith in beautiful math has become pervasive
    in the community. And thatís despite the fact that
    relying on beauty as a guide to new natural laws
    has historically worked badly: The mechanical
    clockwork universe was once considered beautiful.
    So were circular planetary orbits, and an eternally
    unchanging universe.
    All of which, it turns out, is wrong.''

    Scientists should respect the limits of their discipline

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    '' . . . In that sense, we trivially ďlive in a computer,Ē
    but thatís just a funny way to talk about the laws of nature. ''
    Scientists should respect the limits of their discipline
    . . . .

    ''And finally, if you are really asking whether our universe
    has been programmed by a superior intelligence,
    thatís just a badly concealed form of religion.
    Since this hypothesis is untestable inside the supposed simulation,
    itís not scientific. This is not to say it is in conflict with science.
    You can believe it, if you want to. But believing in an omnipotent
    Programmer is not scienceóitís tech-bro monotheism.
    And without that Programmer, the simulation hypothesis is just
    a modern-day version of the 18th century clockwork universe,
    a sign of our limited imagination more than anything else.''

    Scientists should respect the limits of their discipline
    Is the Universe a programmed system ?
    Does Universe have place for an omnipotent Programmer ?
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      The Imaginary and Real World
      1 - The universe (as a whole) is a cosmic vacuum with a few ordinary matter.
      2 - The ground state of vacuum has an absolute zero temperature (T=0K)
      . . . but vacuum's fluctuations change this ground state
      3 - According to Dirac the ''vacuum sea'' is filled with negative,
      imaginary particles (-E=mc^2)
      4 - According to Planck the ''black body - Kirchhoff's vacuum''
      can emit quantum particles (h)
      5 - According to J.Charles law (1787) these imaginary particles
      have geometrical form of circle: pi=3,14159 . . . .
      6 - The Lorentz transformations explain the geometrical and
      physical changes of quantum particle
      7 - The reason for quantum changes is Uhlenbeck / Goudsmit
      inner (own) impulse (spin) of quantum particle.
      8 - Tachyon is as a real particle as the quantum of light
      9 - Imaginary numbers / particles as real components of reality
      as the rational numbers / particles.
      10 - The realm of vacuum (as an opposite of the matter world)
      is the ground / source of our earthly local and ''illusion'' world.
      Best wishes
      Israel Sadovnik Socratus
      Negative energy.
      1 - Gravitational potential energy
      2 - Quantum field effects
      2.1 - Virtual particles
      2.2 - Casimir effect
      2.3 - Hawking radiation
      2.4 - Squeezed light
      2.5 - Dirac sea . . . . etc
      These effects reflect the existence of negative energy world
      It seems that from the Cosmic view, it is we, who live in the Imaginary World
      Until the ''ideal gas'' is an abstract concept, until imaginary numbers
      are only a useful mathematical apparatus, until the reality of the
      nature will be hidden from us.
      “The first gulp from the glass of natural sciences will turn you
      into an atheist, but at the bottom of the glass God is waiting for you.”
      ― Werner Heisenberg


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        my explorations the ideas of shamans I tend to think they are correct. Reality is an invention of consciousness. Consciousness found itself in nothingness, so it invented dream worlds, they follow rules set by the framework. Earth is in a very solid dream world, but given the correct experimental setups, you can see what it is really made out of. Ever wonder why most dream worlds have gravity, even if you can mess with it there, they still have gravity... the physical constants are not the same from one place to the next, but the framework is the same.


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          I've recently found out that beliving is seeing as a biblical definition .to image so that means if your not seeing the thing you hoped for your not believing .there are places in scriptures that mention seeing as part of believing but its almost never taught . I needed a carb for my lawn mower and prayed about it and saw it several times then like a half year later I met a guy who had three just like mine and for only 30.00 not 150.00 I was stunned I met him in a dollar general while shopping . it seems that Kenneth hagin was right .