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A brief thought of fundamental basis in Physics.

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  • A brief thought of fundamental basis in Physics.

    A brief thought of fundamental basis in Physics.
    Physics is created on some fundamental basis.
    At first the basis was an absolute space and an absolute time.
    But after discovering SRT, GRT, QT -* Newtonian basis was changed:
    there isn't* absolute space, there isn't* absolute time.
    In this situation scientists decided that universe was started
    from ''singular point'' (big bang theory).* Most believe in such scenario.
    A few don't believe.* Why?
    a) Gravity forces are the weakest in nature and cannot
    create ''singular point'' in the region as big as the whole Universe.
    Gravity forces don't work even in a single galaxy and therefore were
    invented unseen - unknown ''dark matter-energy''
    (more than 90%-95%* in the universe)
    b) Which force created ''big-bang'' is unknown.
    c) ''big bang theory'' doesn't explain the principal problem:
    ''where did masses come from?''
    Some physicists think: universe can start from vacuum.
    a) About vacuum effect:
    a) “ Its effects can be observed in various phenomena
    (such as spontaneous emission, the Casimir effect, the
    van der Waals bonds, or the Lamb shift), and it is thought
    to have consequences for the behavior of the Universe
    on cosmological scales. “
    / Vacuum energy - Wikipedia /

    b)* Light Created from a Vacuum:
    Casimir Effect Observed in Superconducting Circuit
    /Science Daily (Nov. 18, 2011) / ... 133050.htm
    Chalmers scientists create light from vacuum ... acuum.aspx
    Then i can think: vacuum is not nothingness,
    if vacuum can somehow create light and particles
    then it is possible that universe started from vacuum.
    Is this idea gibberish?
    Is this idea illogical ?
    By the way,* Paul Dirac* wrote:
    ” The problem of the exact description of vacuum, in my opinion,*
    is the basic problem now before physics. Really, if you can’t correctly
    describe the vacuum, how it is possible to expect a correct description
    of something more complex? “
    And* Einstein and Infeld*quote:
    “ We have the laws, but we are not aware what the body
    of reference system they belong to, and all our physical
    construction appears erected on sand ”.
    * /* Book “Evolution of Physics”*/
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    In the era of Newtonian physics the materialism
    was deterministic world.
    In the era of Quantum physics the materialism
    is probability world.


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      Dark Matter = Quantum Cosmology = Gravity
      1- Dark matter doesn't emit or absorb light.
      2 - Dark matter works only via gravity
      3 - Dark matter is extremely cold
      4 - Dark matter is extremely weak (the weakest stuff)
      5 - Dark matter doesn't carry electric charge
      6 - Dark matter is passive / neutral stuff
      7 - Dark matter consists of (unknown) elementary particles
      8 - Dark matter is much more than ordinary matter
      9 - Dark matter must have some interaction with ordinary matter
      10 - Dark matter can have non-gravitational interactions
      11 - Dark matter must have own sector of existence
      Ordinary matter interacts through the electromagnetic,
      weak and strong forces -- helping the visual matter
      of our world to form complex systems
      Stars, rocks, oceans, plants and animals owe their
      very existence to the unity of the non-gravitational
      (EM, weak, strong) forces with ordinary matter.
      Familiar picture can be thought of interaction
      between antiparticles (antimatter) and dark matter
      Antiparticles (as EM forces) 10^36 times stronger
      than weak particles of dark matter and therefore
      can involve it in a process of ''quantum gravity'',
      the earliest state of creation our material World.
      Scientists search a real / potential candidate for dark matter
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        Some Differences in Scientific Theories
        1 - Difference between Neaton's and Einstein's
        theries of gravitation.
        a) Newton used two (2) bodies to explain ''gravity''.
        b) Einstein used one (1) single body to explain ''gravity''

        2 - Difference between Classical and Quantum mechanics.
        a) Classical mechanics has models of objects
        b) Quantum mechanics doesn't have model of quantum particle.


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          Can you draw any representation of the Quantum?
          Maybe try?
          Thank ya.


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            Originally posted by socratus View Post
            Some Differences in Scientific Theories
            1 - Difference between Neaton's and Einstein's
            theries of gravitation.
            a) Newton used two (2) bodies to explain ''gravity''.
            b) Einstein used one (1) single body to explain ''gravity''

            2 - Difference between Classical and Quantum mechanics.
            a) Classical mechanics has models of objects
            b) Quantum mechanics doesn't have model of quantum particle.
            1 - Einstein used one (1) single body to explain ''gravity''
            In the real Universe there is plenty of room for more and
            more Einstein's GRT ''single bodies''

            2 - Classical objects have many - many different forms, but
            Quantum particles must have only one standard geometric
            form for everyone particle


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              Originally posted by Pot head View Post
              Can you draw any representation of the Quantum?
              Maybe try?
              Thank ya.
              Quantum particle is a quantum of light particle


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                Doctrine of Creation
                Creation is a process.
                This process can be known by math / physical laws.
                But before to know how this process is going, it needs
                to know something about reference frame in which
                this process is going. because to describe fish it needs
                water and to describe animals it needs another
                reference frame -- land. The reference frame has
                great influence on physical process. Specific
                reference frame is the common ground of all specific creations.
                The creation began from simple to complex,
                from micro-particles world to microworld.
                Then it needs to know: in which reference
                frame the micro-particles can exist.
                Today we know -- micro-particles exist in CERN / LHC .reference frame.


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                  The language of physics
                  By Lauren Biron
                  Word fans, rejoice!
                  Symmetry is back with another list of 10 common words
                  that take on a new meaning when spoken by scientists.
                  Check out the first and second lists,
                  then take these physics words for a spin, too


                  It’s easy to imagine a spinning planet, ballerina or
                  quantum particle because all these objects have
                  concrete geometrical form.
                  Quantum tunneling is instead a phenomenon in which a particle
                  can pass through a barrier by Heisenberg's uncertainty principle
                  Scientists use the term ''quintessence'' to discuss the
                  theoretical idea of an evolving type of dark energy
                  ( Dark energy may be vacuum
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                    Infinity and Method of Renormalization
                    Renormalization is a collection of mathematical techniques
                    in quantum field theory, the statistical mechanics of fields,
                    and the theory of self-similar geometric structures, that are used
                    to treat infinities arising in calculated quantities by altering values
                    of quantities to compensate for effects of their self-interactions.


                    So, there are infinities in theories and physicists can get rid of them,
                    (by renormalization ) and so it seems, they shouldn't care about them.
                    Basically it means:
                    "Stop trying to understand things; shut up and calculate"
                    Everyone is free to take this attitude, but it certainly doesn't explain
                    why physicists encounter infinities in the first place and hence the
                    renormalization procedure is needed.
                    My opinion:
                    The concept of ''Infinity'' has concrete physical meaning and
                    '' method of renormalization '' could be thought as interaction
                    quantum particles / fields with an infinite structure of zero vacuum ( T=0K)
                    when all physical parameters of quantum particles renormalized .


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                      By Chance: Biology - Cosmology
                      Can reasonable child be created from zygote during
                      270 days of woman’s pregnancy by chance?
                      Does the theory of probability allow to create reasonable child
                      during 270 days of woman’s pregnancy by chance?
                      Our human body is a multi-cellular organism made up
                      of perhaps 100 trillion different cells.
                      Book: '‘ The unity of Nature'‘
                      ‘'The information content in the nucleus of a single human cell
                      is comparable to that of a library containing a thousand volumes.'’
                      / by Carl Friedrich von Weizsacker, page 40 /
                      How can 100 trillion different cells (100 trillion libraries with a
                      thousand volumes in each) create a child ( by the chance )
                      during 9 months of woman’s pregnancy ?
                      In my opinion this circumstance is similar to the ''Infinite monkey theorem''
                      ''The infinite monkey theorem states that a monkey hitting keys
                      at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time
                      will almost surely type any given text, such as the complete works
                      of William Shakespeare.''
                      But according to the modern theory of ‘big bang’ the Universe
                      exist only 14 billion years.
                      So, monkey's chance to write Shakespeare's Hamlet is zero.
                      But woman . . . . ?!
                      A single zygote evolves and develop 100 trillion different cells that
                      create reasonable child. By chance it is impossible.
                      It must take time much more than only 270 days of woman’s pregnancy
                      Maybe it will take time more than 14 billion years.
                      Then, maybe, before the ‘ big bang’ was a pregnant woman who
                      gave life to a child who invented the '‘ big- bang '’ theory (?)
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                        How to make Theoretical Physics simple
                        To be simple Theoretical Physics needs
                        a real geometrical form of quantum particle.
                        It is impossible to take ''point-particle'' or ''string-particle''
                        as a real image of the quantum particle.
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                          Science means something

                          The problem is that people mean different things when they say "science". I mean experiments. My friend means logic. Another friend means Big Bang, etc.

                          Take any one of your big physics words and I would think it hard to come up with less than two definitions for what they mean. In other words, people of science have forgotten the very essence of communication using language. Forget about technobabble. All we really have now is babble! Try to prove this thread really means anything. Now we are talking physics! In other words, loose thinkers using flexible words talking in riddles and sophomoric platitudes.

                          Have you anything valuable to contribute to progress? Or, is this whole discussion about feelings and politics? All heat and no light?
                          There is a reason why science has been successful and technology is widespread. Don't be afraid to do the math and apply the laws of physics.


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                            Originally posted by socratus View Post
                            1 - Einstein used one (1) single body to explain ''gravity''
                            Einstein has been a proven puppet/ fraud and anything and everything
                            has some basis in his work. Flawed science. Keep trying you will get
                            there. I like your ability to reason and quote effects with the name
                            of the finder. Smart guy.

                            The fact of the matter is that the E=MC2 is a lie and so is the rest of
                            his work. Thanks for sharing your collection of ideas. Remember just
                            about all EXCEPTED names for govt books of discovery or invention
                            points to Einsteins proof of which there are non. In essence science
                            today is not real science, only a pile of papers with names written
                            on them of men who were on the inside and stood to make money.

                            Say this professor, say that and I'll give you millions. Starting with our
                            ole pal Einstein. Say it or else is more like it. That's how the controller
                            get down. Threats, intimidation, manipulation then elimination especially
                            science matters among all other fields of thought. Control and power
                            that is the name of the game and so called science is nothing more.

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                              Physicists Have Reversed Time on The Smallest Scale by Using a Quantum Computer
                              MIKE MCRAE 20 JUL 2019
                              ''It's easy to take time's arrow for granted - but the gears
                              of physics actually work just as smoothly in reverse.''
                              . . . .
                              ''Researchers from Russia and the US teamed up to find
                              a way to break, or at least bend, one of physics'
                              most fundamental laws on energy.''

                              Does ''The second law of thermodynamics'' depend on TIME ?
                              Does the cold Universe become hot because TIME wants that ?
                              Does ENTROPY obey an '' arrow of time '' ?
                              As researches said: ENTROPY is '' most fundamental laws on energy''
                              Does ENTROPY (as some kind of ENERGY) depend on TIME or vice versa ?

                              ''Virtually every other rule in physics can be flipped and still make sense.''

                              Yeah. for example:
                              Virtually, if you put the carriage before the horse, the carriage
                              somehow will be moving, but Practically, it is an analogy
                              (as laws of Physics say ) for doing things in the wrong order.
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