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Accelerators* as a scientific*Sisyphus stone.*/ by Israel Socratus /

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  • Accelerators* as a scientific*Sisyphus stone.*/ by Israel Socratus /

    * Accelerators* as a scientific*Sisyphus stone.*/ by Israel Socratus /
    Accelerators* are Useless and produce Nothing for humankind.
    In 1906, Rutherford studied internal structure of atoms,
    bombarding them with high energy a- particles.
    This idea helped him to understand the structure of atom.
    But the clever Devil interfered and gave advice to physicists
    to enlarge the energy of bombarding* the target.
    And physicist created huge cannon-accelerators of particles.
    And they began to bomb micro particles in the* vacuum,* in hoping
    to understand their inner structure. And they were surprised with
    the results of this bombing. Several hundreds of completely new
    strange particles appeared. They lived a very little* time and do not
    relate to our world. Our Earth needs electron and proton to create atom.
    But this was forgotten.
    What God carefully created, it is destroyed in accelerators.
    And they are proud of that. They say: we study the inner structure
    of the particles. The clever and artful Devil is glad. He again has deceived man.
    Physicist think, that an accelerator – is first of all the presence of huge energy.
    And the Devil laughs. He knows, that accelerator – is first of all is the Vacuum.
    But this, he has withhold from man.
    He has not explained that the Vacuum is infinite and inexhaustible.
    And in infinite vacuum* is contained an infinite variety of particles.
    And by bombing the vacuum, one can find centaurs and sphinxes.
    But my God, save us from their presence on Earth.
    ========= .. ========.
    Rutherford was right.
    His followers are mistaken.
    Imagine, that I want to plant a small apple- tree.
    For this purpose I shall dig out a hole of 1 meter width and 1,20 m depth.
    It is normal.
    But if to plant a small apple- tree,* I shall begin to dig out a hole
    * with 100* meters size and depth, will you call me a normal man?
    ========== .. ===============.
    Imagine a man who breaks watches on the wall.
    And then he tries to understand the mechanism of the watches
    by thrown cogwheels, springs and small screws.
    Does he have many chances to success ?
    As many as the scientists have who trys to understand
    the inner structure of electron by breaking them into accelerators.
    If not take into account the initial conditions of Genesis,
    the fantasies of the scientists may be unlimited.
    ========== . ======== .
    The Nature works very economical.
    For example, biologists know 100 ( hundred ) kinds of
    amino acids. But only 20 ( twenty) kinds of amino acids
    are suitable to produce molecules of protein, from which all
    different cells created on our planet. What are about another
    80 % of amino acids? They are dead end of evolution.
    The physicists found many ( 1000 ) new elementary particles in
    accelerators. But we need only one ( 1) electron and one (1 )
    proton to create first atom, to begin to create the Nature.
    All another elementary particles (mesons, muons , bosons, taus,
    all their girlfriends – antiparticles, all quarks and antiquarks…etc)
    are dead end of evolution.
    The critical density of matter in the whole universe is very small
    ( approximately 10-26 kg/m3 )* and therefore the universe is not ''closed''
    it is ''open'' -- infinite and** all the masses of galaxies exist in this infinite Vacuum.
    So, instead of understand what Vacuum is,* instead to understand
    ''Where did electron and proton come from?''* the physicists break them in the
    pieces, trying to understand their inner structure.
    This is scientific Sisyphus work.* *
    Best wishes.
    Israel Sadovnik** Socratus.

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    Somebody wrote:
    ''There are over 30,000 particle accelerators all over the world,
    so what are they used for? ''
    The higher* will climb Sisyphus the stone the* higher potential energy
    the stone will have and then faster it will roll* down.
    And if the speed of stone will be near to speed of quantum of light and
    it meets another stone** then* we will have*approximately* LHC effect.
    Why ''approximately'' ?
    We need vacuum in order to LHC effect be punctual.
    ====================* .


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      * * LHC group works very hard to discover new particles.
      * In accelerators the particles* smash into each other.
      * What is the purpose of accelerators* project ?
      The purpose is to produce new particles and understand their
      inner structure and ,maybe,* to find the primary particle of nature.
      '' On 8 October 2013 the Nobel prize in physics was awarded jointly to
      François Englert* and Peter Higgs "for the theoretical discovery of
      a mechanism that contributes to our understanding of the origin of mass
      of subatomic particles ''
      Very well.
      But the principle of acceleration says:
      The higher the energy of acceleration the more changes to discover new particles.
      So, if energy of LHC will be higher then new particles will be discovered.
      But the energy of LHC is limited by Earth sizes.
      The Earth conditions is limited to have very - very high energy and therefore
      our knowledge to understand the primary quantum particle using LHC is useless.
      On the other hand, Lee Smolin wrote: '‘ the brightest and best- educated scientists’'
      work very hard to develop the* ''string theory''
      They hope that* the truth is hidden in the ‘' string theory ’'.
      But to observe string particle needs* LHC roughly the size of the solar system.
      It is impossible to create such LHC.
      So, string theory is mathematical and no physical project.
      We know that* the purpose of accelerators* project is: to study new particles
      after the particles* was smashed* into each other.
      Then physicists begin to calculate the energy before and after smashing,
      in order to* ''The Law of Conservation and Transformation energy/mass''

      In different time i read two different books
      (one physicists was rassian, other physicists was amatican- israeli)
      They explain the situation after smashing in obvious way:

      Image, that not two particles , but two buses / trucks smash into each other.
      As result of this accident* we have:* 2 helicopters,* 3 cars, 7 motor-cycles,
      15 bicycles, 20 carriages and cloud of butterflies.
      It is very hard to calculate their* energy and* it needs very highly skilled
      mathematicians to make this work.
      ( because many butterflies- particles live very -very short time)

      Reading this explanation i was very surprised.*



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        The CERN / LHC idea itself is wrong.
        The simple atom hydrogen has one proton and one electron.
        We still don't know, what an electron is and
        we still don't know where the proton came from.
        If we solve these two small local (electron-proton) problems,
        then many things can be understood better and clearly.
        CERN / LHC idea is like they lost ten-dollar bill ($10) and search coins
        of 10 cents in order to understand where the ten-dollar bill is.
        My opinion.
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