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Cranio-Sacral work...?

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  • Cranio-Sacral work...?

    I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with this healing modality?
    It was recomended by a friend. I figured someone here might know something about it...if not first hand then 2nd hand or in theory...?
    Thanks Blake

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    Hi Blake,

    Many years ago I had a session gifted to me. Actually the gift was for a massage but I was quite ill at the time so the therapist suggested Cranial-Sacral. I had no idea what it was but was game.

    The actaul experience was almost a non-event. Because my health was so low and I was far less attuned to energy work it was merely a pleasant, quiet experience. It felt very nurturing.

    However, that night, my children seemed affected by whatver change took place in me. We were always close but this evening was different. They sat around me and simply shared, my eldest even telling how Dad missing her 5th birthday (5 years earlier) was still a difficult thing for her. We had no idea. (He traveled a great deal back then.) This seemd to heal in her as we spoke.

    Leap ahead 5 or 6 years... I was having Rolfing sessions. Twice, between sessions I had weird things happen like becoming unreasonably angry. When I returned for a session the therapist performed crania-sacral and everything settled wonderfully. I mean, very wonderfully. Even the view from behind my own eyes was different. My space was different. Very centered.

    I don't know overall how cranial-sacral is as a healing modality but I have longed to learn it and share it. And have it done - OFTEN!

    I'd like to hear how it goes should you decide to try it. This is my first visit to this part of the ESM forum so I might well miss entries for a l o n g, l o n g while. I'd be delighted if you'd PM me if the mood strikes.

    Best wishes,