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LOA And Womens' Clothing

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  • LOA And Womens' Clothing

    So I read once in a fashion magazine that every time you get some new clothes, you should get rid of some old ones.

    While that seems incredibly logical, many women do not use logic when making decisions about their clothing (lol).

    Well I did start practicing this (donating old clothes for re-use) and then I took it up a notch.

    The next time I desired new clothes, I STARTED by giving away some old stuff in my closet.

    You might wanna give it a try - it is working for me

    XO Jessica
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    HI, thanks for sharing... have been turfing the old for awhile... to make room for the new....

    with clothes too, cuz if i don't like it or it don't fit.... throw itout(donate it) makes room for new stuff/experiences...

    love Goddess Adriana
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      Excellent idea, future pather!
      I like being able to make donations because it makes me feel like I helped somebody by sharing wealth.


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        possessions and usefullness

        This is a great concept Jessica.

        I read something in a book long ago written by a woman called the Peace Pilgrim. She walked thousands of miles across the country.

        She said that when we have possessions and they outlive their usefulness...if we cannot get ourselves to get rid of them, they are no longer our possessions. They possess us (we are their possessions).
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          Good reminder Jessica...thanks...I'll start cleaning out the closet right away!
          With love and gratitude,



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            One fun thing is to have a party where everyone brings clothes and exchanges them. What is left over is donated to charity.


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              The vacuum effect

              In Fashion Industry we called it the vacuum effect. If you get rid of the old you create a vacuum that needs to be filled!

              Actually, you should get rid of anything you have not worn in one year! Because one year encompasses all of the seasons and if you have not worn it through the season it was designed for then it is no longer of any value to you! All fashion was designed with built in functional obsolescences in to it. Meaning that it really has lost its value after one or two seasons! That said, it does not mean that you can not wear it a little longer, but it was not designed to become permanently part of your wardrobe! In other words our clothes are disposable! I personally like to go through my wardrobe once every six months... but that is just because I like new things, so creating a vacuum is good! That said, remember I actually majored in fashion in college!

              I am also a little wierd in the way that I do everything... I have little systems that I apply to all areas of my life from cleaning out my closets to doing the dishes to even having my ignition keys on one ring and a ring for door keys>>> that way i don't lock my keys in the car (well that is the plan, but tonight i took the clip off of my waist and left the door keys on the seat of the car and hooked the ignition key to my coat A very nice policeman opened my car for me! Hehe) So as you can imagine I am a little OC about things, but I have to say I like it that way! everything has a place and everything in its place! So this system not only works for clothes, but for everything in the house... Yes, you know that junk drawer? Yea, if you aint used it in a while, you aint gonna! Not to say it is not good to recycle it, but let someone else store it for you!
              Blessings Sj zartgirl