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5 Success Myths That Blocks Success

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  • 5 Success Myths That Blocks Success

    A lot of people want to be successful in life. But only a few are able to achieve it.

    Why is that?

    I believe the reason is because of mental blocks that most people have about success. Wrong ideas that they think are what's needed to achieve success.

    Here are the 5 success myths that blocks success in our life.

    1. I'm not successful because I haven't unlocked the profound mystery yet
    - Success is not a complicated mystery that needs to be unlocked. It is just actually just a series of simple activities that you need to repeat over and over again.

    2. I'm not successful because I'm just not lucky enough
    - Luck plays a big part in success. But luck here is actually the offspring of preparedness and opportunity. The more prepared you are, the more likely you will succeed.

    3. I'm not successful because I'm waiting for my big break
    - Success is not a big event in a person's life. Success is a long journey that is full of ups and downs.

    4. I'm not successful because I don't know anybody
    - People don't just magically appear in your life. You need to look for them. Look for mentors or other successful people who can guide you in your journey.

    5. I'm not successful because I don't have enough money to expand fast enough
    - Having a lot of money won't necessarily translate into instant success. Sometimes it can be a bad idea to have them. Lack of money is what usually drives people to want to succeed in life. So having money, will actually make them more lazy and content.

    You can read more about these myths here in my blog Life Coach For Pinoys: The 5 Success Myths That Blocks Success
    JC Arnobit
    Learn how you can achieve your goals and succeed in life ->

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    5 Success Myths That Blocks Success

    Yes, there are many factors that could affect our goals or success in life just like myths and other beliefs though, I believe that it will always depend on how we handle this. We should think positive and learn how to overcome those myths that can hinder our success.


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      Thank you for inspiring me. I agree with your thoughts, sometimes we always look for reasons to give up and not achieve success. In fact, it's all nonsense.

      It was happened in my life when I ruin my business of cable support system product, then I realized and spirit again


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        the common thing I have seen in people that find success is that they work.
        they work hard all the time, and they are thinking about what they could do better.
        and if something fails, they go try something else.
        if you are working 15 hour days 7 days a week,
        at some point something is going to work out.
        when that something works out, they spend all the extra time they have trying to make sure that keeps working and expanding to other things just in case the one thing they got to work fails.

        hard working people with backup plans do better than people that don't work much with no backup plans


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          A lot of it also comes down to what your definition of Success is. The general perception is to have a big house with a nice car, etc. Now, that can certainly be part of the definition for many people, but it's important to always deeply consider what the goal is. After all, half of achievement is finding value in what you already have. At least that's what I've found to be true for me. I believe that success is an ongoing balancing act between striving for betterment, and understanding what it means to appreciate our current circumstances.
          “The unexamined life is not worth living.”—Socrates