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  • the genie in your genes

    the genie in your genes: epigenetic medicine & the new biology of intention
    dawson church, elite books, april 2007

    epigenetic healing
    you: the ultimate epigenetic engineer
    the malleable genome
    the body piezoelectric
    the connective semiconducting crystal
    anatomy of a monster
    consciousness as medicine
    belief therapy
    entangled strings
    scanning the future
    routine miracles
    energy psychology
    soul medicine as conventional medicine
    5 min energy routine

    Be-atrix Bora
    atrium borabora

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    "a team at yale came to the startling realization that 'the cortical map reflects our perceptions, not the physical body' adding that 'the brain is reflecting what we are feeling, even if that's not what really happened' [...]

    "one possible mechanism to explain the ability of our brains to override our senses is the surprising recent discovery that the bundles of nerve cells running from our brain to our senses outnumber the ones running in the other direction by a factor of 10 to 1 [...] u of oregon neuroscientist michael posner says, 'the idea that perceptions can be manipulated by expectations is fundamental to the study of cognition'

    "since we are building these neural pathways with every thought & feeling, we have an opportunity, by taking control of the quality of our thoughts & feelings, to build a neural network focused on the transmission of positive, healing, & joyful impulses [...] we may indeed see, in time, the beautiful world we imagine [...]

    "our emotional & mental environment, which we create as individuals, is 1 of the primary influences turning genes on & off in our cells [...] the awareness that we each create our mental environment & that the genetic effects of environmental changes begin to occur within seconds provides us with an exciting new awareness of the degree of control we enjoy over our wellbeing" (pp. 100-101)

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    Be-atrix Bora
    atrium borabora


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      Thanks, Bora!

      I've been wanting a good book to read and this one looks way better than 'good'. I'm ordering it!

      Paths To Your Success


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        another quote

        "the latest research techniques [...] are revealing a far more frantic pace of activity than ever suspected [...] the protein packed zone that powers synaptic activity -- is replaced, molecule for molecule, almost by the hour
        "the conclusion of this research is that the entire brain is being recycled about once every other month, opening up an enormous field of enquiry into how neurological change interacts with changes in energy systems
        "[...] cutting-edge scientists are left wondering not so much how we can change, but how we can endure" (pp.141-142)

        Be-atrix Bora
        atrium borabora


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          yet another

          "baseball catcher Tim McCarver rightly exclaimed: 'the mind's a great thing as long as you don't have to use it' (p.144)"

          Be-atrix Bora
          atrium borabora


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            "the entire brain is being recycled about once every other month"

            Ah so that's where my mind goes, lol!

            Seriously, though, that is quite amazing and unexpected.

            XO Jessica
            Keep your mind on the aether


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              brain recycling

              Originally posted by bora View Post

              "the conclusion of this research is that the entire brain is being recycled about once every other month,

              This is a very profound concept. The rest of our body has its recycling and I suppose it makes sense that the brain does too. Coupled with PATHS, I see more potential with RDT than ever before!
              Aaron Murakami

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              RPX & MWO


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                heart coherence

                "heart coherence is a state in which the variability of our heart beat is highly regular. positive emotions produce heart coherence, while negative emotions produce large fluctuations in heart rate variability. a high degree of heart coherence is associated with a high degree of efficiency in the functioning of the circulatory & nervous systems...

                "it appears that the heart communicates its perceptions to the brain, rather than vice versa" (pp. 173, 201)

                for more on this see:

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                Be-atrix Bora
                atrium borabora


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                  "microtubules are the girders of our cells. they are rigid protein structures -- the rebar that gives cells their shape...

                  "microtubules are transient in the sense that they are rebuilt often -- in some cells several times an hour...

                  "... their reformulation of the structure of the cell is not random. microtubules appear to be attuned to the energy field in which the cell exists. not just mere girders, microtubules may in fact also be antennas, receiving signals from the environment & carrying our their complex restructuring in response to these signals [...] the role of the hollow core at the center of a microtubule is unknown, though some researchers have speculated that superconductivity & electromagnetic focusing take place in the cores [...] microtubules may be a key resonator with the energy field & some researchers have suggested that they may play a key role in receiving information required to structure cells from the conductor of consciousness...

                  "dr. robin kelly, a british physician [...] speculates that [microtubules] receive signals from the quantum field & play a role in the communication between 1 cell & another & between all cells & the quantum field [...] sir roger penrose [...] & dr. stuart hameroff [...] developped the hypothesis that these hollow tubes were our body's link with consciousness -- an environment where the timeless quantum world was allowed to collapse down to our recognizable physical world [...] it is possible that they may play a role in the transmission of intention & consciousness across distances" (pp. 140-142, 194)

                  Be-atrix Bora
                  atrium borabora