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Various ways to generate electricity

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  • Various ways to generate electricity

    Solar of course, with batteries for backup and a Grid Tie Inverter. Solar Panels (Light) and Solar Stirling Engine Generators (for heat, Dish like on your roof, made of mirror centering all the light / heat to the end of the piston of the Stirling..) - My Jeep Patriot should be a Hybrid, Electric first till 5% battery and then gas for longer trips with a solar panel on the hood to help recharge when outside during the day and the sun is shinning.

    Electric motor is a generator used in reverse, which is merely coils of wiring spinning by magnets to generate electricity or magnets spinning by copper wiring like a bicycle wheel itself could be, magnets instead of the rubber passing by coils close by not touching it. Right now I have a Baldor Motor that I just need to mount and then chain it to the bicycle with the backwheel off and the motor in it's place.

    Squirrel Wheel Generator
    Squirrel project has pair of Mark Morris students spinning their wheels

    I want a Giant wheel to spin inside like the Price is Right generating electricity like a wind turbine does, you can bike it to spin it as well when exercising. Just like you keep tapping the basketball to keep it spinning on your finger, you merely do the same as if you are the wind, maybe using piezoelectric devices of merely tapping the electricity to keep the magnetic flywheel moving or people walking around to keep it spinning. You just keep propelling it forward, like pressing the gas in the car or keep pressing it forward by pedaling.

    I need a pedal and gearing in order to be the wind to keep the wheel spinning or generator moving. So we should be able to sit there watching tv pressing a pedal to keep a flywheel spinning or the turbine. I want to exercise or figure out the most efficient way to be the "wind" inside, doing as minimal work to generate electricity at the same time since I know perpetual motion isn't possible and nothing is free but willing to put the work in myself at home whenever possible (emergency backups, etc.) (Preview)

    Gravity Power - like a grandfather clock, where all you have to do is lift the weight back up after it comes down.

    Rain Barrells, one higher than the other to stimulate the down flow of water to place the water turbine in the middle and the individual can keep riffling the top barrel from the bottom.

    I'm trying to create jobs - More of us should be seeking the production of this stuff, for an abundance of something equals the lower cost of it and it starts with sharing ideas or the knowledge

    Copper Roller coaster with sphere magnet is a good idea, yet you are better off with spinning a flywheel real fast over and over versus letting a sphere go over and over down the track which as it loses speed it will limit production

    A Scaled up crystal radio I'm sure will work, those operate without batteries, bigger the coil and antenna, more amps. I have a little one to understand the concept and build, seen someone on YouTube who scaled his larger than mine to light an LED instead of listening via the speaker like I'm doing with mine and I'm wondering if you scaled his up even more to light a larger bulb? using an antenna many households already have on their roof?

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    KSDK: Man makes drinking water out of thin air - 8.1.2011
    FOX: Water puddles to charge batteries - 4.29.2013
    ABC: Changing Cities: A Wind Turbine That Creates Fresh Water Out of Thin Air - 8.26.2012
    ABC: An American Oil Find That Holds More Than All of OPEC (lol, oh wait, even oil replenishes itself - the sun gives us so much energy we have no idea, we're nothing without it) - 11.13.2012
    Businessweek: CAMBRIAN SYSTEMS INC (CAMS:OTC US): Stock Quote & Company Profile (Three of the wells appear to be extremely promising, with each of them showing good live oil that replenished itself as the company continued to bail.)
    - 11.8.2011
    Examiner: BP oil spill planet killer (Russia drilled over 40,000 feet into the ground and discovered abiotic oil, i.e. oil which replenishes itself via an as-yet-unknown natural chemical process.)
    - 6.15.2010
    CNN: Solar power when the sun has set - 11.19.2012
    Forbes: How To Burn Trash For Power (the heat produces enough electricity to power 88,000 homes. From there the trash is fed into three boilers that burn at 2,000 degrees, heating water to create steam that spins a 60-megawatt turbine. )
    - 6.9.2010
    Peak Oil News: Is Oil an Infinite Resource? (“God has designed the earth so that oil will replenish itself and our energy needs will be met. For example, the Eugene Island oil field off the coast of Louisiana is refilling itself. The earth will produce enough oil to power our economy until God shows us how to use the next energy source he has provided us with.”)- 9.20.2006
    LA Times: In Oil Tensions, Look to Our Soil, Not Turkey's (Quote: "The perception of scarcity is misleading. But since 1989, new discoveries and the ability of companies to wring new production from old deposits have kept pace with world demand, constantly replenishing global oil and gas reserves, according to British Petroleum's Statistical Review of World Energy.")
    - 8.25.1996

    MSNBC: Poop power? Sewage turned into electricity - 7.19.2004
    Yahoo: Urine-powered Generator Unveiled at International Exhibition - 11.13.2012

    It's all about the conversion of energy from one state to another in order to use it, chemical or heat to electrical, vice versa (all types of energy that is converted: light, sound, kinetic, potential, waste or biofuels - hemp fuel, fossils all of which come from solar - Water in one rain barrel raised up to flow down into another one below it with a turbine in the middle, manually keep refilling the top one mimicking the hoover damn - engineering and reverse engineering - motor in reverse is a generator or wind turbine). Use the excess solar we get during the day to power a machine that creates water or hydrogen or grass pellets, wood chips, all like coal to burn at night

    Efficient ways of working instead of wasting time, energy, money.


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      I once tried to use an electric motor during my school practice. I use it to charge a battery source. I think it's a pretty efficient technology for everyone to use