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FREE One-to-One Email Coaching Worth $200

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  • FREE One-to-One Email Coaching Worth $200

    Hi Everyone : )

    You can now get One Month's Free One-to-One Email Coaching worth $200 (with unlimited email access for the month) if you sign up with a new Paths Account at

    PATHS | Energize Your Mind ~ Transform Your Life

    by the 6th of October with at least One Module (excluding Project1World).

    However, I am only physically able to take on another 3 clients in October, so coaching for the first 3 will start immediately, and the next 3 who start Paths by the 6th of October, will need to wait until Novemeber for the coaching.

    Below is some feedback from a couple of my coaching clients:

    __________________________________________________ _____

    "I have had the privilege of being coached one on one by Illusions. I have to say she is the most wonderful caring person, she is always there for me, even at times when I was feeling "down." Her advice is flawless, her thoughts and words are genuine. She uses analogies that are easy to understand and make sense. The comfort level is very high, I feel I can discuss anything with her and she will never be judgmental or critical. I have gone from the brink of despair to feeling great about life. I can see the difference she has made in my life each day. She is such a wonderful coach, the results have been phenomenal. I highly recommend her coaching to anyone."

    Sherry USA
    __________________________________________________ ____________

    "I just want to say that in your first e-mail you said to me you thought I was going to surprise myself and although it hasn't been that long since then, I really have so far! I have decided on a completely different career path which is so exciting that I can't wait to get up in the morning and some of the strain in my relationship has lifted for both of us as I felt confident and strong enough to make that really necessary talk which I was afraid to before. So thank you for all of that!"

    D. G. U.K.
    __________________________________________________ _____________

    "I am so grateful to you for the amazing support you've shown me and the way you explain things so clearly. The exercises you gave me to do were amazing and really helped. Noone else seems to understand. Everyone else was telling me to forget it. Without your guidence I would have given up but instead I'm happier than I have ever been before. thank you."

    Sally C. - U.K.
    __________________________________________________ _____________

    Love and Light and Magic xxx
    Reprogram Your Subconscious to Achieve Conscious Goals. Now you can try PATHS for Free!
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    What a Fantastic offer Illusions!


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      ooo wee sounds great! All those satisfied clients, I am impressed

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