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Feeding Your Reflection.. Why "doing" doesn't help

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  • Feeding Your Reflection.. Why "doing" doesn't help

    This is a Brilliant analogy my sister came up with the other day, and I feel it's worth sharing. It describes perfectly what I believe : that nothing we do physically actually has an effect in the physical. Only the rate at which we're vibrating creates and attracts. Physical actions are only to make it make sense to the conscious mind, so that it will accept it as possible within the physical state.

    Here's her anaology.......

    Trying to make changes in the physical world without changing inside ourselves first, is like trying to put make-up on your reflection in the mirror. As soon as you move, you can see there's no make-up on you. So then you try and put make-up on the image again, but there's never any real change because it's only a reflection. When you put make-up on your own face, then no matter what mirror you look in, your reflection has the make-up on as well.

    But it's natural for us to keep trying to put the make-up on the reflection because that's what we can see - we can't see our real selves. It looks to us as though, in order to change the image, we have to make changes to the image itself

    If you try feeding your reflection, you still starve. AND your reflection will reflect your starvation - no matter how much you try to feed it.

    Whereas, if you feed yourself, you don't need to do anything to your reflection - the changes will be shown automatically because it is a reflection.

    Everything in the physical world is a reflection of some aspect of our inner selves. And as we make changes to our inner selves, people and situations (the reflection) will reflect those changes, and each aspect we change, will be reflected in all mirrors. If you put make-up on your own face, you'll see it in EVERY reflection - every mirror. If you feed yourself, you'll see a healthy reflection in EVERY mirror.

    The physical world is the reflection and so nothing we do to it will really change anything permanently. Only the changes we make inside ourselves - which is like our real self that we can't see except in a mirror - those changes are real, and those are then reflected in the "mirrors" - the physical world. I hope this makes sense

    There's one more part to it, which is about how long it takes for the changes made inside, to show in the "reflection" outside..... I'll put this in a separate post for convenience of reading

    Love and Light and Magic xxx
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    The Speed of Reflection!

    When making changes within yourself in order to change outside yourself, it's important to accept that there is usually a time delay between your conscious decision to make the changes (for example, self love, or changing beliefs about money etc.), and the results you see in your life. And this time delay will depend on the particular issue, and how engrained the belief/pattern is.

    You may, for example, have a belief that the only way to get support from a loved one, is to be struggling and in crisis - and this belief will be programmed into all your cells. It will be a part of you. It may have been programmed from childhood experiences..... this will probably take quite a while to change.

    When you decide to change something about yourself, 90% of you didn't get the memo yet! It takes a while to filter through, depending on the subject and how strong it is programmed in you.

    There's no way of knowing how long it will take for anyone's unconscious to catch up with the conscious decisions. The only time you'll know, is when you see some kind of result - then you'll know, ah, more of me has now caught up

    But the good news is, it won't be a case of all 90% all the time. Different aspects will change at different times and it will probably be gradual. And it will be different for different changes.....

    For example, imagine a coffee shop. Every day for the last twenty years, a particular customer has come in at 11am and ordered a black coffee with four sugars. All the staff know him, and he no longer needs to order. As soon as the staff see him, they make a black coffee with four sugars, and serve it to him. Then one day, he changes his order. When they bring him the coffee, he tells them he no longer wants sugar in it.

    Now, the next time he comes in, one of two things happen: either, the same staff member serves him, but is so in the habit of putting four sugars in the coffee, she goes ahead and does it automatically and has to be reminded by the customer - no sugar. Or..... a different staff member - who hasn't been told about the change, will automatically make the coffee - black with four sugars.

    So, it depends on how many staff members there are, and what kind of communication exists between them. It will also depend on each individual staff member, and their own individual ability to get out of the habit, as to how long it will be before it becomes automatic for the customer to receive a black coffee with NO sugar.

    During this transition, he may sometimes get black coffee without sugar, and then get four sugars again. Sometimes he may get two sugars, because the staff member caught herself half-way through putting sugar in, and stopped. But each time he comes in, he's getting closer to what he wants, because each time he comes in and the coffee is made - even when they accidently put sugar in it, the message is getting more and more ingrained. And then one day, he'll walk in and his coffee will be automatically served without sugar, and the next day, it will happen again..... and so it will become the norm.

    Now.... here's another example - and this explains the difference between the subject matter...

    Imagine a Railway Junction. There are two workers who control the signals at this railway junction. Both have been doing this for twenty years. Every day for twenty years, two trains come from opposite directions at 4pm. And every day for twenty years, the controller on duty has set the signal for the East-bound train to stop, in order to allow the West-bound train through, before then giving the green signal to the East-bound one.

    One day, both controllers receive a message to say there's a new addition to the track, and from now on, you don't need to stop the East-bound train - there is a new track for it. Now, imagine how long it's going to take for those controllers to trust that new instruction - considering that if it's not true, or if it's an error, the trains will crash and people will be killed.

    So in this senario, unlike the coffee shop where it was just a case of everyone getting the message and getting into the new habit - in this senario you've got the Danger element as well!!
    And THAT will take longer. These controllers may need to receive that message many times before they believe and trust it.

    And one of the controllers may be more trusting than the other, so he may one day allow the train through - and that will work fine. But the other controller may not hear about it, so he may continue to hang onto the old instructions for a while longer - "just in case". But no matter how long it takes, if he continues to get the message, he will eventually trust that it is true and not a mistake, and/or he will hear about the success from the other controller. And he too will then make the change.

    We have no idea of what our cells consider "dangerous" - for example, trusting may feel dangerous - that may be the equivilant to some of our cells, of changing the train signals after all these years.
    After allllll these years of not trusting, now suddenly they're told they can trust, well it will take a while for that to get through. Whereas, getting into the habit of noticing the good stuff day-to-day would be more like the coffee shop - a habit change.

    So the best thing we can do is to remind ourselves that this is what is happening behind the scenes, and to be patient . Knowing that the message is getting through, and that the results will begin to show as each part of you receives, and trusts the message. The more understanding and patient you are, the easier and faster the changes will happen because the less stress, the less resistance to the changes.

    And as the rest of the 90% of you catches up with your conscious mind, you'll THEN start to see the results of those changes reflected in your physical world (your mirrors) - money/ relationships/ health/ career etc.

    So, if it feels like you're doing everything right, and you're changing your vibrations by focusing on feeling good, and you're out of the habit of negative beliefs, but you're not seeing the results in the physical world, remember that the majority of you hasn't got the memo yet, but if you keep going, it will!

    I hope this makes sense, and that it helps

    Love and Light and Magic xxx
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      Thank you very much, that does help! I always love your parables, you have such a lovely clear way of explaining things!

      And that coffee-with-four-sugars analogy reminds me, I had better post about my marvellous results with my Eat Right module!


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        Exactly correct. Thank you!
        Life mirrors what is inside of you. You are the Creator of your world.
        We must be patient and take the time to continue to do the work on ourselves.
        You are so right about it taking time to feel the deep corrections.
        Do the work on yourself and you change the world.

        Love and Blessings,

        Dr. DeAnn Upton, A.M.P.
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          Thanks Odille, you are spot on!!!! I think this is the "real" secret to LOA that so many people miss out on!

          I also think this is where healing modalities - whether it be Ho' Oponopono, CEM, ME, or anything else can help to speed the process along, can help us be patient during the transition and help us understand ourselves better along the way. Oh, and of course PATHS. That's been the biggest help to me so far!


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            Brilliant, Odille!

            My Wonderful and Brilliant Odille...

            Once again you have touched me (and many others) with your inspiring words and I am so Happy and Grateful for them... As Jamie said, this IS the real secret behind The Secret and leave it to you to remind us of this! What a Precious Blessing you are to us all!

            And Jamie...I feel the same way about PATHS...There really is nothing like this technology to speed up the process of changing those old, limited patterns of belief that have prevented us from creating the wonderous and joyous realities that we all DESERVE! This is our God Given Right and the true reason we are on this planet! (Thanks PATHS!!!) I was talking to Grace the other day and we commented that we wished PATHS had been available 10 years ago!!! Oh well...Better Late than Never!!!

            Thanks again, Darling Odille!

            Happy Creating, My Beauties!!! And remember to Enjoy, Appreciate and Bless the NOW as you do so!!!

            With MUCH Love and Gratitude,

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              Odille .........
              So sweet to find your post here .... I have always loved your posts on PI and this won (cute type - think I'll leave it!) had the BEST analogies!! The "Make Up on the Mirror" is so clear a picture in my mind!

              I still use your Magic Pill all the time! Just today I totally loved myself so much that I gave me a wonderfully uplifting conversation with a cute new guy teacher! And..... l just gave me PATHS! Am I the "Lucky One" or what!!

              You are a darling - and your words are just angelic!
              Pura Vida! Vineyard Nancy
              Pura Vida! Vineyard Nancy


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                Thats it! Spot on, nothing more to say...its INDISDE comming out... like a boil. So all you have to do is DETOX like crazy. Oh yes, time for effect to happen? = Most humans resonate in every cell etc that you cannot make a standing jup over an 8 foot security fence fence! ..Oh yea, whatch what happens when you are onside the lion enclosure. Greetings from Africa.. don't set the limmits. All good.. but why don't I also have those little supa smileys for my tex?


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                  Hi Joel,

                  . You should have the smilies showing up in a box on the right hand side of the page that comes up when you are replying to a thread. If you click on the word "More" it will display a whole page for you to select from.

                  If this box isn't showing up for you, you may need to post for help under the thread Forum Help & Support

                  Love, Light & Blessings,
                  Theta Healing
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                  "We are the one's we've been waiting for"


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                    Hi Illusions,

                    I'd also like to say "ditto" to everyone's else's comments. I always find your analogies so insightful, helpful & bang on the mark.

                    Thanks so much for sharing!

                    Love, Light & Blessings,
                    Theta Healing
                    Paths 2 Potential

                    "We are the one's we've been waiting for"


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                      Your brother's Project - re: Illusions

                      Right, so where do I start, Well, A big thankyou to Aaron Murakami, Illusions (sitah), Michael Trup, Robert De Souza, Andrew Wilmot, Kevin Pirolo, Kirstie, Alistair, Anne Quinn, Shaun A Ensor-Smith and everyone who took the time to read my rant. Its DEFINATELY the thought that counts. I was glowing from the inside and had cramp in my dimples every time Illusions forwarded a response to me. I have kept the links for when we get up and running. Right now its survival mode.

                      It was truly a mind opener for me. The suggestions I received and the synergies I was shown really got me to pull up my socks so as to kick but can keep my shoes clean. All the negativity fallout from residual thought processes became a daily mantra that I recited on the phone..Sorry cant pay..but it’s not intentional...punishment will not make me more willing to pay. etc. etc. Some people just don't get it.

                      Anyway, so now I am only focused on keeping the project alive till my partner get the main funding through. Then we complete the training package, train our trainers and Green to the Extreme. Great side effects though living soil = Vibrant plants = supa- nutrition = brain food = productive people = thriving economy = better (real )education = heightened awareness and knowledge = more growers etc etc.+ + +

                      So for now it would be great for any spare thoughts to be channeled to the legal department at ABSA bank SA on Thursday 13th at 10:00 am SA time (or any time you think abut it, Good thought have long shelf life) I have meeting with a man who hides his face from me and cannot see the how our project can possibly work. (he has not seen our business plan or our demo farm etc)

                      Well maybe it my big mouth, I told them that of course our accounts will be settled. As soon as the promised funding arrives, however, if the funding company does due diligents, then it will surely jeopardize the funding ….next minute they become extra efficient and promptly hand us over to their legal dept…go figure. 3 more months breathing space to ensure they get paid out.

                      This is the showdown after years of attempts from our bank to put an end to us arrogant bunny huggers (yes they said that...and I didn’t even use the term ‘Money Hugger’.
                      This nonsense must stop. A salaried employee cannot make uninformed decisions that will undermine their company’s public image, as the budget to rectify the embarrassment far exceeds their pay packet + car allowance. (Darwin Award nominee to be)

                      Our programme addresses most aspects of what our president has been banging on about for years now., let alone the thousands of voices all calling for solutions. Its time to get with the obvious, More people living harmonious, sustainable lifestyles, with an all compassing training package up fronted by growth and change workshops, Systematically rolled out in an orderly fashion, nation wide….but before it even gets of the ground a few members of a bank decide to handle us like a hotdog vendor trying to short change them.

                      Oh yes I’m still waiting for them to give me the number of a ‘black face’ to speak to.

                      Well enough of that, as you can tell my time and passion is been hijacked by ignorance.
                      I’m told that it’s all about the money…well yes, nothing wrong with that, as money is just one reward for honest intention and non destructive practices that serve to nurture people and their environments. Without healthy informed people, who is going to run your companies, your town, your country. What do humanitarian projects have to do with commerce, technology and hard nosed money making? They all need employees and customers. Why is this so difficult to accept? Where is the mystery? More new customers grateful to your services that support the basic needs for the survival of the society = win win and all can come and play (except those who’s income is relyant on the misery of humans, animal and nature.) It is more than possible to thrive in abundance without adding to the poison that keeps your customers reliant on your product.

                      Consciousness is rising…don’t be sitting on it….it may hurt yer tender bits.

                      I am now inspired to write a song called the GREENY BLUES, all thoughts are wecome, compile it online, submit to Eurovision blah blah. Theres potential for fun.

                      Geeeez, when my two finger typing gets going…and I thought I didn’t have the time to post a reply. Hmm

                      Aaron, thank you sincerely, all I can say is that have been infused with ‘Pure Joy’. How did you know? WoW. Thank you again...I had No Idea. Just when I thought I had a glimpse of the Big Picture…it turned out to be a just a pixel of an infinitely larger one.
                      I haven’t stopped smiling since Friday. My chakras are truly shaken. I feel like someone stuck haemoid cream on my pineal gland! I must now wear my sunglasses on the inside. Wow! Oh, and you book is great too, when is the next one?

                      If it wasn’t for the mess I’m in, you would not have offered that suggestion…now I even thank that wunch of bankers.

                      That’s it from me. (both fingers now have cramp)

                      If you have read this far down the rant, it would be clear to you, right about now that:
                      Without problems, there are no solutions. So you miss out on a lot of helpful people.

                      Thanx to all that shared. (I’m not being spooshy)


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                        Thanx Sharyn, well thats the law of attraction working foy you...make a boo boo ...Attract an answer!

                        No, Seriously, I used the quick reply box at the bottom of the page, it's smiley defficient. Give me time I will digest all the tricks. Thanx again I foud it.