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Law Of Attraction - would like your opinion please!

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  • Law Of Attraction - would like your opinion please!

    Moxiemags has encouraged me to post here, a radio show called Success Radio I was asked to be guest presenter two days ago for an hours discussion about the Law of Attraction in particular focus on my chosen topic of appreciation and gratitude It was my first show & I'm not listening to it again LOL But I'd love some feedback If anyone would like to listen in, you can for free! (all you need do is click on "Play Now" next to Recording. It will play on the site, no download needed)

    I hope you enjoy it & I'd love to know what you think

    Love and Light,
    SJ xx

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    Hi Sonora,
    I tried to get it to play from the site and got nothing.
    Nothing played at all.
    Would love to know if others can get it to play.
    Looking forward to hearing it.
    Love and Blessings,

    Dr. DeAnn Upton, A.M.P.
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      It was great and you have a very lovely speaking voice full of high strong clear energy!!!

      Blessings with Aloha Keoi
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        Oh DeAnn I haven't a clue why it wouldn't work! I just tried and it began to play okay. Hmm. Maybe try some CEM? That's the answer to my prayers right now! It even worked to repair my photography program Let me know how you get on with it. If not, I'll see what else is possible. I don't have a copy of it as it's too large! Otherwise would send to you hun. xx

        Thank you So much Keoi! I SO appreciate your feedback Thank you, I was nervous at first, I've never done anything like that. I had no idea what to expect or what questions would be thrown at me lol! When I woke in the morning feeling nervous I thought "I'm just going to have to fly by the seat of my pants" Plus, when I heard it was an hour live, I couldn't believe it. My first show, and the girls from CEM group will tell you I am quiet on there I'm not very talkative lol But got through it somehow. At the end my throat was hot LOL. Luckily Maggie taught me Reiki so that helped! lol.
        Thank you for listening.
        I might just pluck up the courage and listen in later now. Trouble is if I hear something I said not quite right, I'll be cringing all over the place LOL.

        Love and Light,
        SJ xx
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          Great Show S.J.

          Hi there, sweetie! Your show was great. Your voice sounds so loving and caring and it was really nice to be able to listen to you. I could actually picture you in the conversation.
          I also loved hearing you laugh.
          Love, Light, Gratitude & Joy,
          Love, Light, Gratitude & Joy

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            Hi all,
            I CEM'ed it and, although I couldn't get the Play link to work, I travelled around the site and at exactly 2:22 found the podcast link and got it to play!!!

            The show was great. I enjoyed every minute of it. Great job
            Much Gratitude for sharing.
            Love and Blessings,

            Dr. DeAnn Upton, A.M.P.
            My PATHS Affiliate Website


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              Thank you so much Maggie and DeAnn Good job DeAnn! Where there's a will there's a way I'm so pleased it worked out. I expect I sound about 10 years old so I still haven't listened

              Thank you Maggie for giving me the idea to post here. There's some great other shows there if people are interested

              Love & Light,
              SJ xx


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                Hey SJ,

                It is wonderful!!! I so enjoyed listening! Thank you!!!


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                  Thank you! I am so grateful Coach Erwin gave me this opportunity He is a lovely person, and made me feel so at ease.

                  I hope you enjoy the other shows too.

                  SJ x


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                    OH, Sweet Sonora!!!

                    YOU ARE SO AWESOME!!!!

                    I LOVED listening to this show! You sound FABULOUS and your words of wisdom are PRECIOUS!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing, Beautiful Girl!

                    With MUCH Love and Gratitude,

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                      You are ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!

                      Hi Sonora!

                      I LOVED the radio show with you on!!! YOU WERE ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS on it!! Your voice sounded PERFECT!! You have a voice that is calming, soothing and very attractive!!

                      I am looking forward to VIEWING you on TV, and I know this is coming very soon for you!!!
                      IMMENSE LOVE AND GRATITUDE ~ GRACE
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                        Thank you so much!

                        Hi Pamela! Your words are always so warm & encouraging! I appreciate your comments very much Thank you so very much hunnie!

                        Hi Grace! Wow thank you. tv? I can't imagine it right now, just got my "radio legs" LOL. You made me do a double take lol!! Thank you so much for your comments & for listening too, it is lovely to read how encouraging everyone is it means a lot! Thank you!!

                        Love and Light,

                        SJ xxx


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                          Sonora you are charming ..

                          I love your show i'm listening to it right now ...

                          your voice is soo lovely and your words are wise and simple and sincere and amazing ..

                          Love & Gratitude, Lama



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                            Thank you so much Lama! I really appreciate your post & thanks for listening in. I was expecting a lot more comments about how to improve and to speak slower that kind of thing so I'm over the moon people can understand me It's made my day! Thanks again

                            Love & Light,
                            SJ xxx


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                              Way to go Sonora!!
                              It was such a treat to listen to your SHOW!! WOW!! Your very own show !!
                              I'm new to this forum and am just thrilled to be finding such wonderful stuff popping up in all the threads. And Sonora - your show was "Wonder -full!" I was blown away by your absulutely "right-on" explanations of LOA.
                              I'd say, "You Go Girl", but it's obvious that you are already on your way!!
                              Pura Vida! Vineyard Nancy
                              Pura Vida! Vineyard Nancy