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Looking forward - Peace 4 R Planet

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  • Aaron
    2009 Year for Peace

    For anyone interested in numerology, 2009 = 11
    11 usually stays 11 instead of being factored down to 2.

    11 is a base number for spirituality and 2 is a peacemaking number. Being neutral and seeing both sides of the story.

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  • PATHS, S.A.
    started a topic Looking forward - Peace 4 R Planet

    Looking forward - Peace 4 R Planet

    The current Project 1 World subject of PEACE has been active for almost a year now.

    Many have seen
    major steps being taken toward PEACE since the beginning of 2008.

    Other perspectives fail to see a solidified movement toward Peace.

    We are confident as we move into 2009 that what has been in the embryonic stages will begin coming into full view, and that PEACE for our PLANET will become a recognized priority.