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Playing for Change - Peace Through Music

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  • gajo108
    Playing for Change

    I have distributed the 'Stand by Me' video to as many friends as possible. The response had been enormously gratifying. Mark Johnson is seeking to expand this project, and I support his concept as a real life example of something simple that can bring a wide range of people and cultures together.

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  • Aaron
    started a topic Playing for Change - Peace Through Music

    Playing for Change - Peace Through Music

    Tonight has been quite a night!

    After the election coverage,
    I watched some Bill Moyer's show
    on PBS.

    There was a segment on Playing
    for Change - Peace Through Music.
    Music - one of the things that unites
    people around the world.

    Here is the PBS link and the homepage
    to the project.

    Bill Moyers Journal . Playing for Change | PBS

    Playing for Change: Peace Through Music

    YouTube - Playing For Change: Peace Through Music Trailer

    It is a touching and powerful message
    about not living from fear but from
    Love and especially through music.