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Question about adding modules???

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  • Question about adding modules???

    Hi folks,

    I have a couple of questions:

    1) I just signed up yesterday, for four modules. I'm interested in adding
    a couple more but the site won't allow it -- keeps telling me my shopping
    cart is full (actually it's empty). Is there a limit to how many modules I
    can have at one time (from the site it looks like I should be able to add
    three more, for a one-time setup fee for each).

    2) Does this automatically renew or do I have to contact you at the end of
    each month to renew?


    There is a maximum of 4 modules (plus the sleep, which is automatically included) allowed per Username/Theater Presentation.

    If you would like additional modules, then you must sign up for a second account, using a different username and password. You will then have two Theater presentations you may view.

    Yes, it is an automatically recurring charge of $34.95 per Theater Presentation each month.

    Energetic Forum Administrator

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    Question on Additional Usernames/Theaters

    Question: If I already have one Theater with 4 modules plus sleep, and I want to get a second Theater, is the price the same for the second as I paid for the first? Or is there a discount because I already have a Theater?

    Each additional Username/Theater that you set up is the same cost as the first one.

    For each Username/Theater there is the initial setup fee and then the auto recurring monthly of $34.95. You can switch the modules in this Username/Theater a maximum of one time per month. All it costs is $34.95 a month once the initial setup fee has been paid.

    IF you want a second Username/Theater (so that you can have more than 4 modules running simultaneously) the process for signing up and paying is exactly the same as the first one.

    The two main reasons that additional Usernames/Theaters cost just as much, even if you already have one, are:

    1. Each Username/Theater is a completely separate account in the system and there is a significant amount of work in setting up a Theater Presentation initially.

    2. Each Username/Theater has a certain amount of computer processing power alloted to it (and not ever used by any other Username/Theater). The hardware needed to push the RDT technology, through our servers is relatively expensive.

    Energetic Forum Administrator


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      This is great info!
      Happiness & Health,

      PATHS, S.A. Staff