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How often should I watch the Theater?

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  • How often should I watch the Theater?

    This is a cut and paste from the PI forum, which was a cut and paste from a PATHS newsletter.

    Nancy: It says that you don't recommend watching the PATHS Theater presentation more than once a week, because there aren't any added benefits in doing so. How does that work? I would think that the more you watch it, the more your subconscious is being told to do something.

    Scott: We don't recommend that you NOT watch the Theater presentation more than once a week. It's just not necessary to do so.

    PATHS RDT transfers millions of instructions per minute into your brain. These instructions are, for lack of a better word, "time released." Two or three minutes of viewing and listening per module are all it takes to deliver enough of these "time released" instructions into one's brain to last approximately 7-10 days.

    However, there is evidence that if one watches the presentation more than once a week it does encourage the conscious mind to "get in sync" with the subconscious more quickly.

    Nancy: So the time released aspect is actually programmed into the data that you're transferring to the client's subconscious?

    Scott: Yes. It's time released, and your body and mind assimilates or utilizes these instructions over the 7 day period.

    Nancy: Was it developed that way so that you wouldn't have to watch it every single day? Was that the idea?

    Scott: Correct. I do want to mention-there is another benefit of watching the presentation more than once a week-for the vast majority, watching the presentation is very calming and relaxing.

    I highlighted that bit in red as I think it is important, well it is to me anyway as I am sure my conscious and subconcious have been OUT of synch for many years.

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    Watch it 3 times a week minimum

    Kevin posted some great info about the theaters and if you still have any questions or doubts as to how often to watch it.

    Watch it 3 times a week minimum.
    Aaron Murakami

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      By the way, I've been watching my theatre(s) roughly once a week since I started on PATHS six months ago, and my results are great.

      I'm going to start doing it daily, and see what happens.

      I do want to mention-there is another benefit of watching the presentation more than once a week-for the vast majority, watching the presentation is very calming and relaxing.
      Yes, this is very true, and for me some days it's the only time I really get to sit down and think about what I love and want in my life, instead of worrying about all the other day-to-day stuff. In this respect, I think that watching the PATHS theatres is a great form of meditation, even if only a brief one.


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        i am totally new here and wondering what theater is everyone talking about?


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          Hi Todo and !!!

          The "Theatre Presentation" that everyone is talking about is PATHS! Just click on the banner at the top of the page to find a PATHS website and read all about it there. Also, there is a separate PATHS forum here at ESM where there is a wealth of information on this amazing technology. And Todo... If you have ANY questions or concerns at all, please don't hesitate to ask, and you can be sure one of us will jump right in to help you!

          With Much Love and Gratitude,

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            Kevin Aaron

            Thanks for even more clarity on this! And Kevin - it threw me for a loop to see the conversation between "Nancy" and Scott! Nope - it's not me, but I had almost convinced myself that it was!
            Vineyard Nancy
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              Oops...I Forgot!

              Oh, Dianne...I almost forgot...

              If you would like to experience for yourself what one of the PATHS Theatre Presentations is like, there is a FREE module that is a humanitarian collective intention! Just click on "Project 1 World" in my signature and you can sign up for it.... it will be delivered to your computer at NO cost to you! Also, if you would like to read more about this Fabulous collective intention, just click on the Free E-book link in my signature below. Within this book, the brilliant Aaron Murakami explains how it works and you will also have a greater understanding of the PATHS RDT technology! And Dianne...We would LOVE IT if you would join us in this collective humanitarian intention which currently is addressing free and renewable energy technologies!

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                Another Thought On Viewing Time

                I had read somewhere that while watching more often would not hurt in any way shape or form, that your subconscious could only hold so much information and eventually, once filled, the rest of the instructions would simply spill over the top of the 'receptical,' so to speak.

                I made an interesting observation a few weeks ago. We had moved our offices at my day job and while I was one of only a few to keep my office, I got 'real' furniture instead of the giant cubicle I had. This allowed me (or forced me) to rearrange my office. I have a stereo which I had never been able to get radio reception because of its proximity. However, in it's new location I can get radio reception and so was listening very quietly.

                A song that I knew very well came on. I had heard this song probably thousands of times over the years and knew the words, harmony and melody perfectly even though I could not fully hear the song being played. Yet, I 'heard' it in my mind in it's entirity.

                My feeling is that the more you watch your modules, the more familiar your subconscious will become with the instructions therein. So, after a time, even if you watch every day and some information spills over thr brim, you will still hear the 'music' of your PATHS modules in their entirity, getting even more benefit as times goes by.
                Blessings on the journey, Glenn
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                  Bumpa Bumpa Bump!
                  Happiness & Health,

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