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    I just received the newest newsletter and it mentioned that there is a new module for diabetes coming soon. I just started the healthy natural weight loss module but the main reason for doing that was for diabetes.

    Can you give us an idea when the new diabetes module will be released and if it also deals with proper weight?

    Thank you so much.

    Spokane, WA

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    Diabetes Module coming soon!

    The Diabetes Module addresses eating healthy, which does have an impact on weight.

    HOWEVER, the main issues addressed in the Module are:

    Healthy Pancreas
    Increase in production of quality insulin
    Increase in absorbtion of insulin

    There are a few other things...they will all be covered in the Full Product Description.

    There will also be a report on the 3 tests (with 17 test subjects) we have done, and the results.

    Energetic Forum Administrator