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Question regd the bars

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  • Question regd the bars


    I just recently joined the PATHS family. After I finish the theater watch, i get 2 bars. What are those bars are? What is the meaning of them etc.

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    PATHS docs

    Hi Raj,

    Have you read any articles or docs about PATHS? If so, which ones?

    Based on your answer, I can probably refer you to a few docs you may not
    have read.
    Aaron Murakami

    Books & Videos
    RPX & MWO


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      Hi Raj!

      If you are speaking of the Quantum Connection Point at the end of your Theater, the graph represents your Average Quantum Connection Point and a Community Average Connection Point.

      The number of your Personal Connection point lets you know how connected your conscious and subconscious mind was to the RDT Gen II portion of the Theater. This is an average of your most recent viewing.

      Anything between 70 and 100 represents a good connection. For instance, a score of 80 is no better than a score of 97. Anything above 70 represents a good connection.

      A good connection, along with accurate personal information, proper nutrition and viewing at least once a week, means that you are likely receiving full benefit from your PATHS.

      If your personal number is below 70, it is a good idea to view again to ensure full benefit.

      Focus and intent can affect the outcome of this number!
      Happiness & Health,

      PATHS, S.A. Staff