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Acai berry to substitute Spirulina?

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  • Acai berry to substitute Spirulina?

    I am unable to take Spirulina, and Zrii is too expensive for me, and Ive read that Acai Berry has the same nutritional benefits of amino acids as Zrii does so I was wondering if Acai berry is a good substitute for spirulina as well?

    Ive taken Acai before and it tastes great, and my body doesnt reject either so Im hoping Acai is okay. val

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    spirulina alternative


    As long as you feel fine when taking Acai, it will work.

    Besides spirulina, there is blue-green algae and chlorella.

    Goji berry has all essential aminos and so does cordyceps mushroom.

    Whey protein tablets for weight lifting should work fine as well if you can take dairy products.
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      acai alternative to spirulina

      How much acai should one take as a substitute for spirulina?


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        Do PATHS results depend on spirulina or zrii?

        was wondering how spirulina or Zrii affects us when using Paths? Does it help to speed our results up a little more than if we dont take it?

        Or does Paths only work if we use spirulina or Zrii?

        The reason I ask is because the first week of using Paths, I did take Spirulina without any sickness, about 3 grams a day for about 5 days, (before it made me very ill) and I experienced results from two of my modules which are Inspired luck and Female Sexual enhancement.

        For the last 2 weeks, I have not used spirulina and its seems like paths isnt working for me or its working very slowly because I dont have enough neurotransmitters and connections to process the paths instructions or something....

        Can anyone help clarify how this all works? THanks a bunch....I hope Im not annoying everyone with my questions.


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          Jessica shared some good info on this subject here:

          Also, here are a few excerpts from the nutrition page on the PATHS website

          PATHS ~ Mind Energetics

          PATHS is a unique energetic tool that assists your mind (aka the subconscious) to reach goals that your conscious mind has set for yourself.

          Because PATHS is going to be instructing your mind to help you enhance your abilities, a certain amount of increased brain activity is expected, and the brain, to function properly, needs adequate nutrition. Amino acids and minerals are of particular importance in getting the most productivity out of your unconscious brain.

          Research has shown that spirulina (available at most all health food and vitamin stores) and a good multi mineral will make a world of difference in how effectively your mind works on your new PATHS. Typical amount of Spirulina ranges between 2000 - 3000 mg's per Module.

          With PATHS your brain will be more active, thus requiring more fuel (amino acids) to operate properly.

          However you get that fuel, spirulina, E3live, Zrii, or any other amino acid supplements does not matter, just so long as you get it.


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