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How do I know if PATHS is working?

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  • How do I know if PATHS is working?

    Here is an excerpt from the PATHS FAQ found on the websites:

    How do I know if it is working?

    Examine your thoughts, emotions and physical body for your desired transformations. As each individual has different energetic blockages and patterns to be cleared, and will naturally notice results differently.

    You may find it helpful before starting a new Module to write down a list of issues related to the Module you have chosen and rate their severity on a scale of 1 to 10. Because the transformations may happen subtly over time, it is sometimes not until you compare where you are to where you were that you notice how much you've changed.
    Happiness & Health,

    PATHS, S.A. Staff


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    Also a lot of people notice a change in their sleep pretty soon after starting.

    If people sleep well, they can even get a little disturbance in sleep when starting PATHS but it does not seem to last long.

    If they don't normally sleep well, they often notice an improvement within the first week on PATHS.

    Especially with modules that interact with the collective, you can get some bumps before everything settles, most often within 3 months.

    In those cases, it is typical to get improvement, then be deeper challenged as PATHS tackles harder issues.

    Then there can be this challenging stage before things improve and go up and up. For me I have noticed this for a few modules, and it has always been in my 2nd month.

    Another thing I seem to be noticing is that for modules where people used to have an easy time with the topic but are stuck in a rut, the breakthrough can be very obvious and sudden.

    Like for me with self esteem, it was less than two weeks and my change was clear as a bell and lasting.

    Now I feel I had good self esteem when I was younger but was struggling with it in my adulthood.

    If I had never had good self esteem, I bet my results would have manifested more gradually.

    Keep your mind on the aether


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      Bumping this up.
      Happiness & Health,

      PATHS, S.A. Staff