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Understanding the Take if Off Module

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  • Understanding the Take if Off Module

    Understanding the Take it Off Module.

    The Take it Off Module is the Module that has the largest variation in customer experiences.

    (The above is a nice way of saying, we get rave reviews from some , and deep disappointment from others )

    If it were not for the fact that over 70% of the people using this module experience such tremendous benefits, we would pull it from the product list.

    This module went through extensive pre-release development and testing.

    Since it has been released it has been "upgraded" several times, and these additions did help *some* who were not previously seeing results.

    We have some people that report losing up to 15 pounds in 2 weeks, and others that report actually gaining fat, and everything in between.

    How can this be?

    The first step is to understand what this module is programmed to do.

    Taken from the Full Description of the product (with notes):

    This module is designed to assist a person in natural, healthy weight loss.

    Two important points-

    1. The key word is Assist, not do it for them. It is not a pill, it is designed to assist a person in their efforts to lose fat.

    2. Natural, healthy weight loss. Depending on ones natural metabolism, how fast they gained the weight (they want to lose), it can be taken off quickly or over a period of time, but the key is that it is done naturally and in a healthy manner.

    It addresses a wide cross section of issues on both a habitual level and a balanced body chemistry level.

    Some may lose inches rather than actual pounds, because of overall muscle tonification and the conversion of fat to lean muscle mass, which weighs more than fat.

    Issues addressed in this module:

    · Desire to work hard to make ones body fit and trim (one has to follow through on the desire and actually work hard)
    · Increased metabolism (to a healthy level, not one that stresses the body in order to lose weight fast)
    · Increased energy (see above)
    · Stimulation of energetic physical activity (see above)
    · Increased muscle mass and tone (this will actually add weight, but lead to fat loss)
    · Healthy pituitary gland functioning (healthy, not overactive)
    · Better digestion (of course, this can only work with what is ingested)
    · Balanced bowel flora (very important for long term health)
    · Increased metabolism of adipose fat (cellulite) (to a healthy level)
    · Increased production & utilization of chromium picolinate (to a healthy level)
    · Desire to eat healthy foods (this can be very tricky*)
    · Stimulates detoxification to reduce cellulite (can result in one feeling detox effects, and if one turns to "comfort foods" when not feeling well, that would be counter productive)

    *There are some of us that are very independent thinkers, very stubborn, and/or naturally rebellious, and thus candidates for actually starting to eat worse after beginning use of this module. This is because we do not want to "eat healthy", or we certainly do not want to change our eating habits just because these unbidden thoughts pop into our conscious we rebel and "do what we want". This is part of the process and most will eventually start doing what they know is right for themselves.

    This module will increase a person’s energy.

    It is important when using this module to exercise, walking 15-20 minutes every other day is sufficient.

    Without some sort of exercise outlet for the additional physical energy, it could manifest as irritability, or nervous energy.

    Recommended Program Supplements:

    · Spirulina
    · Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Supplement
    · Fresh Vegetables and Lean Proteins
    · Exercise (minimum 15-20 min every other day)
    · Balance between resistance training and aerobic training

    Now that we understand what the Module is programmed to do, there is a basis for realistic expectations.

    The second step in understanding the Take it Off Module is:

    PATHS products, as a rule, are NOT designed to work quickly. They are designed to help a person from the inside out, naturally, organically. This Module falls squarely in that category. Here is a post that explains the typical steps one goes through when addressing an issue at its' very root:

    The Take it Off Module is a #1 AND a #3 type module referred to in the above post.

    The third step in understanding the Take it Off Module is:

    Every single one of us is different. We are unfathomably complex life forms. We all start at different points, physically, emotionally, and in the habitual thought pattern department. This can, and does, have an influence on how quickly we see benefits from this Module. It can also, in some instances, be such a strong influence, that even after months, no benefits are achieved. Thankfully, for most, this is a very small percentage.

    Regardless of how you are feeling, or what you are experiencing after 1, 2, 3 or even 4 weeks, the odds are in your favor that you will begin experiencing benefits from this module.

    However, if after reading and understanding the above, you do not believe the Module will accomplish what you desire, then we recommend you discontinue use of it.

    The amount of work we put into developing and testing each Module is immense. (especially this one! ) We only want the very best for each and every one of you, and if we can help you on your journey, this is our reward.


    Happiness & Health,

    PATHS, S.A. Staff


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    diet recommendations

    For weight loss, these dietary recommendations may help

    Eliminate corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup products from the diet. This alone can add up to 9 pounds a year in fat for people who cannot metabolize it well.

    Eliminate white flour products as they are too easily broken down to sugar and cakes the colon. Much of the belly size people think is fat is really a colon full of caked up fecal matter that has built up over years. It is healthier to eat whole grain based flour products and preferrably non-genetically modified whole grain.

    Eliminate white processed sugar products and don't use them to sweeten food and drinks. This sugar is lacking the natural minerals normally in cane sugar. It is more easily broken down. If you absolutely want cane sugar, try organic raw cane sugar...will be brown as it has other nutrients that is lacking when it is stripped out of white sugar and is more slowly broken down than just pure white sugar. --------

    Try xylitol or stevia for substitutes for sweetners. Xylitol is actually a sugar that prevents cavities, is about 20-30% less calories than cane sugar and has a lower glycemic index so is a little safer for diabetics. It is probably the closest natural safe alternative to white cane sugar that is similar in look and taste. Stevia is not even a sugar and is incredibly sweet. As a health food store for samples.

    Eliminate white rice as it also cakes the colon and is low in nutrients. Use brown rice as it is higher in fiber and nutrients.

    Eliminate artificial sweetners especially aspartame. In many diet products such as diet sodas because of low to no calories but wreaks havok on the nervous system, causes cancer, converts to "wood alcohol" in the body and can cause the retina to detatch, an endless list of other problems in addition to slowing the fat burning metabolism so that it actually makes it more difficult to lose weight.

    Drink more water and eat more fiber.

    15-30 minutes of walking or other exercise in the morning will help boost fat burning metabolism for quite a few hours afterwards.

    Fasting from dinner to sleep time, preferrably 3 hours, is ideal for weight loss. Your stomach will be very empty and if you take some spirulina or AFA directly before sleep with a glass of water, the absorbable protein will burn fat very effectively while sleeping. If the spirulina or AFA is too energizing, then look for another source of protein like a liquid collagen protein supplement.
    Aaron Murakami

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      dietary resources

      References for dietary recommendations post

      Xylitol.Org - Xylitol on the Web - get the free ebook and learn more about xylitol than you ever wanted to know! The safe natural sweetner.

      Stevia Rebaudiana Information - super sweet leaf extract and it is NOT even a for diabetics.

      Aspartame (Nutrasweet) Toxicity Information Center - resources on the truth about aspartame artificial sweetner, don't be fooled by the information claiming it is safe...check the history and it speaks for itself - avoid this stuff like the plague Sweet but Not So Innocent?
      Learn about high fructose corn syrup and how detrimental to the body it is.. great article

      Below are 3 very impressive articles showing the differences:

      White sugar vs raw sugar

      White bread vs brown bread

      Brown rice vs white rice

      Most people don't know but products like white sugar, white bread and white rice was originally preferred by well-to-do class of people because they were too good to eat that dirty looking brown stuff. So the peasants were more healthy than the rich people who suffered from various problems because of nutritional deficiency. Now it has become the standard pure white and deadly foods that just about everyone consumes. Part of this was marketing hype to make it just look nice and clean but little do people really know how deadly these foods are.
      Aaron Murakami

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        Quoted from Aarons link "White bread vs brown bread."

        White bread is made is from wheat flour from which the bran and germ have been removed. This is where much of the nutritional bread value is. White bread is lower in zinc, fiber, thiamin, niacin, trace elements and "good" fats and oils. White bread in many countries has to be fortified with vitamins and minerals *by law* during the bread making process. These are usually sprayed into the mix. It's somewhat ironic that the nutrients that are removed from wheat are re-added by this means. Nature provides, we destroy, then add it back in via a man made form.

        You know what they do with the stuff they take out of the wheat flower so they can make white bread from it?

        They make vitamins out of it!! Puts it in perspective, don't it?

        XO Jessica
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          Happiness & Health,

          PATHS, S.A. Staff