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  • I'm Confused^O^

    Hi Admin

    No sooner had I signed my husband up for 4 modules and he was then able to view his theatre presentation,it took about 5 minutes.

    I thought that all his personal data had to be imputed manually but it seems like it was all automatic.It was amazing how fast it was.

    Is this just the initial imput data that hasn't any personal details? Should he be watching it then?

    Sorry if I sound stunned but in one of Aarons post he mentioned how labour intensive the imputting of personal details were.

    Forever Grateful ^O^

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    PATHS- The Initial set up process

    Hi Mya!

    There are several components that the initial set-up is composed of:

    1. Purchase and set-up of hardware for Theater presentations. Each Username/Theater has a certain amount of computer processing power alloted to it (and not ever used by any other Username/Theater). The hardware needed to push the RDT technology, through our servers and to your computer screen, is relatively expensive.

    2. When one first signs up for their Theater Presentation, one of our computers automatically dumps the modules chosen, and unique Key information (name birthplace, birthdate) into a file for immediate viewing of the Theater Presentation.

    Then, within 24 hours, (usually 1-2 hours) one of our customer
    provisioning specialist customizes the Theater:
    • with the time zone
    • sleep boost (if it was chosen)
    • changes certain modules from generic to ones created especially for male or female
    • adjusts the priorities of the programming based on the mix of modules chosen to optimize results (this is a biggie!)
    • double checks sleep and wake times
    • time zones
    • birthdates
    • makes sure that females have not chosen a module only for males and vice versa, (yes, we have had people check mark that they are male and then order the PMS module)

    Addionally, during the first month there may be a series of adjustments made to "fine-tune" the programming, or even multiple module changes for each unique customer. After the first month there is maximum of one request for modules changes per month.

    On average our provisioning specialists and customer service personnel, spend 2.75 hours per customer. This does NOT include the set up time for the hardware that is alloted to each customer.

    After the first month, obviously the hardware is already in place, and the
    provisioning and customer service drops to about .75 hours per customer, per month.

    One can definitely watch the Theater immediately upon signing up. However, the full benefit will not be in place until we have done all of the above. (which we usually do within 1-2 hours, never more than 24 hours)

    Happiness & Health,

    PATHS, S.A. Staff



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      Hi PATHS,

      Thanks for giving us a peek behind the scenes

      Best regards
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        Hi Admin

        Thanks for the explanation and the dynamics behind the scenes.

        I thought it must have only been a preliminary imput as it was so automatic.

        Forever Grateful