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  • Length of time to use a module

    Below is a great series of posts from a Thread over on the PI PATHS forum.

    These excerpts are very useful in helping understand how long one should use some modules.

    The entire thread can be seen here:
    Forum PATHS Forum: Which module best for getting organized?

    Hey Aaron....just curious -- on the website it says this modules benefits are in place permanently after 60-90 days -- I'm wondering why you continue to use it? What is the benefit, if any, in general, of continuing to use the modules that are described as "done" after the 90 day period?



    Hi Chansonette!

    I use it ongoing because no matter where I am, there is always the next level. I used SLP1 for almost 4 months before I used slp2. If I did it over, I'd do slp1,2,3 for one month each. For slp1,2,3 after going through them all, I'm repeating 123123123123
    over and over. No matter where I am at, there is always room to expand to the next frame of reference.

    With goals in particular, I became a lot more productive and little by little I see continued gradual improvements.

    So why use them longer than recommended? I want to go beyond expected results.

    Take care,


    So why use them longer than recommended? I want to go beyond expected results.

    That's a very interesting answer! I assume then that the majority of the initial benefit comes in the recommended 60-90 days and then you may continue to get improvements if you continue?

    Also thanks for the tip about cycling SLP. Sounds like a great strategy.

    Best regards


    I am going to address Alan's question to you. Just slap me around a bit if I don't explain what you meant properly.

    No matter what level we are at in setting and achieving goals, or in having and attitude of gratitude, or in spiritual enlightenment etc., we can alway go further.

    Most modules are designed to encourage/prompt/reinforce in their respective areas. Many of them are designed to take us to a higher than average level in 60 - 90 days, and because it really takes 60-90 days to entrain a new habit (not 30 days like the popular myth states), that is the reason the "recommended duration of use" in the full description states 60-90 days for some modules.

    However, that does not preclude one from progressing even further in a particular area after the 60-90 days!

    Another thing to remember, everyone starts at a different level, which, to some degree, dictates how far they will progress in 30, 60 or 90 days.

    Here is a perfect example:

    My wonderful wife, Mary, has always been exceptionally intuitive. I have never been very intuitive.

    She used the Increased Intuition and Insight module for a couple of months and experienced very little improvement.

    I have used it for over 8 months, and am still seeing a steady and significant increase, each month, in my intuitive insights.

    Have Fun!


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    We have had many reports that repeating the Successful Living Phases helps really ingrain the benefits!
    Happiness & Health,

    PATHS, S.A. Staff



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      Happiness & Health,

      PATHS, S.A. Staff