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"Negative self talk"

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  • "Negative self talk"

    Several different modules address limiting beliefs and negative self talk:

    Self-Esteem Confidence Builder
    Break Through to Enlightenment
    Successful Living 1

    I would like to hear of personal experiences comparing two or three of these modules just so I can verify that I'm doing the right one....thanks!

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    Positive Self Talk

    Hi belle99,

    While each of these modules do address attitudes and beliefs, they are related to very different topics.

    It appears you have read the Full Description of each of these products on the PATHS website, but in case you have not, just click on the Full Description button for each of these different products and you will see a good overview of each.

    Here is a great link with personal experiences of different people:

    And there are many, many more at this site:

    Forum: PATHS Forum

    Happiness & Health,

    PATHS, S.A. Staff